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The Social, Economic and Environmental Costs of the US Addiction to War Graphs curated by Ray Jones Editorial Cartoon by Y. B. Normal The US military budget and war are the real cause of inflation and the rising cost of living

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor from Ray Jones Still alive and well??? ...  “Trump still does not comprehend the seriousness or the urgency of the health and economic crises facing working families,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Saturday evening in a joint statement. “We’re disappointed that instead of putting in the work to solve Americans’ problems, the President instead recently chose to stay on his luxury golf [...]

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Peacemakers Honor Roll

Submitted by Ray Jones (third installment) For eminent distinction in character, valor, integrity, fortitude and altruism, these exemplary people are worthy of recognition for their convictions, determination, higher principles and intelligence with perseverance in conscience and dignity.--RJ Hélder Câmara (1909–1999) – Brazil archbishop, liberation theologian, opponent of military dictatorship Pierre Cérésole (1879–1945) – Swiss engineer, founder of International Voluntary Service for Peace (IVSP) Cesar Chavez (1927-1993) – US farm worker labor leader [...]

E-Z Law

EZ LAW by Ray Jones Law is not as tough as you thought. Poets, radio personalities, journalists, educators, script writers, song writers, advertising copywriters, professors, librarians, secretaries, or homemakers may find it easier to read and use law to challenge or solve problems than they think. You can find these books in some libraries. A good local resource is the LA County Law Library on W. 1st Street in downtown LA. Here [...]


by Ray Jones A vast assortment of old bones unearthed by paleontologists and anthropologists reveal species of animal like-human like beings that lived more than two million years ago. The oldest bones resemble primates (apes, monkeys) evolving in a consecutive sequence through time into the present humankind of today. The site where the earliest such species were found is in East Africa and they appear to be the predecessors of the African [...]

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Brain-Mind And A Drug Alert

by Ray Jones Everyone has diverse physical traits like height, weight, hair color and shoe size. Similarly, individuals differ in brain-mind function at different levels at different times and circumstances.  Medical practitioners have used drugs to alter brain-mind function to control behavior to their estimation or purposes. Throughout history the lucrative pharmaceutical business has been selling potions, elixirs (drugs) for behavior alteration. People should be alerted to the fact that drugs are [...]

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Easy Economics

by Ray Jones Our economy has a business cycle. There are prosperous times and impoverished times. In prosperous times, business firms distribute complimentary items, products are durable, affordable and in surplus. Rents are reasonable. Savings, investments and luxuries are plentiful. Families are larger, wives can be homemakers, and recreation and entertainment flourish. Remember the years 1795-1835, and in the 1950's. In impoverished times, there is a lack of employment, people have a [...]

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Government Employees

by Ray Jones When you contact a government agency is the response, "How can I be of service?" or "Go away - don't bother me"? Is there a pleasant greeting or nasty remarks and evasive excuses? Were they prompt or delayed? Did they seem arrogant, sarcastic or demanding? Do you always get an answering machine? Did they say it's not their job, go somewhere else? Are you ignored? Did you get a [...]

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Peace is Right, Good & Sane. Peace is Law.

by Ray Jones Let us commend the peacemakers: Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors; the Quakers, Jehovah's Witnesses, Brethren, Mennonites, Buddhists that declare a doctrine of peace; the authors, artists, musicians, educators, pacifists, protesters who endeavor to maintain peace. According to prominent historians, the US war in Vietnam was started "for economic reasons," (a war for profit not defense), with an "unjustified death toll of civilians." There was no "incident" in the Gulf [...]

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The King Is Mad

by Ray Jones While in the law library preparing legal documents for a case I was litigating, I found a book of legal maxims and phrases, many in Latin vulgate, including popular phrases like “pro bono,” (for a good cause or purpose, rather than for a fee), “ad hoc,” (for this [time], temporary), “prima facie,” (at first view), and “habeas corpus,” (literally, have the body, meaning produce the person in court -- [...]

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Know Your Constitutional Rights

by Ray Jones The US Constitution can be found in the US Code, Constitution (Thomson-West Publications). The law against violation of Constitutional rights can be found in US Code, Title 42, Volume 1, Section 1983. Here are some opinions of the US Court of Appeals. The ruling is followed by the case in which was rendered, and a citation to the Federal Reporter. Rights under this amendment and Amend. 14 [are] fundamental [...]

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