Change-Links—January 2010

Seize The Day Download January Issue pdf Are Americans a Broken People by Bruce E. Levin Have We Forgtten How to March? By Les Leopold The Israeli Strangehold By Paul Craig Roberts Health Care Bill Can Make You Sick By Barry Schier 10 Reasons to Kill the Health Care Bill By Jane Hamsher For Obama, No Opportunity Is To Big to Blow By Naomi Klein Stunning Statisticd about the War Every American [...]

Change-Links December 2008

Starving Palestinian children, a result of the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Until the US stops supporting this brutality, there will be no peace in the Middle East and no real solutions to our own problems. This Is Suppose to Be the New World -- Get to Work ===== Obama - Appointment Some Real Progressives -- We Know What We Are Doing By John Johnson Beware of the Obama hype. What 'change' in [...]

Change-Links November 2008

Acorn Action in 2008. Acorn helps the poor, fights foreclosures and help people to vote. -- -- -- -- -- -- The Chicago 7 (without Bobby Seale) in 1968. They risked their lives to fight a murderous war. Last month we ran photos of the villianous, murderous, corrupt Bush Administration. This month we run photos of heros. -- -- -- -- Taking Politics Seriously: Looking Beyond the Elections and Beyond Elections By [...]

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