U.S. and its Allies: Permanent War Economies

By Bruce K. Gagnon, https://space4peace.org/newsletters/ Three areas under conflict draw most of my attention these days. Palestine (Gaza and the West Bank), the US-NATO proxy war on Russia using Ukraine as the hammer, and the destabilization of China with Washington’s allies in the Asia-Pacific playing the role of Mr. Big’s henchmen. At this current time the US military industrial complex is working overtime with Congress and the Pentagon to ramp up US-NATO weapons production [...]

Navy Trying to Kill Gangjeong Village

by Bruce Gagnon I was invited to come to Jeju City to appear on live radio show.  As we were preparing to leave Gangjeong village we looked into the sky as a formation of Navy "Blue Angel" war planes came screaming over the village.  For 15 minutes they went back and forth over Gangjeong doing stunts.  One brought the planes very low in an ear splitting maneuver. The Navy was sending a [...]

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