In Memoriam: Bill Eisen

Bill Eisen, Presente! by Julieanna Thompson Just before Christmas we lost one of our quietly-active yet most effective activists, Bill Eisen.  He suddenly expired from what is deemed "natural causes" in his mid-70's.  Although he'd had health issues, none were necessarily considered life-threatening.  He was a good man who would do anything for someone in distress.  He was sensitive to the causes we all stand for, frequenting events--meetings, rallies, Peace Center debates, often taking pictures which he shared on Facebook or directly with us.  His main Facebook [...]

Poetry Corner: Kingdom of Cages by Matt Sedillo

Kingdom of Cages by Matt Sedillo   Los Angeles, city of pigs, kingdom of cages Database, the Fuhrman tapes, the Ayres report Darryl Gates, Tom Bradley, Lee Baca, Willie Parker The red lines, red squads, ramparts, Rodney King The thin blue line on an all-white jury Murderous metropolis that kills for appearances Chicano Moratorium, eighty-four Olympics CRASH, the battering ram Twin towers, Operation Hammer, Safe city La Loma, Bishop, Palo Verde, Arcadia Los Angeles is a city designed to be divided Postcard paradise, gentleman's apartheid Service and [...]

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What’s Behind the Assassination of Two MST Leaders in Paraiba, Brazil?

By Jessica Mota, from Brasil Reporter Police do not rule out any hypothesis, but relatives of those executed point to political crime Each foot of beans, banana and passion fruit in the plantation of the family Bernardo da Silva is a reminder of Orlando. The dedication and the ideas of the rural worker translate into the abundance of the farm that he cared for. There, the wind blows with the intensity of the northeastern coast and makes the banana trees whisper. They're talking about Orlando. "It looks [...]

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Grassroots Candidates for KPFK Local Station Board (paid ad)

Stand Against Fascism in Brazil

As C-L was going to press, a run-off was scheduled in Brazil between the far-right militarist Jair Bolsonaro and the candidate of the Workers' Party (PT), Fernando Haddad. This piece explains what's at stake.--Ed. NOT HIM: Stand against Fascism in Brazil and the Recolonization of Latin America From our International Solidarity we call on all the democratic and progressive forces, the honest men and women of Brazil and Latin America to support in a unitary and forceful way the candidacy of Fernando Haddad-Manuela D’Avila in the [...]

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Poetry Corner: Listen to the Madmen

Listen To The Madmen By Robert Wayne Listen To the Madmen when the roulette wheel of barbarian chance spins to point their way Listen To the Madmen when the terror stalks them and they begin to pray from prisms of haze that we cannot see Nobody knows where their dreams will fly if they ever do and nobody knows where their demons will arise wherever and whenever they do But Listen To the Madmen trapped in some other world and touched by a vision of a different [...]

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Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women

Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women httpss:// Have you ever been harassed in the street? Received a crass message on a dating app? Had a coworker make a comment about your appearance that just didn’t sit right? You’re not alone. With the #MeToo movement, it’s easy to log onto Twitter or Facebook and see just how many women are victims of sexual harassment. Whether in person or online, women everywhere have experienced it in one way or another. And with all the new ways the internet has [...]

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A “Mad Dog” Against Venezuela

A Mad Dog Against Venezuela By Geraldina Colotti, on August 16, 2018 A “mad dog” roams Latin America, James Mattis, US Secretary of Defense. “Mad Dog” is the nickname former General Mattis earned in Afghanistan and Iraq. They would like once again to imposed US domination on Latin America, relying on the support of governments that are as subordinate as they are discredited, ready to conveniently modernize the “backyard”. That’s why Mattis traveled to Brazil, Argentina, Chile and ended in Colombia. In the center, the military management [...]

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July 2018 Community Calendar

Be sure to check for newly added calendar items! Weekly peace vigils Other event calendars httpss://   On-Going or Continuing Events   Sundays, RAC-LA Food Program (La Programa Comida) Revolutionary Autonomous Communities, 1-5p, SE corner of Wilshire Bl & Parkview St, LA 90057, fruit and vegetable distribution. httpss://   Sundays, Serve the People LA, 4-6p, Mariachi Plaza, 1817 E 1st St, LA (Boyle Heights) 90033. STPLA has weekly free food & clothing distributions (along with books, shoes, etc) every Sunday. We [...]

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A Curious Resignation at the LA Unified School District

A Curious Resignation at the LA Unified School District by Cheryl Dorsey   Full story here:  httpss:// March 9, 2018, LA Unified School District, Office of Inspector General, Deputy Inspector General, Investigations Frank Cabibi was forced to resign in lieu of termination. The reason for Cabibi’s sudden, teary-eyed departure is a closely guarded LAUSD secret. In the era of hashtag #MeToo and based on my personal working relationship with Cabibi; I understand why his firing must not be known. This is what it looks like when the LAUSD "circles [...]

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