Dear Editor:
Greetings to you all good people at Change-Links. I am a prisoner. Thank you for “No Thanks! No Giving!” I read that and all is true, no question. It looks like for some country, war is only real business until they stay in power. They do not care who you are or what you try to say. You are Black or white or Indian as Native American. They lie under cover of peace or religion. It is truly sad. Why these people do not have the spirit of human in them? This is real question. Anyway, thank you for your article.
Also I would like to talk about one other thing. I am in prison, at A-Yard in Lancaster State Prison. Mr. Reza Pour came visit me here. I would like to tell you about new programs in prison system. Finally people at Sacramento find out that for every prisoner, taxpayer in CA paid per year $60,032 and taxpayer only paid $32,933 for student. Anyway, it looks like Brown after 4 years as governor is try to change this corrupt department.
Now in A-Yard by hard work of Capt. Woods, she add one very good program at Bldg. 5, of “dog trainer” by prisoners. Some very good prisoner will train here until these prisoner work on dogs for outside people, who want to have those trained dogs. Is very good program. Also we do other good program, like music, art and painting class, which other prisoner with good experience teach other prisoner, on musical instrument in one class and some teach painting to others in other class.
Most important thing in this yard: 99% of prisoner arent racist. For example myself, for over one year I was celly with one good human, was “Black.” I was with Asian, I was with Mexican, I was with white. I heard some prisoner tell me, in other prison, none is like this yard. Over there, war and racism control all the yards and all prisoner!!
If you want see and visit with camera and reporter or come with KPFK people here to make a good report in Change-Links, or you want interview with Capt. Mrs. Woods about our Dogs program, maybe your article shine on CA or in US for real change in prison system. Take photos for newspaper and interview with prisoner. Thank you for your good work. Greetings to good people at your newspaper and KPFK.

Hamid Zadeh #P-54059, CSP LA County,
PO Box 4430, Lancaster CA 93539

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