Food News: You Are What You Eat

How to Grow Vegetables From Kitchen Scraps Latest Video on Lifehacker by Joel Kahn  and Therese McPherson Contributed to Change Links by Bella De Soto Between long grocery lines, heated competition for delivery slots and the blessed arrival of springtime weather, you may be tempted to try your hand at growing your own vegetables. You and everyone else: There’s also been a run on seeds. Luckily, many vegetables you take home from [...]

Top Sulfur-Rich Foods And Why You Need Them

httpss:// Sulfur is a mineral that is critical to the human body, but chances are you’ve never sought out to eat sulfur-rich foods. Sulfur is the third most abundant mineral found in our bodies after calcium and phosphorus. We get it in our diets from a number of foods including garlic, onions, eggs, and protein-rich foods. Sulfur-rich foods have many health benefits and a deficiency may negatively impact your health. It’s not [...]

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Los Angeles County’s New Voting Centers

Voting Centers 2020   There will be a new voting system ready for this March 3,  2020 Primary. But there will also be manual voting paper ballots available at each voting center for those without electronic know how. Make sure, if you use the modified touch screen, to hit the "more" button when you see it, for additional candidates for the same office. Some voting centers will open for 11 days February [...]

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Bernie Sanders Seeking US Presidency Again in 2020

Bernie Sanders Again Seeking the US Presidency, in 2020 by Bella De Soto But wait, how Socialist is Bernie Sanders, again fully pledged to the Democratic Party! He’s now promoting bringing in all the young folks that have been hard at work like in the DSA-Democratic Socialists of America, inspired by his earlier run in 2016. However, this was a result of the collective frustration and led down when he annexed himself [...]

Greek American Human Rights Activist Aris Anagnos Dies at 95

by Bella De Soto His recent sad passing has been felt by many. Aris Anagnos and his wife Carolyn until her death in 2000, were founders of the well-known “Aris & Carolyn Anagnos Peace Center,” currently located at 3916 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City 90230. They established a non-profit foundation which has made space available at the Center to many other non-profits and community organizations. In 1989, they established the original Peace Center, [...]

Split California into 3 Separate States? A Billionaire Wanted Voters to Decide!

Splitting up California? Not so fast. The California Supreme Court decided unanimously in July to remove from the November ballot a measure aimed at dividing California into three states. The decision was a defeat for Tim Draper, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist considered an eccentric entrepreneur who spent $1.2 million on the measure. The court said it acted “because significant questions have been raised regarding the proposition’s validity and because we conclude [...]

Pacifica Board Elections Up-Coming Under Looming Debt

ANOTHER LOCAL RADIO STATION BOARD ELECTION CYCLE IS COMING TO YOUR LOCAL NON-COMMERCIAL PACIFICA RADIO - FIVE NATIONWIDE STATIONS!     Meanwhile, according to the current Pacifica Radio Foundation's National Board controlling majority since 2016 (also predominant majority at local LA Station Board of KPFK-90.7 FM) has recently entered the Foundation into a chopping block/free fall situation as collateral from its Radio Licenses and R/E holdings for a substantial high loan, in the [...]

How to Vote, and How the California “Open Primary” Works to Narrow Choices

Upcoming Elections Information compiled by Bella De Soto and Nia Asante At the “LAVOTE” Website,, you find many resources; how to register to vote, requirements of scheduled time lines to vote, Local State and City Elections and primaries, National Presidential primaries and Elections, and special Elections. This site is maintained by the LA County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk, P.O. Box 30450, Los Angeles, CA 90030-0450; (562) 466-1323. If you live in another county, [...]

LAPD manhandles 18 year old girl on Metro Rail

LAPD manhandles 18 year old girl on Metro Rail by Bella De Soto On Jan. 23 at 11:22 PM, the news broke that an "LA police officer physically throws teenager off Metro Rail for the crime of putting her foot on the seat." This young woman had just started her first job the same day, and was applying for her ID as well, many firsts in her life, but not planning for [...]

Protest Senseless Murder with Impunity Of Journalists In Mexico

Protest Senseless Murder with Impunity Of Journalists In Mexico "The Truth Is Not Killed By Killing Journalists" Protests have been launched in Los Angeles. A group of journalists from Asociación de Programadores en Español of KPFK, La Coordinadora Independencia, Inmigrantes Unidos en Resistencia and other organizations held a press conference in front of the Mexican Consulate on Friday, May 19 to demand that the Mexican government "Stop the Murders of Journalists." Evidence [...]

Migrant Rights/Community Activist Hugo Castro was Disappeared while Traveling in Mexico

Migrant Rights/Community Activist Hugo Castro was Disappeared while Traveling in Mexico by Bella De Soto As Mr. Hugo Castro of Border Angels/Angeles de la Frontera was traveling in Mexico toward Puebla from México City on April 13, he shot and live-streamed a video of himself. He appeared apprehensive, as a pack of criminals who seemed to be driving alongside his car, were harassing, making hand signals, etc... In this short video, he [...]

2014 State and Federal Election Results

by Bella De Soto   Thanks to for the following research. You may donate at their website for their detailed and timely coverage of the national elections on Nov. 4, 2014.   The 2014 general election resulted in sweeping gains for Republicans at the federal and state levels, up and down the ballot. Republicans took control of the US Senate while broadening their existing majority in the House of Representatives. There [...]

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