Close the Camps! Stop the Raids! No More Deportations!

End All Sheriff complicity with ICE and CPB!

From the day he took office, Donald Trump has escalated a failed and cruel immigration policy into an all-out white supremacist imperialist war against immigrants and indigenous peoples, banning Muslims, slamming the door on refugees, tearing children from their parents’ arms, targeting black and brown bodies for violence and abuse. This policy has a name: Genocide.

Each new affront has been met with outrage and protest but even when he has retreated, Trump has sought new lines of attack: new bars to green cards and citizenship, workplace raids, deportations of people with cancer and other life threatening illnesses during their medical treatment, concentration camps. many of these measures have been eventually approved by his compliant courts.

Meanwhile, immigrants of color are being terrorized in  our own communities, afraid to answer the door, take children to school, or go to work.  Our communities need to see and feel the solidarity of the majority that stands with us.

We call on all those who oppose the raids, family separation, deportations and incarceration to unite against this reign of racist persecution.

It is time to say, “¡Basta Ya!” Enough is enough!


This Indigenous People’s Day weekend let us act together –whether with a march, vigil, rally or direct action– in solidarity to build a better world and against those who would give us a future of division and white supremacist hate.

Let us unite in broad regional coalitions drawing together people of faith, unions, anti-nativist fighters and other progressives to target camps, jails, shelters or other parts of Trump’s anti-immigrant, deportation machinery, including corporations profiting from the dehumanization of our communities.

Let us act in the knowledge that no human being is illegal anywhere, not least in a country formed through violent colonialism that continues policies that create poverty, war, climate destruction,  displacement and refugees.  It is the artificial colonial borders that are illegitimate, not our people.

Let us open our arms to immigrants and indigenous peoples in our country and at our borders with a greeting of friendship:

Mi casa es tu casa.  My home is also your home.


In response to this national call, a local action has been planned for Saturday, October 12. Assemble at 11 am at Grand Park. March to Downtown Sheriff Station (211 W.Temple) and the DTLA Federal Building/Metropolitan Detention Center (300 N. Los Angeles St – 535 N Alameda St).

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