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Calendar of Resistance for Palestine! Events and actions around the world. Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network urges all Palestinian, Arab and international supporters of Palestine to escalate their organizing and struggle to stand with the heroic Palestinian resistance and confront colonial Zionist violence and imperialist complicity. This list is constantly updated – please share the link with your friends and comrades! These events are organized by many groups around the world — wherever possible, we link to the original organizers so that you can be in direct contact! Please note: this list is for action-oriented/outdoor/protest actions specifically. However, direct actions like those by Palestine Action (palestineaction.org) are some of the most important events taking place — but they are typically not announced in advance! ANSWER Coalition is also maintaining a list of US based protests (answercoalition.org/join_a_protest_near_you_free_palestine). Check out our events listings for the webinars, discussions and meetings we’re involved in (samidoun.net/category/events)! 

TO ADD YOUR EVENT TO THE CALENDAR: Email us at samidoun@samidoun.net or tag us on social media! We know that these events are mainly international and that the Arab people are marching everywhere for Palestine — we will be honored to add Arab events. PLEASE NOTE: Times and details may change. Wherever we have it, we have linked to the original organizers’ accounts, posters and pages. Please follow these for the latest info – and don’t hesitate to send us updates! samidoun.net/2023/10/calendar-of-resistance-for-palestine- events-and- actions- around-the-world/

Join the Resistance Campaign! (AFGJ) The Resistance Campaign pushes back against the dangerous attempts to silence movement work through deplatforming and lawfare attacks. Alliance for Global Justice refuses to back down in our commitment to promoting liberation and justice worldwide, including centering the rights of the Palestinian people. We invite you to stand with us in solidarity and push back against the forces of imperialism and repression. afgj.org/resistance-campaign-landing-page [AFGJ is ChangeLinks’ fiscal sponsor!)


Feb 1 – Thu

Absorption Office Hours: IfNotNow LA / Jews for Ceasefire, 3-6p, zoom. Volunteers meeting. IfNotNow is a movement of American Jews and allies organizing our community for equality, justice, and a thriving future for all: our neighbors, ourselves, Palestinians, and Israelis. For more information about who we are, see our website. Fill out this form if you’d like to get involved with IfNotNow locally! You’ll receive movement-wide announcements from our internal list serv, and will also be added to your chapter WhatsApp or Signal group. An IfNotNow member will add you once they’ve had the chance to review your responses. Want to join a committee but not sure how to, or which one to join? Curious to learn more about the organizing IfNotNow LA is up to? Space to ask questions, learn more, and connect with active volunteers. RSVP please for a 30min time slot: mobilize.us/ifnotnow/event/602832/ Want to join a committee, and can’t make it to Office Hours this week? Please fill out the New Volunteer form: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQ LSegQilMa2TkeAKWnzD2WY8NYmFXshuh81dgu_nP1lhjipY7Zw/viewform 


Feb 2 – Fri


War and Climate Change: 9a PT UNAC webinar. Speakers: Tamara Lorincz, recently returned from COP28 conference, Canadian voices of Women for Peace and Women’s Int. League for Peace and Freedom; Pippa Bartolotti, UNAC and Women United for Peace Against NATO; Lisa Savage, Maine Natural Guard and Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. unacpeace.org UNACpeace@gmail.com 518-281-1968 Register: us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_yBL5YUX9QjSLKIvXMlpPuw#/registration 


Debunking TPUSA and Charlie Kirk, 11a-Noon zoom. Arizona-based TPUSA Turning Point USA at AZ State University) has been instrumental in promoting Christofascism in our state and around the country. Dr. Matthew Boedy has been paying attention and documenting their activities for years, an activity that landed him on TPUSA’s “Professor Watchlist.” Boedy is a professor of rhetoric at the University of North Georgia. He has been writing about Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA since 2018. He’s the author of Speaking of Evil: Rhetoric and the Responsibility to and for Language and May 1970. Secular AZ. Register: tockify.com/secularaz/detail/227/1706900400000

Theology in the Hood: Changemakers IGNITE!, 4-6p. This Black History Month, “Theology in the Hood” ignites a three-day journey through the vibrant pulse of South East LA. Join us on Feb. 2 & 3, 2024, for a live-streamed event with political strategists, community leaders, and academics conversing in unfiltered discussions on ethnicity, equity, inclusion, and the path to self-reliance. Panel participants: Capri Maddox, Executive Director, City of Los Angeles, Civil + Human Rights and Equity Department; 

Tinisch Hollins, Executive Director, Californians for Safety and Justice, Vice Chair of the San Francisco Reparations Advisory Committee and Co-Founder and Co-Director of San Francisco Black Wall Street (www.sfbwsfoundation.org); Cheryce Cryer, Attorney, Civil Rights Activist and LAMC Reparations Advisor; 

Author’s Ike Howard & Viola “Mother” Fletcher (see additional events with Viola). Seats are limited. Claim yours today. The Beehive, 1000 East 60th St, LA. $20. Tickets: eventbrite.com/e/theology-in-the-hood-presents-an-evening-with-las-changemakers-tickets-783885030227 

8-930p PT, My AfroRican State of Soul with Lucas Rivera, in person at Beyond Baroque *and* live on YouTube. Beyond Baroque and World Stage Press present an vibrant evening of music and spoken word as we celebrate Black History Month with multidisciplinary artist and educator Lucas Rivera. His new book, My AfroRican State of Soul (World Stage Press), explores Rivera’s Afro-Puerto Rican heritage and transformative journey as an artist through the power of storytelling and poetic expression. The performance also will feature poetry from be/trouble author bridgette bianca and L.A. literary curator and spoken word master Maestro Gamin. beyondbaroque.org info@beyondbaroque.org 310-822-3006
RSVP & info: eventbrite.com/e/my-afrorican-state-of-soul-with-lucas-rivera-tickets-800348091687 


Thru the 4th,”Viola Ford Fletcher, 109-Year-Old Black Wall Street Survivor, and Bestselling Author, Teams Up with Grandson Ike Howard for West Coast Book Tour in California, Advocating for Reparations with “Don’t Let Them Bury My Story” [New York, January 2024] – Mocha Media Inc., is proud to announce Viola Ford Fletcher, acclaimed Best Selling Author and, at 109, the oldest person in history to have written a book, is set to commence her West Coast book tour in California, a state at the forefront of the reparations movement. The tour, sponsored by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches Group as part of their “Theology in the Hood” Series, kicks off at the beginning of Black History Month, promising a compelling exploration of historical narratives and contemporary issues. In collaboration with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches Group’s “Theology in the Hood” Series, Viola Ford Fletcher’s West Coast book tour, featuring “Don’t Let Them Bury My Story,” will showcase a series of events and engagements across California. The state, recognized as a hotbed for the reparations movement, provides a fitting backdrop for discussions that delve into the complexities of addressing historical injustices.  Viola Ford Fletcher, joined by her Grandson Ike Howard, and alongside other esteemed guests such as Congresswoman Laphonza Butler and Award-Winning Actress and Author Jenifer Lewis, will contribute their perspectives on reparations, Black history, and social justice. These influential figures will enrich the dialogue, fostering a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. “Don’t Let Them Bury My Story” promises a captivating journey through Viola Ford Fletcher’s best-selling work, offering readers an opportunity to engage with her firsthand accounts and reflections. The tour will feature book signings, panel discussions, and community forums, providing a platform for meaningful conversations on reparations and the ongoing pursuit of justice. California holds a special memory for Viola Ford Fletcher, as she played a significant role in building ships at Calship during World War II. This personal connection adds a profound layer to her journey, making the West Coast tour an even more poignant exploration of history and activism.  Viola Ford Fletcher expresses her enthusiasm for the tour, stating, “California holds a unique position in the ongoing conversation about reparations and the acknowledgment of historical injustices. With my ties to the state, having worked at Calship during World War II, I am eager to connect with readers, activists, and communities across the state, alongside our esteemed guests, to join the fight and propel discussions on reparations forward. I will miss my brother on this trip, but I know he is still with me”. This will be Mother Fletcher’s first appearance since the devastating loss of her baby brother Hughes Van Ellis “Uncle Redd” in October of last year.  Media and community leaders are invited to join Best Selling Author Viola Ford Fletcher, her Grandson Ike Howard, Congresswoman Laphonza Butler, and Jenifer Lewis on this transformative journey as they navigate the West Coast, using their powerful voices to inspire change and contribute to the evolving narrative of reparations in America.  For interviews, please contact: Ms. Fletcher and Mr. Howard: Ife Jie <ifejie1@gmail.com>, info@moachamedia.com <info@moachamedia.com>


Feb 3 – Sat


Dr. Gerald Horne Live in person Author Talk, 2p, Black Power Center, 3423 W. 43rd Pl, LA 90008. The noted and prolific historian in a rare live appearance in Los Angeles, in a benefit for KPFK 90.7 FM, where Dr. Horne contributes weekly to Freedom Now, co-hosted by DR. Melina Abdullah of BLM-LA Grassroots and KPFK’s Move the Crowd, and by Freedom Now, airing Saturdays at 11a on KPFK. Tickets available at https://kpfk.allyrafundraising.com/campaigns/12267-gerald-horne-feb-2024


6am–1pm PT | Online.  Poor  People’s Campaign-A National Call for Moral Revival, Presents Rev. Theoharis to Co Host Seminar on White Christian Nationalism:  We’re feeling energized and ready to dig into the year’s work following our MLK Day gatherings. Get a taste of the action in the recaps section below, and don’t miss our updates on the latest hospitality-worker wins and a powerful Bishop Barber sermon on Dr. King’s true legacy. And don’t click away from this email till you’ve signed up for a meeting!  https://click.actionnetwork.org/ss/c/wehEm_vu1NBVXOKYSqOxTPm5rQHUu8m 3RKLVEFfDa72gJNKGVFIkI5_CNkEuwk1xTFsKdOKMtmV281Zk80z9IkY0PuhrnIbbs9BeKuVYCv_CEMv1IvLGoZaZU_0CJlwqJdg71ilp65S7PcHmHzdZIhh-Ijr4-3MpvxTWwJuqiJc0NYIM6Ls9ScrzMtYfNkpPmflhn99bySwWTRas4t08VnuAABVk5u4UzhfOd80ZD0WKCrVK8JWnWU-Llpshp4vnPP3CVpo0Ir1yj4E6g0KG1KoffYOAEqXzdrjULWOmmqlY5h713gK6QU2a55vOBMSbPBA69JfEihU4m0qKl4NKSHUo3UcUNDgJZYj3n1Ebra6fDjjRKxEQ9Nrc2LReeLby0QP1mvQoc4mq7ccAimxz3w/433/VZMVfb7lRE-lUmqIxiMhUg/h1/1kbzaD5Bqai2Gtoo5s_MJrYKZ3HNHSEyU5CuwDUR5to  As the political influence of Christian nationalist ideology has grown in recent years, so has awareness of the threat it poses to democratic and religious freedoms. Join Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas, interim president of the Episcopal Divinity School, and our own Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis for a daylong online seminar on this pressing topic. Participants will examine the historical, theological and biblical underpinnings of White Christian Nationalism and explore practical, pastoral and prophetic responses to it. Guest speakers include biblical scholar and theologian Walter Brueggemann and New York Times bestselling authors Kristin Du Mez and Jemar Tisby. Learn more and sign up here.  News: More hospitality-worker wins; Hotel workers started off the new year by winning contracts at four more hotels last week, including the Fairmont Miramar and the Sheraton Universal, where PPC has been picketing along with hospitality workers for months. The union representing these workers, UNITE HERE, has secured 28 agreements with hotels since it began intermittent strikes last July.  Read more about these wins here (LA Times).  When over 140 million Americans are poor or living with low-wages, it’s time for systemic change. We are building a movement led by poor and impacted folks, building across all lines of division, in order to topple the interlocking pillars of racism, poverty, militarism, environmental destruction and this country’s distorted moral narrative. Please help us achieve this goal by clicking below and chipping in whatever you can. Support the California PPC!  DONATE  California Poor People’s Campaign <california@poorpeoples campaign.org>  Sent via ActionNetwork.org

Theology in the Hood: Viola “Mother” Fletcher— The Main Event, 1-3p. A captivating historical and intimate conversation with Viola “Mother” Fletcher, with the notable distinction as the oldest living author in the world, and co-author Ike Howard, as they discuss their remarkable book “Don’t Let Them Bury My Story: The Oldest Living Survivor of the Tulsa Race Massacre in Her Own Words.” This event will be moderated by the acclaimed actor, author, and activist Jennifer Lewis. Bring the whole family, for a day of fun, learning, and engagement with our specially designed youth program. Introduction by Jenifer Lewis, Moderated by Dr. Didra Brown, Ph.D, MPH. The Beehive, 1000 E 60th St, LA. $20. Please RSVP: blackinfantsandfamilies.org/theology_in_the_hood_presents_viola_mother_fletcher_the_main_event

Feb 4 – Sun

Collective Liberation on the Ground: Conversation with Achvat Amim, 11a zoom. Updates from activists in Jerusalem. A panel of staff and alumni from Achvat Amim. Learn about the work they’ve been doing and how it has been affected in the recent months. IfNotNow LA / Jews for Ceasefire. See 2/1 for info on the organization. RSVP please: mobilize.us/ifnotnow/event/602734/

Theology in the Hood presents Sunday Communion, 11a-130p. Join us on Feb. 2, 2024, for a live-streamed event, reshaping the narrative for Black Angelinos in community, equality, and belonging. Free. Heritage United Methodist Church, 112 W 52nd St, LA. RSVP: eventbrite.com/e/theology-in-the-hood-presents-sunday-communion-heritage-umc-tickets-810826422657


Theology in the Hood: Viola “Mother” Fletcher— Giving Thanks, 130-3p. Fellowship, photos with author, lite lunch & book signing Guest Preacher: Rev. Dr. Robert A. Taylor, Empowerment Temple AME, Baltimore Maryland Reflect on the Black Worship Experience. The Black Church Experience takes you on a transformative theological journey on Day 3. Theology In the Hood Event (TITHE) makes its triumphant return to South Los Angeles, warmly hosted by Wesley United Methodist Church. In this sacred space, where generations have found solace and strength, we stand together, bound by a shared legacy of brotherhood, resilience and hope. Let us draw comfort from the warmth of our community, as we celebrate the extraordinary life of a woman who witnessed history and emerged as a beacon of inspiration. Heritage UMC?

While People for Black Lives (WP4BL), 11a-1p, 1030a orientation. The Workers Center, 1251 S St. Andrews Place, LA. Our first in-person General Meeting in years! We ask that all General Meeting attendees have been through an orientation at some point before coming to the meeting (option in RSVP). Limited parking down a narrow driveway to the right behind the house; otherwise street parking only. There is a ramp behind the house. Two gender neutral restrooms. Accessible by Metro bus lines 30 & 207. Please let us know with at least 72 hours notice if you need ASL interpretation. The meeting is a potluck! COVID: Please stay home if you’re sick. Please mask indoors when not eating or drinking. Please take a rapid test prior to coming. The location is indoors only. We are exploring the possibility of a hybrid option, more to come. Please email us at whitepeople4blacklives@gmail.com with any additional accessibility needs or questions. AWARE-LA. Please RSVP at secure.everyaction.com/KOiHQifz5EOouihuXt28Yg2

One year into the SM Black Apology: Let 2024 be the Year of Action, Part 2, 6-830p in-person or zoom. Taking our land back; Reclaiming our past. 2nd of a series of workshops. The focus tonight is on “Taking our land back; Reclaiming our past.” Resource people for this workshop are Kavon Ward, facilitator for the recent return of Bruce’s Beach to the family that had lost that asset to institutional racism; a representative of the  family of Silas White, the owner of the Ebony Beach Club, which was taken by the city of Santa Monica in the 1950s; and April Banks, the artist/architect who created the Belmar historic installation in Santa Monica to commemorate the burning of homes that housed primarily black and brown families in the Belmar triangle neighborhood. Kavon Ward is an award-winning spoken word artist and activist who has won 1st place at the historic Apollo Theater with her piece, “I Am Trayvon Martin”. Kavon is also the founder of Justice for Bruce’s Beach and has led the historic and successful movement that made it possible for stolen land to be returned to the descendants of Black landowners. Kavon was named a 35th Senate District, 2022 Woman of the Year by Senator Steven Bradford. Kavon has since been quoted in the New York Times, the L.A. Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, and a host of other articles. She has interviewed with NPR, 94.7 The WAVE, and a number of other radio stations, to discuss what justice for the Bruce family means and what reparations for Black Americans look like. She is also a reparative justice consultant and Founder and CEO of Where Is My Land, an organization focused on getting Black land back nationally. She is a former Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) fellow and public policy lobbyist. Kavon holds a BA in Communications and a Masters of Public Administration. April Banks, who worked with the Belmar Arts & History Project to create a memorial to the destruction of a local black neighborhood, is an artist and creative strategist working across visual art, social engagement and exhibition design. Her practice sits intentionally between image, space, and experience. Her work re-imagines absent and erased images, narratives and places. Creating speculative histories and futures, she challenges the archive and representation of the Black diaspora,  She will be interviewing and taking part in the discussion on 2/4 with Kavon Ward and a representative of the family of Silas White, the owner of the Ebony Beach Club, which was lost to the city of Santa Monica by a claim of eminent domain due to the need for “civic parking” (never built on that land). Presented by Committee for Racial Justice. Refreshments at 6:00pm & program at 6:30pm. Location: Virginia Avenue Park, Thelma Terry Bldg, 2200 Virginia Ave, Santa Monica. Or Free Hybrid Workshop. Those unable to join us at VAP for a light supper at 6pm can receive the zoom link for Sun night: zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEkduippjkpE9N2BbIgYNriCEZYEhtDQP2_  You won’t want to miss this lively and informative gathering with handouts and a petition you might want to sign. Email us by 5pm Thu 2/1 at committee4racialjustice@gmail.com if you will need child care. For more information, call Joanne at 310-422-5431


Feb 5 – Mon

Webinar Series: Neutrality in the 21st Century and Why It Remains Relevant, 5-8a PT virtual. The topic of neutrality has come back into the spotlight as a result of both immediate security concerns, such as the war in Ukraine, and larger, geopolitical shifts, including the growing political, military, and economic tensions between the West and China. Longstanding neutral countries such as Ireland and Austria are now considering whether to maintain or shed their historic positions while others such as Finland have already abandoned their neutrality because of the war in Ukraine. Still, many countries claim to be neutral – though the meanings may vary – from Costa Rica to Ghana, Mongolia, and the Vatican City. Nonetheless, the multiple crises that the world faces may also create an opening for new discussions on what neutrality means and why it is important. Feb 5,12,19,26, Mar 4,11. Register: us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMtc-mhqjojHdyjJOlcrSHVO6fIVqyMgBbH#/registration

Feb 6 – Tue


Black History Month: Community Training on Unity, Black Excellence and Allyship, 1225p. Ullman Conference Center 100/101, Cal Lutheran University, 60 W. Olsen Rd, Thousand Oaks. Ramsey Jay Jr., dynamic speaker and renowned expert in the field of community training, empowers participants as he shares insights and strategies for promoting unity, celebrating Black excellence and becoming better allies. More info & RSVP: callutheran.edu/calendar/event/6010


Read For Peace! All-Ages Book Group on The Crown of Light, 4-5p PT. Also Feb 13, 20 & 27,
The novel is a part of the award-winning Ari Ara Series and tells the story of a nonviolent Peace Force that halts violence and stops war in the border region between two feuding nations. Note: You do not need to have read the other books in the series. This story stands alone. It features a 14-year-old heroine and an intergenerational group of friends. Co-Facilitated by Savanna Holden & Rivera Sun. $60, scholarships available (Please ask! We want you to come.) Special Offer: Bring a younger or older friend for free. Intergenerational, open to ages 11 and up, Kids, grandparents, and friends of all ages. Books must be purchased separately. (Bookseller & e-book info on webpage.) paceebene.org/events/2023/10/26/read-for-peace-all-ages-book-group-on-the-crown-of-lightnbsp


5pm, Towers of Ivory and Steel: How Israeli Universities Deny Palestinian Freedom.  Speakers: Maya Wind & Robin D.G. Kelley at Benson Auditorium. Pitzer College, 1050 N. Mills Ave., Claremont CA 91711. Thank you, Estee Chandler-KPFK 90.7 FM (LA) Program Producer / Host “Middle East in Focus”, 213.400.9201.


Feb 7 – Wed


Vigil at Vandenberg : Nuclear Weapons are Illegal, 345-445p PT. First Wed monthly. Peace vigil. Santa Maria gate, Vandenberg Space Force Base, near Lompoc in Santa Barbara county. Gather in the parking lot of Vandenberg Middle School, across Hwy One from the gate to Vandenberg, 1145 Mountain View Blvd, VSFB. Sponsored by the Guadalupe Catholic Worker and other peace activists. 831.204.0031. FREE. events.worldbeyondwar.org/event/vigil-at-vandenberg-nuclear-weapons-are-illegal/2024-01-03/

Through 14, 21 & 28, Book: Writing The Wrongs of Human Rights, Noon-1p PT zoom. In Letters, Words, Sentences with Ed Horgan. This book is a compilation of published letters and articles focused on human rights, war, and peace. The letters combine extensive academic research with decades of practical experience in Bosnia, Croatia, Nigeria, Indonesia, East Timor, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Libya, Congo, Armenia, Pakistan, Nepal, Turkey, Ukraine, and Russia. This is a master course in understanding war and peace, and in doing peace advocacy, and in how to craft and publish letters to the editor that will see the light of day and enlighten those who read. Ed Horgan is a Member of the Board of Directors of World BEYOND War. He is based in Ireland. Ed retired from the Irish so-called Defence Forces with the rank of Commandant after 22 years service that included peacekeeping missions with the United Nations in Cyprus and the Middle East. He has worked on over 20 election monitoring missions in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Asia, and Africa. He is international secretary with the Irish Peace and Neutrality Alliance, Chairperson and founder of Veterans For Peace Ireland, and a peace activist with Shannonwatch. Ed will send each participant a signed paperback or Kindle copy of the book. We’ll let you know which parts of the book will be discussed each week along with the Zoom details to access the discussions. Limited space of up to 18 people. david@worldbeyondwar.org   $75. worldbeyondwar.org/book-club-writing-the-wrongs-of-human-rights-in-letters-words-sentences-with-ed-horgan/

Color Creative + PAFF Presents: A Hip Hop Story, 730p screening. Opening night feature, Pan-African Film+Arts Festival (PAFF). 5:30pm Red Carpet Arrivals; Afterparty to follow (Invitation Only). The multi-talented Affion Crockett, renowned for his roles in ‘Wild ‘N Out’ and ‘Black-ish’, is set to produce and star in the much-anticipated new comedy, ‘A Hip Hop Story’. With an ensemble cast including Cedric the Entertainer and Damaine Radcliff among other luminaries, the film is poised to be a comedic exploration of Hip Hop’s rich tapestry. Under Radcliff’s direction and scripted by Crockett, ‘A Hip Hop Story’ confronts a pivotal moment in Hip Hop culture, connecting rap pioneers with contemporary icons in an effort to address and preserve the genre’s legacy. It is a film that promises to deliver not only humor but also a poignant look at the evolution of a cultural phenomenon. Crockett describes the film as a “love letter to the culture,” highlighting its influential role in shaping identities. Producer Charlie Mack further details the journey the film navigates—a 50-year odyssey witnessed through the perspective of Hip Hop’s founding figures, exploring its origins and current state. Produced by a team of industry veterans, including Crockett, Radcliff, Charlie Mack, and Talitha Watkins, and distributed by AMCi, ‘A Hip Hop Story’ is set to be an impactful addition to the cinematic landscape. This compelling piece premieres tonight at the 32nd annual PAFF, an event started by respected figures such as Danny Glover, Ja’Net DuBois, and Ayuko Babu. $250. Tickets: paff2024.eventive.org/schedule/65361fb820dc0f005004e104 Writers Guild Theater, 135 S Doheny Dr, Beverly Hills. Note: the festival itself runs for a week plus, many other events are free or much lower cost, they have senior rates, etc. for other films.




7pm, Towers of Ivory and Steel: How Israeli Universities Deny Palestinian Freedom.  Speakers: Maya Wind.  Gratitude Market, 3830 Main Street, Culver City CA.  Thank you, Estee Chandler-KPFK 90.7 FM (LA) Program Producer / Host “Middle East in Focus”, 213.400.9201.


Feb 9 – Fri


Also on 16 & 23, AFSC Action Hour for a Cease-Fire, 9a PT online. Join AFSC staff every Friday to hear updates from Gaza. Then, take action with us as we contact our elected officials and call for an immediate cease-fire and humanitarian access to Gaza. Our elected officials need to keep hearing from us. Register: afsc.org/events/afsc-action-hour-cease-fire

Anti-Imperialist Zine Making, 1-2p PT, Zoom. Free. Code Pink’s Peace Collective. An afternoon of zine-making! Zines are inexpensively produced, self-published, underground publications that anyone can make. People have been using zines to distribute speeches, theory, art, and ideas about anti-imperialism and other big ideas for ages. This will primarily be a crafting co-working space to work on zines independently or form a group project. If you’d like to make a zine by hand during the workshop, gather craft materials such as pens, paper, magazines, etc. If you’d like to make a digital zine, you can do so for free on canva.com. Research an important anti-imperialist organizer or movement to prepare to make your zine! CODEPINK’s Peace Collective is for <30 anti-imperialists to study and organize together around peace and anti-imperialism. Contact jasmine@codepink.org for more info! RSVP: codepink.org/pczines 


Feb 10- Sat


10a PDT Zoom. Alternatives to Capitalism-Imperialism: Challenging Today’s Neocolonial Disorder, As the massive protests against Israel’s genocidal war against Palestine demonstrates, struggles against neo-colonialism are at the forefront of today’s freedom movements. Join us for a series of discussions exploring theoretical and practical resources for developing an alternative to global capitalism-imperialism in disarray. Feb 10: Disalienated Consciousness and Radical Humanism: The Most Desirable Bedfellows of Our Time; Speaker: Deanne Bell teaches Critical Psychology and Decolonial Studies at Nottingham Trent University (UK) and focuses on the praxis of decolonizing the human in modernity. Upcoming Mar 2 & 23, Apr 13, May 4. Mar 2: The Periphery in the Heart of Accumulation: José Carlos Mariátegui’s Legacy for the 21st Century; Speaker: Eleonora Roldán Mendívil studies at University of Kassel (Germany) and has published on global migration and gender & race in modern capitalism. Sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of The International Marxist-Humanist Organization, email: arise@imhojournal.org imhojournal.org us02web.zoom.us/j/87528400224?pwd=WmpKV3lhOE5SVkx0ZkVicVJqOTdEQT09

“Love Letters”: Vintage Valentine’s Pop-up Market to Showcase LA Paper Artisans & Typewriters, 3-8p. Sponsored by KPFK 90.7 FM.  Typewriter Connection, the premier typewriter haven nestled in the heart of the LA Arts District, hosts “Love Letters,” a special Valentine’s Day-themed pop-up market and type-in event, on Saturday, February 10, 2024. The event is free and open to the public. “Love Letters” brings together a gathering of talented artisans, poets, and crafters from across Los Angeles, with vintage typewriters as the centerpiece of this enchanting affair. Attendees will get the opportunity to use these classic machines to craft personalized Valentine’s Day cards for their loved ones or compose heartfelt notes to pen pals—anything your heart desires, Typewriter Connection and our local artisans can help bring to life! “Even with all the screens and smartphones around these days, typewriters are still thriving,” said Aaron Therol, founder of Typewriter Connection. “People want stuff they can actually touch and hold, beyond the digital world. That’s why our “Love Letters” event is so special. It lets you connect with crafters and writers who make unique paper arts. And you can try making your own, too!” Featuring hands-on Valentine writing stations, calligraphy and cardmaking tutorials, letterpress arts, paper crafts, cookies and treats for purchase, and of course, a showcase of vintage typewriters. For additional information, email typewriterconnection@gmail.com or visit http://www.typewriterconnection.com. Follow us on Instagram for updates and sneak peeks with the hashtag #LoveLettersTypeIn.  As We Dwell, 441 Seaton St, LA. 

Free admission & parking but please RSVP to save your spot: eventbrite.com/e/feb-10-love-letters-a-valentines-pop-up-market-type-in-tickets-792309287407

5-7p. Birthday Benefit for Anti-Racist Action-Los Angeles/People Against Racist Terror, Re/Arte(Medianoche) (AKA Midnight Books, moved from Whittier), 2123 E. Cesar E. Chavez Ave, LA. Come celebrate 60 years of anti-racist, anti-fascist organizing and ARA-LA/PART founder Michael Novick’s 77th birthday with a presentation and discussion of what anti-fascism and decolonization will look like in the 2nd quarter of the 21st Century. For more information, call 323-636-7388 or email antiracistaction_la@yahoo.com. Free but donations requested and books for sale. Latest issue of Turning The Tide, Journal of Intercommunal Solidarity will be available.


Feb 11 – Sun


South Africa v Israel: The International Coalition Against Genocide, 8a PT, UNAC webinar. As the world watches the bombings of homes and hospitals, killing mostly children and women, the murder of healthcare and aid workers and media, and the denial of basic necessities to Gazans, civil society has risen in solidarity with Palestine with major demonstrations, efforts to blockade weapons and other supplies to Israel and legal cases to stop the genocide and hold individuals accountable. One expression of this resistance is a new International Coalition to Stop Genocide in Palestine, which currently has over 2,000 endorsing organizations from 100 countries. Speakers: Ajamu Baraka, National Organizer of the Black Alliance for Peace and member of the UNAC Administrative Committee; Margaret Flowers, Director of Popular Resistance and members of the UNAC Administrative Committee for the United National Antiwar Coalition; Suzanne Adely, Pres. National Lawyers Guild, US Palestinian Community Network. unacpeace.org UNACpeace@gmail.com 518-281-1968 Register: us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_PIJPTpgkTraRdZJg2Bav5Q#/registration

IfNotNow LA / Jews for Ceasefire. Chapter Meeting: In person in Highland Park on Sunday, February 11th at 5pm. Registration mandatory: mobilize.us/ifnotnow/event/600870/ See 2/1 for info on the organization. 


Feb 12 – Mon


Feb 13 – Tue


Black History Month: “South to Freedom: Runaway Slaves to Mexico and the Road to Civil War.” 1225p. Ullman Conference Center 100/101, Cal Lutheran University, 60 W. Olsen Rd, Thousand Oaks. Alice Baumgartner, PhD, assistant professor of history at the University of Southern California, discusses pre-Civil War America and the profound importance of Mexico in the history of the United States. Baumgartner will highlight the stories of American enslaved people who escaped to Mexico during the 19th century seeking freedom. More info & RSVP: callutheran.edu/calendar/event/6015


Feb 14 – Wed


Municipalism Learning Series: INTERCOMMUNALISM (panel #4), 1-230p  PT online. Intercommunalism is the theory developed by political philosopher and Black Panther Huey P. Newton in his attempt to examine the historical conjuncture in 1970 as well as formulate a strategy for the Panther Party. He proposed that global capital superseded the authority of the nation-state. The world was a collection of communities under the spell of empire. The role of the revolutionary was not to gain national sovereignty but to liberate territories within empire and to build cooperative networks with other liberated zones. Three days before Newton’s 82nd birthday, we are exploring historical and contemporary applications of this theory and its relevance for today. Panelists: Ericka Huggins, Black Panther Party member; James Tracy, author of Hillbilly Nationalists; Kamau Franklin, Community Movement Builders Inc.; Kazambe Balagun, Solidarity Research Center. We offer Spanish and American Sign Language interpretation. info@municipalism.org 323.539.7654 RSVP & more info: municipalism.org/offerings/intercommunalism/


Local Peace Economy Gathering, Code Pink, 5-6p PT virtual. Join us as we learn about the local peace economy together and support each other in cultivating Home Sweet Home in our communities! We’ll be using The Local Peace Economy Workbook as a resource to support our journeys. You can download a digital version of The Local Peace Economy Workbook for free, or you can purchase a physical copy. These meetings will take place every other Wednesday at 5:00 PT/8:00 ET. Newcomers welcome! RSVP for the zoom link. Contact: jodie@codepink.org RSVP: codepink.org/lpe214 


Feb 15 – Thu


Study Medicine in Cuba. Latin American Medical School (ELAM) Scholarship deadline this month for the next cycle in Sept 2024. ifconews.org/our-work/elam-medical-school/ or elamscholarship@ifco.org for more info.


5-7p (6 weeks).  Fire, Flood, Drought & Heat: Creating Community Resilience.  Our climate and world are changing at an accelerating rate. We face many new and unprecedented challenges.This course will help you develop the confidence to step into this unknown future and prepare your family and community for a disaster or crisis.Join our positive and proactive community to learn innovative ways to design, adapt, and prepare for climate change. Do you: Work on a farm, eco-village or land-based project? Run a business or not-for-profit organization? Work on urban or rural planning? Feel concerned about the future of your family and community? Yes? This course is for you! Taught by Chris Gilmour with amazing guest presenters. Full tuition $300-400. Group discounts. Diversity scholarships available. Contact: Support@EarthActivistTraining.org Registration and more details: earthactivisttraining.org/creating_community_climate_resilience/

Black History Month: “Healing the People, Healing the Land: Fannie Lou Hamer’s Theo-Politics of Love,” 1230p. Lundring Events Center, Cal Lutheran University, 60 W. Olsen Rd, Thousand Oaks. Keynote speaker Dr. Karen Crozier will present the title of a chapter in her book Fannie Lou Hamer’s Revolutionary Practical Theology. This event is both a lecture and luncheon; reservations are required for attendance. More info & RSVP: callutheran.edu/calendar/event/6016

Feb 16 – Fri


Feb 17 – Sat


46pm, WESTON A. PRICE FOUNDATION – ORANGE COUNTY CHAPTER GATHERING EMF SAFETY HOSTS: John Black, EMFC of EMF Safety Solutions, Amanda Gale-Bando and Joe Bando – Your WAPF-OC Chapter Leaders. WHERE: Brookview Condo Clubhouse, 630 Brookview Way, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.  RSVP: Email contact@drbando.com   EVENT DETAILS: Please join us for a talk on EMF Safety by John Black, EMFC.  WHAT TO BRING: Potluck appetizers. Share your favorite WAPF-friendly app and come ready to enjoy what your fellow members have made.  COST: No charge! $5 to $10 donations are suggested to cover the cost of the venue. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.  John founded EMF Safety Solutions in 2013 and is a WAPF member, based in North Tustin.  His presentation on non-native Electro-Magnetic Fields (nn EMF’s) will provide you with empowering information on how to address them in both your home and work environments. Actionable items will be shared that can be quickly used to start minimizing these exposures, some of which are cumulative. Make a proactive first step to protect you and yours, including pets, by attending.  You will learn how to take action against the invisible, odorless and silent scourge of these EMF’s, one of which is a known carcinogen. For example, there are some ways to help stop or at least minimize exposure to wireless radiation, such as Wi-Fi. So, Why Fry? You can get relief via John’s consulting service, EMF Safety Solutions.  By addressing your EMF exposures you will be utilizing this time tested advice:  An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure (If you’re interested in learning more John Black please visit his website: http://www.emfsafetysolutions.com/, email him at john@emfsafetysolutions.com or call his wired line: 949-261-7352 or text/cell: 949-486-6363 (949-48-No-EMF).  Following the talk, you are invited to stay for good food and conversation. Enjoy potluck appetizers and get to know your like-minded community members.  We will, of course, have plenty of Weston A. Price literature on hand and are happy to answer any questions.  NOTE: Our events are open to the community and you do NOT have to be a Weston A. Price member to attend. Feel free to invite anyone who might be interested and bring them along.  We hope to see you there!  Amanda Gale-Bando, Ph.D.  Holistic Psychology and Yoga Therapy PSY 26332.  contact@drbando.com  www.drbando.com  Please help the Weston A. Price Foundation restore nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through education, research and activism. westonaprice.org


Feb 18 – Sun


Oppression and Violence in the West Bank online film salon, 12noon. Voices from the Holy Land, VFHL offers four short videos revealing what it’s like for Palestinians to live under occupation in the West Bank, the plight of families who have fled, the arguments of Israelis who want to empty this occupied land of Palestinians, and what the international community might do to stem the violence. Watch these for free before the salon then join the Q&A discussion. Panelists: Michael Lynk, Associate Professor of Law at Western University, former UNHCR Special Rapporteur for Palestinian territories; Omar Haramy:  Director of Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem; Tariq Hathaleen:  Palestinian activist in the South Hebron Hills and English teacher; Ariel Gold (moderator):  Executive Director, Fellowship of Reconciliation USA. Registration required to participate: Tinyurl.com/VFHL-February2024 Links for films and discussion will be provided. February’s salon is co-sponsored by: Massachusetts Peace Action & 

Network of Evangelicals for the Middle East. vfhlonlinefilmsalon@gmail.com voicesfromtheholyland.org facebook.com/voicesholyland


An Unforgettable Night of Gospel Music to benefit the Church in Ocean Park, Sun evening: details coming soon. CIOP, built on a progressive past, forging a just and inclusive future. Arnaé Batson from Grammy Nominated Sweet Honey in the Rock & Linda Alvarez. Also: Dr Kim R Harris, Asst. Pf. of African Thought and Practice, LMU, composer and recording artist. Mouth watering soul food dinner and lots of other surprises. ciop4justice.org/coming-events office@ciop4justice.org 310.399.1631 235 Hill St, Santa Monica. Full Details, Sponsorships and Tickets Here ($75-1000): soulfoodandmusicatthechurchinoceanpark.eventbrite.com


11:00 am – 6:00 pm. 2024 LA City Black History Month Festival. The free event this year will highlight “Children & Family” as well as focus on “Health & Wellness” of the African American Community. Programming will include guest speakers for an in-depth community forum on topics that affect the mind and body within the African American communities today. Location: Pan Pacific Park, 7600 Beverly Blvd., LA, 90036. https://www.laparks.org/reccenter/pan-pacific  Organizer’s Site:lablackhistorymonthfestival.com/ City Council District 5.

 (see Flyer p3).


Feb 19 – Mon


Dissenters: Students Say No to the Military-Industrial Complex, 5p PT, webinar. Dissenters is a coalition of college students on 25 different campuses around the country that are actively engaged in “turning the tide against endless war.” It is an intersectional movement that connects the dots from racism to militarism to poverty and organizes against political and corporate elites in order to create a safer, more just, more livable world. Recently the Dissenter chapter at UMass Amherst organized to get Raytheon and other war profiteers off campus. Among their demands were to end Raytheon’s campus recruitment, research, collaboration on curriculum, joint faculty appointments, and partnerships. That effort is described in this article: New UMass Group Works to Oust Raytheon From Campus. This webinar will describe the approach of Dissenters across the country as well as the specific student efforts at UMass Amherst. War Industry Resisters Network, World Beyond War. secure.everyaction.com/pQVTp2pAx06Wjt5oI0ioEg2 


Feb 20 – Tue


Feb 21 – Wed

Temple Grandin Lecture: “Great Minds Are Not All the Same,” 7p. Samuelson Chapel, Cal Lutheran University, 60 W. Olsen Rd, Thousand Oaks. Keynote speaker Grandin talks about different types of thinking including object visualizers, spatial mathematical thinkers and spoken word thinkers. These different styles of thinking diversify the workforce. More info & RSVP: callutheran.edu/calendar/event/5971


Documentary: Israelism, San Diego. Details TBD, Potentially SDSU. When two young American Jews raised to unconditionally love Israel witness the brutal way Israel treats Palestinians, their lives take sharp left turns. They join a movement of young American Jews battling the old guard to redefine Judaism’s relationship with Israel, revealing a deepening generational divide over modern Jewish identity. Watch for updates: israelismfilm.com/screenings 


Feb 22 – Thu


Feb 23 – Fri


Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, Noon. Kingsmen Park, Cal Lutheran University, 60 W. Olsen Rd, Thousand Oaks. Welcome the Year of the Dragon, according to the Chinese zodiac. More info: callutheran.edu/calendar/event/6018


The Fabric of Our Country: The history and stories of African American women told through the tradition of quilting, Feb 23 & 24, 830-1030p. Highways Performance Space. This show, curated and performed by Tashara Gavin-Moorehead with Keisha Clark-Booth, Alli Gray Odeniyide and Malani Janel, takes the audiences on a historical journey through African Diaspora music and dance traditions, and themes of spirit, love, and celebration. The Fabric of Our Country is a collaborative Black History month performance highlighting African American traditions through the stories of Black women and the tradition of quilting. The objective of the show is to not only educate audiences but to also inspire people to value Black women’s stories and acknowledge the cultural contributions of African Americans in the creation of our country. The tradition of quilting is a long standing African American tradition that embodies the legacy of Black America, and the stories of spirit, love and celebration on display in this performance immerse the audience in the art, music, and dance traditions of African Americans. Choreographers: Keisha Clark-Booth, Tashara Gavin-Moorehead, Alli Gray Odeniyide, and Malani Janel. Highways, 1651 18th St, Santa Monica. admin@highwaysperformance.org 310-453-1755 Tickets: highwaysperformance.org


Feb 24- Sat


Feb 25 – Sun


5:00-7:00 PM, International Marxist-Humanist Organization Hosts a physical event and also via Zoom for remote participation. Main topic: historic icon ROSA LUXEMBURG, A MARXIST FOR OUR TIMES.  [Before going to our main topic, we’ll begin the meeting with a brief discussion of the Gaza war, for which people are invited to read the Statement of the Steering Committee of the IMHO, here https://imhojournal.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=efe27b597 a0ed70a6ad73dd93&id= 738b64d064&e =3547a640bb or some of our subsequent articles, for example, here:  https://imhojournal.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=efe27b597a0ed70a6ad73dd93&id=28c9f0dc00&e=3547a640bb and here: https://imhojournal.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u= efe27b597a0ed70 a6ad73dd93 &id=c017a699dc&e=3547a640bb  Rosa Luxemburg was a leading Marxist thinker who developed the theory of imperialism, a concept of the power of spontaneity in revolution, and a critique from the left of the Leninist-Trotskyist concept of a one-party revolutionary regime. All of these issues, along with her positionality as a Polish Jew living in Germany who was the most prominent woman Marxist thinker, have resulted in an increasing interest in Luxemburg’s life and writings. Speakers: Rocío Lopez, socialist feminist writer and activist Hamid A, environmental and anti-racist activist. Location: Community Room (second floor – we regret no elevator or wheelchair accessibility — but see Zoom link for remote attendance).  The Original Farmers Market 6333 W. 3rd Street (corner Fairfax Ave., next to the Grove, 1.5 hrs free parking with food or drink purchase in Farmer’s Market lot. Use https://imhojournal.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u= efe27b597a0ed70a6ad73dd93&id=9845db1d31&e=3547a640bb for public transit.).  LA 90036 OR Remotely on Zoom:  https://imhojournal.us6.list-manage.com/track/ lick?u=efe27b597a0ed70a6ad73dd93&id=d1dafc 7aeb&e=3547a640bb  More Zoom details below. Some suggested readings, all found in the Rosa Luxemburg Reader https://imhojournal.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=efe27b597a0ed70 a6ad73dd9 3&id=7db3cc5d9b&e=3547a640bb  Ch. 6: The Mass Strike From Ch. 1, on colonialism: The Struggle Against Natural Economy, pp. 62-70 Ch. 12: The Russian Revolution [Note: Watch for our March meeting, topic TBA] Sponsored by Los Angeles Chapter, International Marxist-Humanist Organization.  More information: arise@imhojournal.org  https://imhojournal.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=efe27b597a0ed70a6ad73dd93&id=ba4ac0be93&e=3547a640bb   https://imhojournal.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=efe27b597a0ed70a6ad73dd93&id=4772471340&e=3547a640bb  https://imhojournal.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=efe27b597a0ed70a6ad73dd93&id=e434cada1f&e=3547a640bb  Consider a donation to the IMHO to support our work bit.ly/IMHO-DONATE.  Zoom details:Join Zoom Meeting: https://imhojournal.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u= efe27b597a0ed7 0a6ad73dd93&id= f2dc2bdf62&e=3547a640bb   Meeting ID: 810 6275 1184, Passcode: 673547.  — One tap mobile: +16694449171,, 81062751184#,,,,*673547# US, +16699009128,,81062751184#,,,,*673547# US (San Jose)


Feb 26 – Mon


Feb 27 – Tue


Black History Month: Disrupting Colonial Pedagogies, 1225p. Ullman Conference Center 100/101, Cal Lutheran University, 60 W. Olsen Rd, Thousand Oaks. A book talk with distinguished authors Jillian Ford, PhD, and Nathalia Jaramillo, PhD. Cal Lutheran’s Lorri Santamaría, PhD, leads the discussion on their edited book Disrupting Colonial Pedagogies, which features women authors of the Black, Afro-Latina and Afro-Indigenous diasporas, underlying the reality that Black identity is not monolithic. More info & RSVP: callutheran.edu/calendar/event/6021


Understanding our Immigration Process, 4p PT webinar. Join AFSC for the second installment of our webinar series of “Protecting Immigrant Rights in an Election Year”.  In this session we’ll look at what pathways exist for migrants to enter the U.S. lawfully under current laws, and discuss the challenges that arise for those in different situations. We will walk through the process and have a time for conversation about our vision for a process that would ensure that all migrants are treated with dignity and respect regardless of circumstance. Register: afsc.org/events/understanding-our-immigration-process 


Feb 28 – Wed


Feb 29 – Thu Leap Day


Black History Month: A Celebration of Black Excellence, 5p. Lundring Events Center, Cal Lutheran University, 60 W. Olsen Rd, Thousand Oaks. Hosted by the 2023-2024 cohort of the Community Scholars for Black Lives Fellowship Program, holds a discussion panel with professionals in the finance and healthcare industries. More info: callutheran.edu/calendar/event/6049


 Other Calendar Links:

Peace vigils: change-links.org/resources/

Other: la.indymedia.org/calendar/, echoparkfilmcenter.org





samidoun.net/category/events  /  hammer.ucla.edu/programs-events


zocalopublicsquare.org  /  


look for ALOUD at Mark Taper Forum or events at individual branches by date and topic: lapl.org/events 



lapovertydept.org  / skirball.org/calendar


Echo Park film center collective – no longer in their physical venue: epfccollective.org/events




Official tourist-y site from city: discoverlosangeles.com/events


Gerry Fialka: laughtears.com/#regularEventsAndVenues


Ongoing and Upcoming Events:


Ongoing Events: (Please let us know if any information is incorrect!)

3rd Sunday, SoCal350 monthly meeting, 3-5 p, Physical meeting canceled, virtual “meeting” scheduled. bit.ly/SoCal350Updates;  facebook.com/SoCal350 Climate Action.


Mondays, Support Honduran Refugees, 6-8p, Central American Resource Center (CARECEN-LA), 2845 W 7th St,, LA. Offices are closed, call for details: (213)-385-7800. In the San Fernando Valley: 213-385-7800 ext. 122

First Monday, EastSide Cafe Women’s Circle, 730-9p. Love and Liberation: Reflections of a Genocide. A Space to process together. Collective Care for community members. We will hold space together and move our grief into action. What are some Acts of Liberatory Love , Revolutionary Love, Ways in which we can demand for a ceasefire. Praying for peace and liberation. Women’s Circle* is a practice of council. Council pulls from indigenous methods of communication and principles of focusing on understanding and staying present. The purpose of council is to practice empathetic listening skills and build supportive relationships with other women while addressing issues related to our community. A femme/ woman lead support group for the community. We are making an effort to include community members who may not feel comfortable participating in male lead circles. We hope that working on including our 2 spirit/siblings will only strengthen and enrich all of our experiences in circle. Items to bring, but not a must to join: Fresh flowers, Special items to add the altar, Mat or blanket to sit on. No RSVP but consider a donation of $5-10. 5469 Huntington Dr N, LA. instagram.com/eastsidecafela/ for ongoing EastSide Cafe events.


Third Monday, Activist San Diego’s CommUnity Summit, 645-9p. A time and space to build beloved community. Each month, we hear reports from ASD’s working groups, discuss community events and center each meeting on an important topic in the pursuit of social justice. Subscribe to ASD’s emails for an invitation, or send a request to us@activistsandiego.org 


Tuesdays, Join Black Lives Matter, Stop LAPD Spying and allies at LA Police Commission meeting via zoom and in person at LA Police Administration Building across from City Hall to speak out against racist police murders with impunity. In response to increased public scrutiny, they changed their rules and only allow public comments of 1 minute each on two specific items and general public comment as the first agenda item, so call in promptly to get on the stack. lapd.zoom.us/s/289225944


Tuesday eves, Stop LAPD Spying Coalition meetings have been changed to teleconference. LA CAN, 838  E. 6th St. LA, CA 90021, is closed to the public. stoplapdspying.org – see website for meeting topics. facebook.com/stoplapdspying


1st Tuesday 2 – 4p. Page Museum At The La Brea Tar Pits Free Admission,  The La Brea Tar Pits and Museum, 5801 Wilshire Blvd., Long Beach. Free Admission Tuesday at Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits  gohilo.com/event/15395681168448/page-museum-at-the-la-brea-tar-pits-free-admission-tuesday-long-beach-ca/


Tuesdays, 6-8p. Tenant Rights and Eviction Advice. Conducted in Spanish, translated into English.calorganize-org.zoom.us/j/88324434157 -or- Call: +16699006833,,88324434157#

Also Thursdays, 5-7p. Conducted in English, translated into Spanish. calorganize-org.zoom.us/j/84489313723 -or- Call :+16699006833,,84489313723# Also, statewide, outside LA: acceaction.org/dyh Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE).


Tuesdays, 8:30-10p, Second Draft LA, open mic cold read of writing and acting (virtual, not at Art Share-LA, 801 E 4th Pl, LA 90013). artsharela.org (213) 687-4278. zoom.us/j/9103444651 Pwd: artshare


Wednesdays, 4-6p, Fund Services Not Police, #EndPoliceAssociations BLM-LA and allies vigil/protest outside LA Police Protective League (who protest killer cops from accountability), 1313 W. 8th St in downtown LA, across from the ACLU-SoCal headquarters. Hear from families who have lost loved ones to racist state terror.


1st Thursday, 6-8p, Justice Not Jails, has switched to a virtual meeting. zoom.us/j/529548178 You can also call in by dialing: 301 715 8592 US Meeting ID: 529 548 17. RSVP to Larry Foy at: Lfoy@im4humanintegrity.org.


Thursdays, 5:30-7p, Operation Ally Weekly Social Justice Conference Call, fb.com/justadvocacy  advocacyproject.org (888) 407-4101 Join the Operation Ally weekly zoom conference call to gain insight into the issues of systemic oppression, organize into collaborative efforts and strategize the dismantling of these systems. Be a part of a community that supports you as we mobilize for change. facebook.com/events/200763851083819/


Every other Thursday, 6:30-8p, Looking At Masculinity And Patriarchy (LAMP) LAMP is an affinity space offered by AWARE-LA of white, male-presenting folks (however anyone is invited) where we discuss how your male-presenting gender role and socialization impacts the ways you are showing up (or not showing up) in the fight for an abolitionist future. Via zoom:  For more information and to register, email: lampteam@tutanota.com.


Fridays, Interfaith Communities United for Justice & Peace forum, 7:30-9:30a, has switched to a virtual meeting on zoom or dial in by phone: 669-900-6833 For details and to prevent zoom-bombing, contact communications@icujp.org for an invitation and instructions.


Arabic Language classes, online. Algarabía Language Co-op is offering new Arabic courses at The People’s Forum to those who are interested in learning Arabic with a focus on topics of social justice, cinema, media, and culture. True/High beginner & Palestine Film Club classes. This program prioritizes working class, queer, BIPOC, and heritage speakers of Arabic. Starting Feb 18 & 21, duration 10 weeks. Register & details: peoplesforum.org/events/arabic-language-classes-winter-2024/ $300-400 sliding.

Weekly Vigil for Palestine, 5p, San Pedro CA. Join CODEPINK at the corner of 13th and Gaffey St., in front of Vons.


Every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, at 7pm, we screen movies about issues that are important to our Skid Row and downtown community at the #skidrowmuseum.  Location:250 S. Broadway (DTLA) 90012. Tel: 213-413-1077.


Saturdays, Crenshaw Farmers Market, 10a-3p, 3650 Martin Luther King Blvd. offers fresh produce and artisan goods. Ties into the mall’s health initiative promoting wellness in the Crenshaw community. This farmers’ market has re-opened!  Contact Sustainable Economic Enterprises: http://www.seela.org for other farmer’s markets that are also continuing with physical distancing (in Echo Park, Hollywood, Atwater Village and on Central Avenue in South LA).


10 am, every Saturday Public Speaker meeting Series Hosted by The Chicago Chapter of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization invites you to join via Zoom.  Disalienated Consciousness and Radical Humanism: The Most Desirable Bedfellows of Our Time-Speaker: Deanne Bell teaches Critical Psychology and Decolonial Studies at Nottingham Trent University (UK) and focuses on the praxis of decolonizing the human in modernity. International meeting times:  Noon Chicago time, Rio de Janeiro time, 6 pm London time, 7 pm Central Europe time, and at 10:30 pm in Delhi time zone. Visit here or email for details: Sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of The International Marxist-Humanist Organization

Email: arise@imhojournal.org  March 2: 12 Noon (Chicago [Central] time)  The Periphery in the Heart of Accumulation: José Carlos Mariátegui’s Legacy for the 21st Century Speaker: Eleonora Roldán Mendívil studies at University of Kassel (Germany) and has published on global migration and gender & race in modern capitalism.  March 23: 12 Noon (Chicago [Central] time)  A Value-Theory of Labor Subjectivities: Theorizing Capital’s Production and Exploitation of Racial Difference.  Speaker: Davide Ventrone is a researcher working in Montreal/Tiohtià:ke (Joh-jaw-gay); his research focuses on the state, financialization and Marx’s critique of political economy.


Every 1st and 3rd Sat: End Homelessness Now-LA, 2-4pm, a grassroots campaign to pressure LA city and county officials to use vacant public properties for large, permanent, supportive public housing to end the homelessness catastrophe. Call or email for information on how or whether meetings will continue.. 323-723-6416 endhomelessnessnowla@gmail.com facebook.com/endhomelessnessnowla/


Every 2nd & 4th Sat, SOLA Food Co-Op. http://www.solafoodcoop.com/ Baldwin Hills Farmers Market re-opened & SOLA Co-Op will take orders for CSA boxes.


LA Ecovillage Tours: Usually twice monthly, 10:30a-1p. Our regular in-person tours are 75% outside within LAEV. Reservations required: 213-738-1254 or crsp@igc.org. Tour only:  $15 to $25 (self-selected sliding scale ok; cash or checks made out to “CRSP” accepted at the door. Time dollars 2.5 hours accepted. Local currency?). Vaccinated people only please. Masks encouraged during indoor tour stops. More info and LAEV events: laecovillage.org/home/tours/ and laecovillage.org/category/events/.


Saturday dialogues, AWARE-LA White anti-racist gathering. awarela.org/saturday-dialogue 

Saturday Dialogue is a gathering for white anti-racists who want to discuss issues of identity, community, privilege and racism in our lives with the intention to strengthen our practice as anti-racists in alliances, relationships, and interactions with people of color. Regular, recurring dialogues throughout the year focus on the intersections of multiple identities, including Race and Class, Sexuality and Race, and Gender and Race. Other workshops focus on relationships, Radical White Identity and Community, and issues such as police and the prison industrial complex, immigration, and gentrification.  We currently have four monthly Saturday Dialogues, which used to meet in various places throughout LA County and are temporarily meeting online through Zoom. We also have one monthly “Online Sunday Dialogue” which was originally made available for folks who cannot make it to meetings in LA, or on Saturdays. Sign up Actionnetwork.org/forms/aware-la-email-list/ to receive reminder emails about Saturday Dialogues. We strongly encourage you to attend a Saturday Dialogue Orientation before attending a Saturday Dialogue. See below for more info. You must register for each space each time you want to attend, as all of the zoom links are personalized and different for each person/gathering.


Every 1st Saturday (Westside), 1-3:15p. 

Every 2nd Saturday (Encino), 10:30a-12:30p. 

Every 3rd Saturday (Eastside),1-3p, 

Every 3rd Sunday (Always Online), 3-5p. 

Every 4th Saturday (Pomona Valley), 11a-1p.


Saturday Dialogue Orientation: 2nd & 4th Weds, 6-7p via: Zoom. In this orientation, we’ll talk about the purpose of Saturday Dialogues and why AWARE-LA organizes as a white anti-racist community. 


Accessibility: We can provide ASL interpreters and closed captioning upon request at least 72 hours prior to the event you wish to attend. Contact: awarela@gmail.com with questions and to arrange to register.


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