Book Review: The Role of the Revolutionary Poet

The Role of the Revolutionary Poet in Society and a Strategic Vision for the 21st Century by Mark Lipman (Vagabond Books, ISBN 13: 978-1-936293-39-1, 2020, $18.50) reviewed by Michael Novick This volume of essays and poems is by the former poetry curator of Change Links, Mark Lipman, who is the founder and editor of Vagabond, editor and publisher of a number of award winning poetry anthologies, including The Border Crossed Us (an [...]

Poetry Corner: “Because I Say So,” by Mark Lipman

Because I Say So by Mark Lipman   I own, therefore, I’m right.   It’s an argument inevitably used by every single landlord regardless of the pretext simply to get what they want.   No need for a code of ethics or a guiding moral compass certainly, without any standard of community responsibility.   Simply, I want.   And the want is always more … from those who have less, from those [...]

Poetry Corner: for the Deeds of Men Live on

for the Deeds of Men Live on (with a nod to William Shakespeare) by Mark Lipman   Friends, comrades, fellow Americans lend me your ears. We have come here to bury fascism not to praise it not to negotiate with it not to give it a chance but to put it in its rightful grave. The evil that men do lives after them.   Though memories be short in the computer age [...]

Poetry Corner: The Price of Doing Business

by Mark Lipman ATTENTION, Walmart Shoppers: Somewhere in  the swollen bowels of some dank and dimly lit offshore sweatshop maybe in China, or Vietnam, or Bangladesh the lights are being turned out in a young girl's eyes as she frantically stitches her childhood away one 12-hour shift at a time without sunlight or bathroom breaks or a proper education for pennies a day. Itís just Good Business. It helps the bottom line, [...]

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Global Economic Amnesty

Global Economic Amnesty By Mark Lipman Democracy is broken and capitalism doesn’t work. Fact. Plain and simple fact. Capitalism thrives on disaster. It is a system of profiteering that pits man against man – for one to succeed another must fail – or more precisely millions of others must fail. For the more that suffer, the greater the wealth accumulated by the one. The many support the weight of the one, with [...]

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