New LAPD Chief – Moore of the Same

Garcetti, Chief Moore & Police Comm. Soboroff New LAPD Chief- Moore of the Same by Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action LA httpss:// Following a search and recommendation of three top candidates by the Police Commission, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti has named Asst. Chief Michel Moore (pronounced Michael) as his choice for LAPD Chief to replace Chuckie Beck, who is retiring early after unrelenting community criticism. Garcetti's choice is expected to be approved by [...]

Spanish-language Broadcaster at KPFK Arrested

by Antonio Zavala [translated from] Spanish-speaking media activists fear that under the Trump administration, attacks will begin on the media in Spanish, as indicated by a recent closure of a program in Spanish on the west coast. The management of KPFK suddenly closed - without warning - the program Es Nuestra Cultura that Xalli Algo has produced for five years. When ordered to vacate the booth on February 28, the Mexican [...]

Defending Afrin Means Defending Women’s Revolution

Defending Afrin Means Defending Women’s Revolution Source: ANHA / The Dawn News / February 8, 2018 The women of Afrin canton confirmed during a statement that the Turkish occupation army targets the resistance of women in Rojava, because behind each tree is a heroic epic set by women in their struggle, believing that the world solidarity of women is the most powerful weapon in conquering the enemy. Kongra Star today issued a [...]

International Women’s Strike March 8

Step Up Global Resistance: March 8 International Women’s Strike by Global Women's Strike LA On March 8,  join women in over 50 countries for a So Cal March and Rally, 4-7pm, at the Downtown LA Federal Bldg, 300 N. Los Angeles St. There will be speakers, music, poetry and spoken word, and Healing, Art & Action areas. Women in at least 51 countries so far are taking action on M8 as part [...]

New Directions for Socialist Feminist Resistance

New Directions for Socialist Feminist Resistance: An International Dialogue,  You are invited to a panel discussion: Saturday, March 3,  2018, 3-5p, Southern Californian Library for Social Studies, 6120 S. Vermont Ave, LA 90044 (street parking only).   Why is authoritarianism on the rise globally and how does it affect women? How can the "#MeToo" movement challenge the capitalist commodification of women's bodies? Do socialist feminists have an alternative to capitalism? What do [...]

Indigenous Women’s Delegation to Zapatista Women’s Gathering in Chiapas

Indigenous Women's delegation to Zapatista's First International Gathering for Women in Struggle, in Chiapas by Corine Fairbanks, Oglala Lakota, American Indian Movement Southeastern Ohio "Revolutionary struggles cannot achieve collective liberation for all people without addressing patriarchy, nor can women’s freedom be disentangled from racial, economic, & social justice." -Victoria Law The Zapatista women will host the 1st International Gathering of Politics, Art, Sport, and Culture for Women in Struggle in Chiapas, Mexico [...]

Why White Supremacy Means White MALE Supremacy

[col. writ. 2/11/18] © 2018 by Mumia Abu-Jamal When Donald Trump lamented at the loss of one of his White House employees’ career, a bomb of female protests went off, for he (not surprisingly) ignored the suffering of his employee’s ex-wives. The only real surprise here was, why the surprise? After the Roy Moore debacle, of a US Senate candidate’s Lolita complex (as in a hankering for young girls), who can plead [...]

The Sea of Sexism

The Sea of Sexism: How to Navigate Bigotry in the Workplace By Helen Carter, Founder, SelfExam We are long past the days of “women’s work” and the idea that a woman’s place is in the home, aren’t we? Maybe not completely, at least according to a 2015 article posted by Bustle, an online media outlet written for women, by women. Today’s female professionals are still expected to tolerate sexist jokes, demeaning (if [...]

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The Missing Message in the Women’s March

The Missing Message in the Women’s March By Cindy Sheehan & Rick Sterling Editors of Resumen LatinoAmericano: The large women’s marches that took place in the US to mark a year of the Trump Administration were primarily organized by elements of the Democratic Party. The energy in the streets was strong and positive but the political message was to channel that into Dems winning back congress in the 2018 mid term [...]

Musings on Misogyny and Militarism

As Above, So Below: Musings on Misogyny and Militarism by Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action-Los Angeles/People Against Racist Terror (ARA-LA/PART) The link between phallo-centric masculinism and weaponry is hardly a new one. From laments about “boys and their toys” to satiric art about missile envy, it is widely acknowledged and commented on. But the level to which misogyny and militarism have become linked under the Trump regime have reached the depths of absurdity. [...]

Poetry Corner: Finding Peace and Sharing

Finding Peace and Sharing by Lydia Ponce   Good Morning So much to pray about ... going to the beach ... have a sweet day wherever you are & whatever you do You are love. I pray to - end hate - end wars - end hunger - quench thirst - find peace... It all begins within, first. Prayers to end self loathing, inner war and battle, feed a hunger for a [...]

Women’s “Equality”: The Criminalization of Women’s Trauma

August 26 is Women's Equality Day. US imperialism seems bent on "equalizing" the death rates and incarceration rates of women and men. According to Jenni Katzman, former Senior Policy Advisor at the U.S. Department of Education, the rate of incarceration for women has been growing nearly twice as fast as that of men since 1985. White women without a college education dropped over six years in life expectancy since the "Great Recession" [...]

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