Again Call Upon The City Of Los Angeles

To Fund, Develop, And Adopt  A Climate Action And Adaptation Plan!

The City of Los Angeles consistently holds itself out as a beacon of progress in addressing our overlapping climate and biodiversity crises, proclaiming that we ‘lead the way’ with solutions. But too many of us – initially hopeful about our newly constituted post-Covid administration – are now deeply disheartened by the ever-widening chasm between the City’s performative PR and meaningful action.

Clearly, our allies across many issues have done profound work to move us forward.  But the results of this work, now in the form of council files and report-backs, remain frozen by our City Attorney and our City Council’s inertia, apathy, and intransigence. We strongly believe our LA elected officials are failing us.

We expected entrenched special interests to rail against our efforts, Youth Climate Strike LA, Extinction Rebellion LA, and other allies will continue to educate and illuminate for the public the remarkable number of positive legislative initiatives that remain TRAPPED by monied interests. These interests are proving themselves to be far more interested in consolidating power than focusing on the public health, safety and well-being of all of our communities.

Assembling these demands with our allies has been quite an undertaking, but the toxic death grip back-room fossil lobbyists and other mercenaries hold on LA’s future inspired us all to build coalitions and join forces to daylight the fruits of all our related efforts.  As we foster the solidarity necessary to confront the fossil industry’s ongoing abuses of power, we are  building deeper public awareness as to where all of these intersecting issues and proposed solutions stand as we approach Earth Day, 2024.

The Mayor and City Council are now engaged in the creation of our annual City Budget; we’re hearing from all directions that this is a “bad” budget year.  We reject that analysis outright.  Funding climate and biodiversity protections is the ONLY path forward for a city that claims to lead the nation on climate.  LA City leadership MUST take action and stop telling us it’s a ‘bad’ budget year, and start telling us how you’re finding ways to turn 2024 into a ‘bad-ass’ budget year. LA City deployed effective emergency actions with Covid; city governance knows exactly what emergency action looks like, and our Climate Emergency requires you to ACT NOW.



The demands below were delivered to you, to all of your offices, on August 10th, 2023, eight months ago.  With the exception of the Mayor’s office and two Council offices, we have seen ZERO response from you, our local leaders, since. The 35 Demands below embody the passions and efforts of engaged residents eager to improve the quality of life in Los Angeles for ALL ANGELENOS, not just the wealthy or well-connected. It cannot surprise you that we’ve lost patience with your meager efforts thus far, that we experience the inertia of you, our elected officials, as UNACCEPTABLE, a dereliction of YOUR duties as OUR elected officials, and a sign of alarming disrespect towards ALL ANGELENOS.

Make no mistake, these demands come from all corners of our great city.  We expect you, our elected officials to take action now.  To move these demands forward with urgency now.  To stop kicking the can down the road now.

We see your budget for climate action as your commitment to climate action.  Only your budget line items can convince the growing number of skeptics that you are truly committed to urgent progress on climate emission reductions.

WE EXPECT EACH COUNCIL OFFICE TO RESPOND TO OUR DEMANDS BY APRIL 17TH, eight months after you received them, and one day before the April 19th Youth Climate Strike in LA.

PROMINENT LA MEDIA ALLIES will share your responses (or lack thereof) publicly, for all Angelenos to see the depth of your commitment to Climate Action going forward.



If you’re new to this document, please find below the initial results of our research. These 35 Demands are a work-in-progress, a living list, so let us know of any legislative initiatives we may have missed. And of course, we welcome your additional input and ideas. To see them online, please go to



Our message is simple: LA governance must do much more, and more quickly —  to remediate our Climate Emergency on multiple, intersecting fronts.  This ‘living’ list of 35 Demands below, assembled with our allies all over the city, offers a look at LA’s climate, ecological, and biodiversity crises, and gives a good sense of where and what to fight for.

All of our collective futures are on the line.  Are you ready to join the struggle for a better, more livable Los Angeles?  We can’t wait for politicians, it is time to inspire each other to be courageous.  Because these 35 Demands point to one simple truth:


And here’s the good news, once you see what it feels like to move out of despair into action, you’ll understand how POWERFUL you are.  The Earth Day Strike is April 19th at City Hall.  Come out and meet Youth Climate Strike and Extinction Rebellion. Come out and help us put pressure on LA City Council to act!  We’ll have music, speakers, a march, a rally, and lots of amazing humans committed to fighting for a livable future for EVERY Angeleno.    PLEASE join us, we’d LOVE to see you there.  Maximum RESPECT to you and yours!   With Love and Rage,

Youth Climate Strike Los Angeles —

Contact: Sim Bilal

Extinction Rebellion Los Angeles  —

Contact: Steven Starr

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