By Theresa Brady

We are entering an existential crisis.  We can no longer go about business as usual.  The idea that if one superpower threatens something, we should meet or exceed that threat is not going to get us out of this one.  we need to find common ground.  We need to find some points that would deescalate this that would be tolerable to both sides.

The US has not been always on the high ground in this.  This should be admitted at least to ourselves.  We have killed civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We have not done adequate reparations to the people of those countries.  Some of that fence mending should be done.

Furthermore, much of the current rhetoric escalates the tension.

  1. Please resist calls for a no-fly zone. Declaring a no-fly zone is declaring war.
  2. Sanctions should be carefully used to affect only the wealthy and the elite.  When sanctions affect the movement of essentials of daily life, they are a cruel imposition on civilians.
  3. Removal of weapons to reduce the trapped, cornered, threatened feelings of our adversary should be done in equal amounts to his removing his weapons and army and stopping the harm to civilians.
  4. The possibility of joining the EU should be an economic not a military question.
  5. The possibility of joining NATO should be taken off the table. NATO is a military alliance that was intended to be temporary after World War II

Note:  You can reach the president yourself at with your views.  There is no longer a White House comment line to reach them by phone.

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