It would be nice if the legal system slowed down for the holidays, however James Daley’s stay of execution is set to expire on December 30th. Please join thousands of individuals who have already signed the Death Penalty Action petition to urge Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to grant a full clemency hearing to James Daley.

Unfortunately, the judge who granted Daley’s stay in November has ruled that the state’s case against Daley was, “Not strong, but it was sufficient.” And yet, this recent cover story for New York Times Magazine spells out how James Dailey was sentenced to death largely due to the word of a notorious jailhouse informant “snitch” witness, Paul Sklanik, who was also a child sex offender and con man. Now, Mr. Dailey needs a grant of clemency or a clemency hearing in order to ensure he will not be executed without the new evidence of his innocence being considered.

Please contact Gov. Ron DeSantis again. Urge him to grant a clemency hearing for James Dailey so that ALL the evidence can be reviewed, including evidence of innocence not reviewed by the courts due to procedural and time limits. It is never too late to review a condemned man’s case for innocence. The stay of execution ends December 30 and a new execution date could be set. Take Action Now.

Email: Call: 850-488-7146 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm ET).

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  • Another day, another guy with an execution date based on flimsy snitch testimony and not much more. Sign this @DeathPenaltyAct petition for #JamesMDailey: httpss://… #TestTheDNA #FL #DeathPenalty #StopExecutions
  • “Don’t let Florida execute James Dailey, Gov. DeSantis. He might be innocent.” Op-Ed via @MiamiHerald httpss:// #StopExecutions @DeathPenaltyAct
  • He’s a con man and a known liar, but his testimony sent James Dailey to death row. Why did prosecutors trust him as a jailhouse informant in dozens of cases?

@pamelacolloff httpss://  #StopExecutions  @DeathPenaltyAct

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