A Second Ecological Revolution?

by  https://www.commondreams.org/jeremy-brecher Jeremy Brecher The summer of 1988 was long and hot.  One scorching day I casually said to a deliveryman, “Awfully hot.”  He responded, “I talk with old-timers who can’t remember anything like it in 60, 70 years.”  He continued, “It’s probably this ‘greenhouse effect.’  If you ask me, it’s a warning.  All the poisons we’re putting into the air and the water – if we don’t get our act together, we’re [...]

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Change-Links January 2009

Yes, Virgina The Grinches Did Steal Christmas Madoff, Most Big Banks, Most Home Mortage Crews, Wall Street, Hedge Funds, Derivates and Money Manager Gangs. Insurance Companies, Regulators, the US Treasury, Greensplan, the Bush Adminisraton and a good portion of Congress. What we need is something really good to celebrate, like Justice, Peace, Real Democracy, Friendship and LOVE. Palestine By Chris Hedges The Madoff Economy By Paul Krugman Why Al Franken Should NOT [...]

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