Greens Endorse Four Statewide Peace and Freedom Candidates

IMPORTANT NOTE: Change Links is non-partisan, non-sectarian, and non-profit. We do not endorse candidates for public elected office. We are publishing these press releases for informational purposes only about the upcoming primary and general elections. The publication of this information is not to be construed as an endorsement for any of the political parties or candidates named. Election 2018: by the P&FP Communications committee The California Green Party has endorsed four Peace and Freedom Party statewide candidates: John Thompson Parker for US Senate, Mary Lou Finley for [...]

New Directions for Socialist Feminist Resistance

New Directions for Socialist Feminist Resistance: An International Dialogue,  You are invited to a panel discussion: Saturday, March 3,  2018, 3-5p, Southern Californian Library for Social Studies, 6120 S. Vermont Ave, LA 90044 (street parking only).   Why is authoritarianism on the rise globally and how does it affect women? How can the "#MeToo" movement challenge the capitalist commodification of women's bodies? Do socialist feminists have an alternative to capitalism? What do the struggles of women in the West and the Middle East have in common? What [...]

The Sea of Sexism

The Sea of Sexism: How to Navigate Bigotry in the Workplace By Helen Carter, Founder, SelfExam We are long past the days of “women’s work” and the idea that a woman’s place is in the home, aren’t we? Maybe not completely, at least according to a 2015 article posted by Bustle, an online media outlet written for women, by women. Today’s female professionals are still expected to tolerate sexist jokes, demeaning (if good-natured) nicknames, and scrutiny regarding appearance and mothering abilities [httpss://]. Dealing with sexism, either obvious [...]

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Letter to the Editor: Enough! with “Ultra-Leftism”

Dear Editor: I’ve been tempted to write more than once before, but your “Editorial Commentary” graphic in the January issue moves me finally to say Enough! with what I would call ultra-leftism in the current epoch. If at this late date, a year into President Trump, the editors of Change-Links do not see that there is indeed some “difference between Democrats and Republicans,” then you and I are truly inhabiting different planets. The Democrats are not perfect. They are collectively far from perfect. But we would be [...]

NOlympics LA Coalition Forming

We don't support the LA 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games bid because an Olympics in LA—regardless of how “successfully” it's executed—will be disastrous for Angelenos across the city. Despite any good intentions, the International Olympics Committee (IOC) is one of the least transparent and most corrupt institutions in the world. Their goal is to turn a profit at all cost. If LA hosts the Olympics, it will be a wide-reaching, destructive party for millionaires and billionaires. The Olympics puts the interests of the mega-rich and corporate brands [...]

Trump Las Vegas Workers Vote to Join Culinary Union in NLRB Election

by Bethany Khan After two days of voting in a National Labor Relations Board election, a majority of workers at the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas have voted YES to be represented by the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 and the Bartenders Union Local 165 of UNITE HERE. Over 500 employees of the hotel are in the union's bargaining units and were eligible to vote. Trump Las Vegas workers voted in the NLRB election on December 4 and 5 at their hotel. This victory for workers [...]

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Union Leaders Fired By American Apparel CEO

Six union leaders of American Apparel were terminated in Aug. by company management under the direction of CEO Paula Schneider due to the now famous piata protest, which occurred on August 19, 2015. The fired workers include Pascual Mateos, Fabelio Ajtun, Piedad Torres, Maribel Fabian, Cipriano Vilchis, and Angelica Serrano.  Three other union leaders were terminated a week prior for unspecified reasons. These were Stephanie Padilha dos Santos, Esmeralda Bermudez, and Maks Akters. The protest used a piÒata figurine face of Schneider as political theatre protesting the [...]

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