The Growing Global Movement Against Austerity

The Growing Global Movement Against Austerity by Amy Goodman Amaia Engana didn’t wait to be evicted from her home. On Nov. 9, in the town of Barakaldo, a suburb of Bilbao in Spain’s Basque Country, officials from the local judiciary were on their way to serve her eviction papers. Amaia stood on a chair and threw herself out of her fifth-floor apartment window, dying instantly on impact on the sidewalk below. She [...]

Oliver Stone: The US Has Launched Military Interventions and Political Coups 55 Times in Latin America

By Robert Greenwald Oliver Stone, the critically-acclaimed director discusses his upcoming documentary, “South of the Border.” Critically-acclaimed Hollywood Director Oliver Stone dropped by our studio for a Brave New Conversation, where I spoke with him about his latest documentary “South of the Border”, scheduled to be released in more than 30 countries this month. “South of the Border” begins by exploring the role that the corporate-owned mainstream media in the U.S. [...]

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