Beyond Greece

by John Imani Though it is a question and an important one at that "whether Greece will stay in the EU?" is not addressed here, as there is a larger issue that is at stake. Where Greece is cited, it serves only as an example: "De te Fabula Narratur". 'Combined and uneven development' exists not only in the imperialistic world that is endemic to capitalism but also in its opposite: the resistance [...]

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On Baltimore, Ferguson, Los Angeles 1992

by John A. Imani Lay the cause of the Baltimore outbreak at the feet of where it belongs.  Where?  The death of Freddie Gray?  The viciousness of the police?  The protesters?  Black people, period?  Welfare?  No.  Though some of these contributed as matchstick while others served as long-harvested fuel in stoking the flames, it is the efficiency of the capitalist system that is the ultimate arsonist. In 1947 agriculture and manufacturing employed [...]

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