Climate Holocaust Disaster And What We Can Do About It

By Nancy Lawrence Capitalism won at the COP21 in Paris (21st Conference of Parties climate talks). All you had to do to see that is walk into the Climate Generation Space, put aside by the U.N. for ìcivil society, which had workshops on what is the best way to turn nature into a private commodity, Like REDD+, Carbon Offsets, and Cap-andTrade, etc. To be fair, there were also good workshops like those [...]

Moving Forward from the People’s Climate March

by Nancy Lawrence On Sept. 19, I went to NY as part of the Labor Community Strategy Center/Fight for the Soul of the Cities to take part in the Peoples Climate March. Of course this was more than just a march. The rally was organized by Big Green groups 350.Org and Avaaz. This was in response to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's closed-door session of "world leaders" on climate change, which was [...]

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