Obama Sells Out Homeowners

Obama Sells Out Homeowners Again: Mortgage Settlement a Sad Joke by Ted Rall Joe Nocera, the columnist currently challenging Tom Friedman for the title of Hackiest Militant Centrist Hack--it's a tough job that just about everyone on The New York Times op-ed page has to do--loves the robo-signing settlement announced last week between the Obama Administration, 49 states and the five biggest mortgage banks. "Two cheers!" shouts Nocera. As penance for their [...]

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The Death of Moderates: Extreme Problems Require Extreme Solutions

The Death of Moderates: Extreme Problems Require Extreme Solutions By Ted Rall “Given his druthers, Obama will pursue the most left-leaning course that he can get away with.” So says Jennifer Rubin, a right-wing pundit at the neoconservative-leaning Washington Post. “Obama,” Rubin claims, “would have marched through his entire liberal agenda--if he had the votes.” This, of course, assumes that Obama ever had a liberal agenda. There’s not much evidence of that. [...]

Too Pig to Jail?

Ban Foreclosures Now By Ted Rall What would happen to you if you got caught forging a mortgage application? You’d go to jail. And rightly so. In one case in Florida, an employee of GMAC Mortgage admitted under oath that he personally forged 10,000 foreclosure affidavits. This low-level schlub is the tip of the tip of a massive iceberg, one of countless “robo-signers” whom voracious banks including GMAC, Bank of America, Citibank [...]

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Secrecy Sucks

Secrecy Sucks: Spooky, Snoopy Spies Run Amuck —By Tom Turnipseed Since 9/11, a collection of secret intelligence groups called the United States Intelligence Community (IC) has become a monstrous, overlapping hodge-podge of spooks with some 850,000 people having top secret clearances, according to the Washington Post.   The clandestine tangle of CIA spooks and related “national security” groups like military intelligence, civilian contractors and mercenaries has grown so much that its actual cost, [...]

Nationalize BP and Other Criminal Corporations

By Ted Rall —The Supreme Court says that corporations have the same rights as individuals. When they misbehave, shouldn't they face consequences as serious as those imposed upon an individual? It goes without saying that a person who commits a crime ought to face punishment proportional to the offense. Large and midsize corporations, which employ thousands of employees, have far vaster reach and power than even the wealthiest ordinary citizens. So their crimes can be breathtaking in [...]

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Change-Links—February 2010

Impeach the Dirty 5 The Print Edition PDF Shed a Tear for Our Democracy By Robert Weissman Haitian Earthquake: Made in the U.S.A. Why the Blood Is on Ur Hands By Ted Rall The Worlds Least Powerful Man: Obama By Paul Craig Roberts Nader's Utopian Narrative Rich with Ideas and Inspiration By Chaparral Fireland Corporate Personhood , Should Be Bannied Once and For All By Ralph Nader US Hati Occupation Worries Chavez [...]

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