Open Invitation for entities committed to the Earth and her children:

Co-Sponsor the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day in 2020:

Clear Vision for Environmental Action.

Dear First Nation, non-government organization, local jurisdiction or entity,

April 22, 2020 is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and as you may know we are facing environmental crises greater than ever.

Pollution and production processes threaten life on this planet. And they are projected to get worse.

We must change this course. We must transform. Quickly and soundly.


We are helping to build a massive movement to impact public policy and effect the systemic changes needed to address the crisis.

We will be having a central gathering event, Sunday, April 19th as part of the international Earth Day movement.

Our community is a tapestry, woven of cultural exchange and shared responsibility for our healthy and green future, organic and wholesome intentions. We are, and are reaching out to involve all people committed to the Earth and her children including indigenous peoples, youth, labor unions, environmental and environmental justice groups.

Scientists state that we have a decade to correct climate breakdown or face much greater devastation. Their estimates have been longer than how quickly the impacts have actually come to pass, and that toxic plastics are already devastating water and life. It is critical that we act now, and that Earth Day 2020 be the greatest Earth Day, week, month, year, decade, life, yet.

Real measurable change: transformation of our life styles, habits, and society. It is in this spirit that we plan for Earth Day LA 2020!

We are advancing:

  1. Arresting climate breakdown and plastic pollution
  2. Economic Justice
  3. Environmental Justice
  4. Just transition, and
  5. People Power

We are envisioning a week and month of activities, different movements and campaigns, programs and projects in Los Angeles, moving into and advancing through Earth Day.

It is in this spirit that we invite you to join us as a Co-Sponsor of Earth Day LA 2020!


As part of Earth Day Los Angeles, we are envisioning that

  • groups will do what they do where they are to highlight the work that they do,
  • a central website/app to promote all of us and provide resources for people to plug in, engage and be active where they are, and
  • at least one day, probably two or more, we will come together centrally to celebrate and advance; the date has been reserved for Sunday, April 19th.

Earth Day 1970 was a catalyst for environmental awareness, action, movements, legislation, organizations, and programs. It is in this tradition, with even greater importance, that our environmental efforts rise to the occasion and be greater than ever. It is with this spirit that we are looking to r/evolve our LA Our County Sustainability Plan, Climate Emergency Mobilization Motion, and Green New Deals as frameworks for real measurable results.


Co-Sponsorship Responsibilities:

At this time, we expect each Co-Sponsoring entity to be responsible for, and commit to:

  • a representative(s) attending a majority of monthly planning meetings,
  • a number of volunteers, probably at least five shifts, the day of the central event, and
  • promote our effort.

In exchange, each Co-Sponsoring entity has the right to, and gets to

  • participate in the decision-making process in creating Earth Day LA 2020!,
  • space for information/education tabling at the central event, and
  • a central website/app to promote all of us and provide resources for people to plug in, engage and be active where they are.

Please confirm your Co-Sponsorship by completing the attached Form and join us for the next planning meeting.

From the Co-Sponsoring coalition, we will form committees and coordinators for different aspects of the gathering. Sponsors of the gathering, different than Co-Sponsors, will provide funding for the gathering, must to be in alignment with our principles and goals.

If you have any questions and/or comments, or would like to communicate or meet regarding this, please let us know. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you in justice and peace for a green new day.

In community,

Lydia Ponce

Keenan Sheedy

Madeline Di Giorgi

Morey Wolfson

Maribel Castillon

Elijah Carder


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