Change-Links—May 2010

9 Fatcats Who Profiteered from the Credit Crunch DOJ Under Obama Perpetuates Bush Policies, Plus... By Chaparral Fireland Obama on Civil Liberties: Year One By Tom Head The Secret Police of LosAngeles: Daryl Gates’ Paranoid Legacy Excerpts From the Work of David Cay Johnson Latin América?International Organizations Seek End to ?Journalist Murders ?in Honduras By Carlos Quintanilla So What’s the Problem? By John Johnson

Change-Links —March 2010

April PDF 3 Easy Ways to Samck Down Wall Street By Brad Reed No Banker Left Behind By Robert Scheer Looting Social Security By Paul Craig Roberts Who's Really In Control of theWhite House? Maybe Not Obama By David Sirota Howard Zinn the Historian Who Made History By David Zirin Tensions Between Venezuela and Colombia By Carlos Quintanilla Running on Empty By John Johnson Howard Zinn Presente Zinn Photos ———— March Calendar

Change-Links—February 2010

Impeach the Dirty 5 The Print Edition PDF Shed a Tear for Our Democracy By Robert Weissman Haitian Earthquake: Made in the U.S.A. Why the Blood Is on Ur Hands By Ted Rall The Worlds Least Powerful Man: Obama By Paul Craig Roberts Nader's Utopian Narrative Rich with Ideas and Inspiration By Chaparral Fireland Corporate Personhood , Should Be Bannied Once and For All By Ralph Nader US Hati Occupation Worries Chavez By Carlos Quintanilla Some Guys By John Johnson ———— February Calendar

Change-Links December 2009

Bequeath us humble folks at Change Links this holiday season, and it will mulitply: for yourself, for our community, and for the progressive revolution, all in one swell swoop. We Need Your Support To Keep This Progressive Voice Alive. We feel it’s important to get this voice out to as wide a community as possible. We distribute to almost 200 venues in Southern California. We Need your help and your large and small donatons, ASAP. PDF of December 2009 Calendar The Great Stimuls Debate of '09: "Cry [...]

Change-Links November 2009

It was a tired leftist cliche once but today it’s really true Workers of the World Unite: Americans, Russians, Chinese, Southeast Asians, Africans, Latin Americans, and all others - Unite or the global capital cabal will swallow all of us. The Print Edition PDF The Wall Street Coup and the Bailout Scam By Ismael Hossein-zadeh The Movement Against the Banks By Ruth Conniff Did Hank Paulson Break the Law? By Nick Baumann Michael Moore's Action Plan By Michael Moore The Financo-State Are You Ready for the Next [...]

Change-Links October 2009

The Print Edition PDF First They Came for ACORN By Peter Dreier Obama crushes Democratic dissent By David Sirota Obama's LBJ Moment By Harvey Wasserman Obama's Presidency Isn't Too Big to Fail By Robert Scheer Poverty, Food Crisis and Child Labor By Carlos Quintanilla Getting Away With Torture Holder's Limited, Modified Hangout By Dave Lindorff All the Young Dudes By John Johnson October Calendar

Change-Links September 2009

War Declared on Americans By the Health and Energy Industries and Right Wing Reactionaries Corporate Health Insurance and Big Pharma along with Big Oil have funded, populated and organized the attacks on Democratic Town Halls, on Health Care Reform and on Climate Change Bill. Threatening people with guns, no health care and poisoned air. We have to FIGHT BACK We Need Your Support To Keep This Progressive Voice Alive. We feel it’s important to get this voice out to as wide a community as possible. [...]

Change-Links August 2009

Print Edition: Blue Dogs I.E. Conservative Democrats. They need to here from you about Health Care and other issues. A More detail list for Blue Dogs States Force to Cut Services to the Bone: The Opportunity Costs of the Bank Bailout By Arianna Huffington "Spinning Health Care" A Bad Case of Vertigo By Norman Solomon Summer Doldrums? By John Johnson Let's Bring Love and Revolution Together By Grace Lee Boogs School of Coups By Fr. Roy Bourgeois Nuclear Disarmament By Sheldon C. Plotkin Ph.D. Spitzer: Federal [...]

Change-Links July 2009

The Print Edition PDF Neda Agha-Soltan, a middle class young Moslem woman, loved music, studying to be a travel agent, was outraged at the election results, ventured out to one of the demonstrations, telling her mother, "Don't worry just one bullet and its over." Stuck in traffic, she got out to walk and ran into her bullet. Her family was warned not to have a service for her. The Swan Song of the Islamic Republic By Bernard-Henri Levy Symbols Are Not Enough to Win This Battle By [...]

Change-Links June 2009

The Print Edition PDF The Killer Robot, Predator and Below What it Does General Stanley McChrystal, Cheney's Chief Assassin Is Now Obama's Commander in Afghanistan by James Petras How Long Does It Take By Alexander Cockburn Capitalism Produces Rich Bankers, but Socialism Produces Happiness By Phillip Bannowsky The Awful Sound of Silence By Steve Carlson Pesticides Indicated in Bee Deaths by Julia Scot of Salon and edited by Chaperral Journalists Murdered in 2009 By Carlos Quintanilla Rise Up Please By John Johnson

Change-Links May 2009

The Print Edition PDF U.S. Out of Afghanistan Now Testicular Politics By William Greider What They Craved Torture and Saddam Link Marjorie Cohn Will Obama Reboot Capitalism Anew By Thom Hartmann Thank You for the Torture John Yoo By Chuck Anderson When Politics Disappoints, the Young Turn to Allen Ginsberg By Marlene Nadle Guatemala Violence and Crisis By Carlos Quintanilla You Should Have Listened By John Johnson May Calendar