by Jeffrey Hirsch

FAST is the 1% controlling the 99%; is a military budget almost equal to all the rest of the world’s combined; is government surveillance; is the government persecuting whistleblowers; is the school-to-prison pipeline for people of color and the poor; is having more than 25% of the world’s prisoners with less than 5% of the world’s population; FAST is the banksters in bed with their bought-off politicians.

FAST is a Supreme Court ruling that corporations are people, and that money is speech; is the TPP and the USA PATRIOT Act; is the incompetent biased government investigation of the 9/11 tragedy; is the media owned by a few multimillionaires; is the US government supporting dictators, and overthrowing democratic and progressive leaders worldwide, for the benefit of multinational corporations and big banks. FAST is fracking in the face of drought and global warming. FAST is five Supreme Court justices throwing the election to George W. Bush; is electoral computer fraud stealing the 2004 election in Ohio; FAST is the murder of Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Ezell Ford, Wakiesha Wilson, and on and on.

FAST is right-wing billionaire Robert Mercer keeping Trump’s campaign afloat with a massive infusion of cash, and Trump’s illegitimate election due to an electoral system designed to protect slavery, massive voter suppression by interstate Crosscheck, computer fraud, disposal of ballots and other methods of preventing mostly people of color who would’ve voted Democratic from voting. FAST is Trump appointing Dracula to run the Dept. of Blood Banks, Mr. Fox to run the Dept. of Chickens, and Al Capone Jr, to be Secretary of Treasury – and all his real appointments, who are antithetical to the mission of the departments they run.

FAST is the military-financial-media-prison-pharmaceutical-insurance-medical-non-profit-fossil-fuel-industrial complex. Thankfully millions of people are now not acquiescing to Trump’s agenda and all the above, and are back in the streets. If we don’t want FAST to win, we need to continue to act — fast.

DDT (Deranged Donald Trump)

I used to kill mosquitoes

But Muslims are more fun

I need a better target

for my nuclear guns

The oil pipelines

will now resume

as will Exxon profits

(I presume)

Don’t mess with me

My name is DDT

Cause I’m high toxicity

Don’t mess with me

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