Yes, Virgina The Grinches Did Steal Christmas

Madoff, Most Big Banks, Most Home Mortage Crews, Wall Street, Hedge Funds, Derivates and Money Manager Gangs. Insurance Companies, Regulators, the US Treasury, Greensplan, the Bush Adminisraton and a good portion of Congress.

What we need is something really good to celebrate, like Justice, Peace, Real Democracy, Friendship and LOVE.

Palestine By Chris Hedges
The Madoff Economy By Paul Krugman
Why Al Franken Should NOT Be Riding Private Planes By Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman
How We Got the Worst HealthCare System Mountains of Monday Can Buy By Jeremy Brecher, Tim Costello and Brendan Smith
Workers Laid Off, Exec Paid Off By Amy Goodman
Workers of America: Wake UP! We All Need a Union! By Dave Lindorff
Labor Conference Brings Togeterh Workers of Many Nations By Carol Frances Likins
Bolivians Fore New Constitution By Carlos Quintannila
Bring In New Year, Please By John Johnson

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