Austerity: A Violation of Human Rights?

Austerity: A Violation of Human Rights? by Laura Flanders Have you ever wished there was a set of standards by which budgets could be assessed that didn’t have to do with deficit hawks and stimulus sparrows pecking each other’s eyes out in the constricted ring of corporate opinion? A noble little park opened in New York City last month: Four Freedoms Park.  In the coverage of the Louis Kahn structure (which seems [...]

Change-Links December 2008

Starving Palestinian children, a result of the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Until the US stops supporting this brutality, there will be no peace in the Middle East and no real solutions to our own problems. This Is Suppose to Be the New World -- Get to Work ===== Obama - Appointment Some Real Progressives -- We Know What We Are Doing By John Johnson Beware of the Obama hype. What 'change' in [...]

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