I take issue with the March article “The Greek People Rise Up” by Aris Anagnos. The current Greek government came to power with unrealistic promises and now scrambles to live up to them. The writer falsely makes it sound as if the Greek populace isn’t to blame for the current state of affairs.
Greece has a history of not living up to its promises, that’s why the EU is taking a hard line. Greek people have been abusing the country’s system, because of corrupt officials and favoritism. A single person in Greece can apply for multiple pensions, which many Greeks have done, not caring where the money will come from. Greece has lived above its means. Case in point its military, why does Greece need the largest military in Europe?
Greece is unwilling to make fundamental changes to improve its economy and government. German officials went to help, at German taxpayer expense, to clean up the books. They gave up because of uncooperative Greek officials.
Germany demanded Greece make fundamental changes before getting more money, but these are changes other countries like Italy, Portugal and Spain have made and it helped them to improve. Greece must improve tax collection, modernize labor markets and attack vested interests. Greeks blame everyone else for their current state of affairs, especially Germany, but refuse to be accountable for their own actions.
U. Wolfgang Wagenknecht

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