OWS Spring Offensive

OWS Spring Offensive Need Not Repeat Fall Tactics Why 'going Left' is not necessarily 'going forward' by Danny Schechter For years, in the last century, when I was in School and learning about the early days of journalism, we were taught that author Horace Greeley who founded the New York Herald Tribune, was famous for saying, “Go West Young Man And Grow Up With The Country.” One problem, as we learned recently, [...]

Fascism Lurking

Is Fascism Lurking in America? By Danny Schechter Fascism is one of those words that sounds like it belongs in the past, conjuring, as it does, jackboots marching in the streets, charismatic demagogues like Italy’s Mussolini or Spain’s Franco, and armed crackdowns on dissent and freedom of expression. It is a term we are used to reading in histories about World War II--not in news stories from present day America. Yet the [...]

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