The economy: You’re right to be skeptical

Democrats in office and their media apologists push the story that the economy is doing great — look at low unemployment and improving inflation. Everything’s fine! Why isn’t the public getting it, they ask? Simple. Their numbers don’t reflect people’s everyday reality. And that’s not by accident. Employment and inflation fictions Let’s take job figures. Logically, unemployment numbers should include all the people who want to work but can’t find a job. [...]

While US and allies pull the strings, Haitians suffer

Today, Haiti has been torn apart by violence and choked by poverty — a product of centuries of neo-colonialist manipulation by the United States, France, and Canada, and abetted by the U.N. Security Council. A “slow genocide” is how one writer put it. An apt description. In the first four months of 2024, over 300,000 civilians were displaced from their homes — over 2.5% of the 11.8 million inhabitants. And over 1,500 [...]

Israel Subverts all International Laws and Rulings in its Attack against Rafah- All Out June 8 [A national convergence on the White House to stop the attacks on Rafah will take place June 8, and protests will take place around the country -- wear red.] At least 45 people, mostly women and children, were killed and scores of others were injured when Israel bombed a tent camp for displaced Palestinians in Rafah late in the evening on Sunday, May 26. The tent camp in Tal al-Sultan was [...]

Poetry Corner: Child of Gaza

Child of Gaza By Julie Webster 2/2024   No laughter, no joy, Not even smiles. Hard to feel anything, I've walked for miles.   I don't even recognize This town where I'm from. The buildings now rubble, Every last one.   The colors are gone, I only see gray. Not even sure, If it's night or day.   We hear a loud sound, Thunder and boom. We all disperse, And wait for doom. [...]

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March 2024 Community Calendar

March 2024 Change Links community calendar   Change Links can’t publish without your support. Send items, articles or poems to or via  Please subscribe as well. Subscriptions to the print edition are $12/25/50 a year, low income, regular or sustainer (sliding scale), payable to “AFGJ,” our fiscal sponsor, with “Change Links” in the memo. All events announced are encouraged to donate $5 (per event), payable to AFGJ, mail to Change [...]

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February 2024 Community Calendar

Feb. 2024 community calendar   See continuing and ongoing events at the end of the calendar.  Change Links cannot publish without your support. Send events, articles or poetry to or via  Please subscribe as well. Subscriptions to the print edition are $12/25/50 a year, low income, regular or sustainer (sliding scale), payable to “AFGJ,” our fiscal sponsor, with “Change Links” in the memo. All events announced are encouraged to donate [...]

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Poetry Corner 1: Who Am I by Robert Sucher

Who Am I by Robert Sucher   Who am I Hard teeth in An open mouth Loose tongue in An unseen cave Black man trapped In a white man's body Graded and patched Notched, adored, scorned Ignored for years Entire years at a time A window left Open in the rain A Vagrant in The museum looking for a Place to rest Should you speak To me is that A question or [...]

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The FCC’s Landline Shutdown Will Affect Californians

I recently learned that last August, the FCC approved deregulation ( that allows telecom companies to shut down their copper wire landline phone service, and replace it with internet-based phone service. This decision affects California’s most vulnerable groups, and if the federal Government won’t look out for their interests, the state Government should step in. According to the FCC Order, because landline service require infrastructure that’s expensive to maintain, it’s existence is [...]

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Late-Breaking Events May 25-29

PEACE WEEK, NOT FLEET WEEK: Countering US Navy Militarism at the LA Harbor THURSDAY MAY 25 Party for Peace, Not for War Tabling and literature Canvasing during the "fleet week" 6th St. welcome party JDC Records 447 6th St. San Pedro 6-8pm FRIDAY MAY 26 Lobby for Peace! @ the political office of Rep. Nanette Barragan Corner of 5th St. and Centre St. San Pedro 4-5pm Vote NO on H.R. 314 in [...]

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In Case of an Enemy Invasion, What Will Your Boss Do?

by Pavlo Kuliuk There has been no war on the continental US territory in the past 150 years. There has never been a full scale enemy invasion of the US. People here don’t know what it's like to have Silicon Valley, Wall Street, or a Ford plant taken over by the enemy. And this is very bad! Because US law is not ready for such an event. Laws are usually passed to [...]

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