August 2021 Community Events Calendar

August 2021 Change Links calendar development file Change Links cannot publish without your support. Send events, articles or poetry to or via  Please subscribe as well. Subscriptions to the print edition are $12/25/50 a year, low income, regular or sustainer (sliding scale), Payable to “AFGJ,” our fiscal sponsor, with “Change Links” in the memo. All events announced are encouraged to donate $5 (per event), payable to AFGJ, mail to Change Links, PO Box 34236, LA 90034. It helps keep this publication solvent. Thanks in advance. [...]

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KPFT Whitewashes Programming by Rodrigo Bravo, KPFT Pacifica Radio in Houston TX Black, Indigenous and People Of Color, already underserved, were purged from the station's FM airwaves. White people are less than 25% of Houston's population–not 95% as they are on the KPFT programming grid!   Imagine how I felt when I opened an email that presented the new program schedule for KPFT... and saw that my Nuestra Palabra collective was not included (after 20 years on the air). Imagine how we felt when we looked for [...]

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Police Decertification, Community Response Initiatives Before CA Legislature

CA Legislature Must Pass SB 2 and AB 118! California, along with the entire U.S., is in a moment of reckoning that the people tasked with protecting public safety are far too often those who are compromising it - and we must develop public safety solutions that do not involve police. Community-based organizations are demanding police accountability and are scaling-up emergency response programs as an alternative to police. The California legislature must meet the moment and pass SB 2: The Kenneth Ross Jr. Police Decertification Act and [...]

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The Status of Mumia Abu-Jamal

The Status of Mumia By Mumia Abu-Jamal I don't normally do this, that is, I don't write about myself. I find it much more interesting to tell other people's stories, the spinning balloon we live in, stories generated by the fragile human condition and the liberation struggles of humanity. But I divert from the topic, uncomfortably. This is a commentary on the commentator. Several weeks ago I underwent a medical procedure known as open heart surgery, a double bypass after it was known that there were obstacles [...]

Poetry Corner: Prayers of Petition by Barbara Jane Reyes

Prayers of Petition © by Barbara Jane Reyes   Excerpt:   To the Patron Saint of Encumbered Wives   Hija con la barba, pray for us Bearded maiden of the cross, we have Many stake claim upon us No sanctuary from the fathers’ will Santa Librada, crucificada Our husbands’ whims, and our sons This burden of patriarchs Ravaging the sad vessels of namesake. Hija con la barba, virgo fortis Bearded maiden, they say you are myth, Corseted messiah, bogeywoman They brand us cult of hysterical girls, Sacrilegious [...]

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Call For Solidarity After Paramilitaries Burn Zapatista Coffee Harvest In Chiapas

Two weeks ago in Zapatista territory, paramilitaries linked to the ruling party in Mexico looted and burned two Zapatista warehouses which stored this year’s coffee harvest. This is the latest in an accelerating series of attacks on the Zapatista project since the current administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) took office. Many of you will remember that in 2017 as Trump took office, the Zapatistas sent four tons of their coffee harvest to migrant and other communities in struggle in the US as an organizing resource. [...]

In Memoriam:

Sabina Virgo      The peoples' movements suffered another great loss recently with the death of Sabina Virgo of cancer. Change Links joins many other friends, relations and comrades in grief at her passing. Sabina was a labor organizer and leader, a climate justice activist, a co-founder of the Crack the CIA Coalition and the Martin Luther King Coalition for Jobs and Justice of Greater LA, an incisive political theoretician and analyst, and an inspiring and creative public speaker who understood the power of story-telling in opening hearts [...]

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May 1 General Strike – M1GS!

May Day is International Working Peoples' Day There are multiple calls for a General Strike, as well as Rent Strikes and other manifestations on Friday May 1, May Day. Here are a few, and we appreciate hearing from you about others. Here's a call, from Cooperation Jackson in Mississippi, which has had dozens of organizations around the US on weekly planning calls in response to the COVID crisis and its consequences, but looking forward from May Day to an ongoing struggle for a new world. Their call [...]

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