KPFT Whitewashes Programming

by Rodrigo Bravo, KPFT Pacifica Radio in Houston TX

Black, Indigenous and People Of Color, already underserved, were purged from the station’s FM airwaves. White people are less than 25% of Houston’s population–not 95% as they are on the KPFT programming grid!


Imagine how I felt when I opened an email that presented the new program schedule for KPFT… and saw that my Nuestra Palabra collective was not included (after 20 years on the air).

Imagine how we felt when we looked for our fellow Black, Latinx, Asian, and Indigenous programmers’ shows… and saw that they were not included either.

Imagine how we felt when we noticed that the few remaining BIPOC shows had been switched to lesser time slots, or shunted to the low-listenership HD2 channel.

Imagine how we felt when we read an email listing the supporters of the “New Day” bylaws, and then determined that 83% of their shows were still on KPFT, and had also received better time slots or more air time.

We didn’t imagine this. It happened – to Nuestra Palabra, and to our fellow BIPOC programmers at KPFT.

Read our report here:

Again, programmers who expressed support for the “New Day” anti-democratic bylaws replacement kept their shows, and got more and better air time, at the expense of BIPOC voices

We’re not surrendering; we’ll continue this struggle. And whichever Pacifica station is your station, please stand with us:

Vote NO on the “New Day” bylaws amendments.


Consider running for a seat on your Local Station Board (LSB). And encourage friends and allies to subscribe to your station (if they do so by June 30, they’ll be eligible to vote for you). Already-scheduled LSB elections will take place at all five stations later this summer, IF New Day is defeated.

To learn more: check out https://pacifica and

Because we don’t want to imagine New Day taking over more stations and the entire Pacifica Foundation, with control of all its assets and signal licenses!


Run for your Local Station Board (LSB)! Help make sure community radio serves THE COMMUNITY. We need a board that keeps pace with the people in the streets who are FIGHTING RACISM, want to END WARS that benefit only the rich, and SAVE THE PLANET–NOW!

You must be a member of your local station by JUNE 30 to RUN or VOTE. If you’ve donated $25 since July 1, 2020, or if you donate $25 up through June 30, 2021 (or performed three hours of supervised volunteer service for the station, including on the committees of the LSB), you are qualified to VOTE in the election and to RUN for the LSB or sign nominating petitions for others. Nominations are open until July 14.

You can get more information at the Pacifica Foundation Election Website:


BUT  if we don’t Vote NO and defeat the New Day bylaws, the whole election process will be terminated!  New Day plans to ABOLISH current Local Station Boards. The name stays the same, but under New Day bylaws, the “LSB” is only a toothless advisory body with ZERO oversight over station management and budget, and ZERO governance powers.

Please get in touch if you are interested in running or have questions about the Local Station Board and its powers and processes, the election, or other related issues:, or in Los Angeles.

CAN’T FIND YOUR BALLOT to vote on the Bylaws? REQUEST one NOW- voting ends July 7!

Pacifica FightBack: Campaign to Preserve Diversity, Democracy & Accountability at Pacifica Radio

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