From last April, 2014: April Fools Day Jokes… If Only!

By John Johnson As we go to press that jetliner is still missing in the Indian Ocean. Amid confusion in the Middle East, world powers maneuver to seize the Ukraine. Russia appears to have annexed the Crimea, but at the moment the US and United Nations retain some control over the Ukraine. Various factions in Syria, Iran and Iraq and Al-Qaeda continue lobbing missiles at each other, and, as always, the killing [...]

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My brother, John Johnson

by Linda Johnson Hoffman My brother, John Johnson, was an icon of the ‘60s. That decade personified his life and it was where he felt most comfortable. Growing up in North Hollywood with our parents and our older brother, Eric, my brothers and I all attended the same elementary, junior and senior high schools. Johnny always looked up to Eric because he admired his intelligence, perseverance and gregarious personality. While Johnny was shy [...]

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John Johnson Remembered

By Paul Krehbiel John Johnson, publisher and editor of Change-Links newspaper, passed away April 13, 2014 while preparing the May issue of a newspaper loved and relied upon by thousands of progressive political activists in Los Angeles and southern California. He would have turned 70 on July 4, 2014. John was in his 21st year with Change-Links, most as publisher. Founded as a result of the Winds of Change conference held in Los [...]

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The Perils of Progressive Media

by John Johnson Last month we got an email from the Getty Foundation. They demanded $350 from Change- Links, claiming that we used one of their photos on a page from our Website from about three months ago. On it, we’d ran an article about a homeless families. To illustrate it I chose a photo I found on the Web of a homeless family. A number of years ago the Getty empire [...]

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Some Personal Musing

By John Johnson The last few weeks and especially this week there has been a lot of media coverage about Veterans. About supporting veterans, with medical care, jobs and support.   Of course not much coverage of why we have so many.  Why we have we got them killed and injured with our invasions in the Middle East and Central and South America.  And why in the hell we are doing that.  Why [...]

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Two Confessions and an Observation

By John Johnson Hi John, I think you’ve landed on a significant observation. While I’m not certain that the bloated lords of Greed would ever abandon a target consumer (nor do I believe they’ve lost interest in us - witness all the garish obnoxious commercials), impoverished demographics seem to spend hugely disproportionate amounts of money on worthless shit that gives them the temporary illusion of status.  Was it John Steinbeck who said [...]

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Same ole times

By John Johnson I sit at my computer on a warm-hot summer day in the Valley, unsure about what I want to write. I turn to MSNBC and see photos and reports celebrating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. Among the main speakers are Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, and in a second I’m carried back to 1963. Back to the days of real hope, love and friendships. I sit [...]

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Creeping Fascism?

In recent months and years, fascism has strengthened its foothold in the US. The “unholy” alliance between corporate powers, government and right-wing religious sects has launched a sharp about face in rights and freedoms. Governor Perry of Texas is leading a right wing attack on abortion rights, cutting the number of safe clinics and restricting the services they can provide, thus increasing the danger to women. Similar new laws now sweep across [...]

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War After War After War What Is It Good For?

Absolutely Nothing I was born as WWII was ending. One of my first social memories was when my parents and I were in the car on Burbank Blvd. in North Hollywood. Announcements came over the radio that the Korean War was officially ended. I could see and feel my parents’ happiness. When I was about ten, my friends and I were playing war in a large vacant lot near our house. The [...]

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We’re Back

For those who don’t know, your editor had major heart surgery in January. It took me this long to be able to concentrate enough to get an issue out. Despite our hiatus, ChangeLinks remains one of the most consistent progressive/left publications in LA.

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It’s Election Time Again, Yea

It’s Election Time Again, Yea   More ranting from John Johnson I participated in the 1964 election, having been involved in supportive actions for the civil rights movement that was taking place in the South. Some of us were already working in groups, including the Young Democrats. Our main target was the reactionary Birch Society’s candidate, Barry Goldwater. We worked for Johnson and local politicians going door to door. We worked for [...]

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