Oppose Trump & the RNC in Cleveland

Oppose Trump & the RNC in Cleveland httpss://www.facebook.com/RESIST2016/ Friday, July 15 People's Justice & Peace Convention - 7-9:30pm Cultural performances and academic and author Michael Eric Dyson will kickoff this 3 day gathering, July 15-17. Representatives of justice, peace, environmental and democracy groups will come together the weekend before the RNC. The Convention will include a diversity of voices and experiences that will be absent at the RNC which transcends any one political party or perspective. Our purpose is to lift up issues and problems that we [...]

Voting For Your Pain

[col. writ. 3/9/16] ©16 Mumia Abu-Jamal An election is occurring tonight. It's a primary, one of dozens to come. It matters not where -- or, for the most part, even who. Elections are public expressions of emotion, as in who do you like? Who do you feel like voting for? Millions of dollars are spent on massive advertising campaigns, built to bend your emotions, play to your fears, or evoke your deepest hatreds. Few have plans for your hopes fewer still have a handle on your dreams. [...]

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Voting With Our Feet

"The two parties colluded to turn American politics into anti-politics. The culture wars replaced political debate." —By Chris Hedges Read Article https://www.truthdig.com/report/item/voting_with_our_feet_20160320 Photo: httpss://www.flickr.com/photos/theresasthompson/ License: httpss://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

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How significant is the ever increasing low voter turn out in California’s local and national elections?

by Bella De Soto Only the two political electoral Party Dictatorship composed of the Democratic and Republican Partys know for sure, since the popular vote does not seem to count, even in local elections! In 2004, I ran for public office, the LA City Council District 9 then occupied by Democrat Jan Perry.  My experience in this process was both rewarding and depressing.  I had no funds to speak of, except a couple of folks made some modest donations so I would at lest be able to meet [...]

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