End Repression and Militarization in Mexico

End repression and militarization in Mexico by Committee for Revolutionary International Regroupment (from Freedom Socialist newspaper, Vol. 39, No. 2, April-May 2018 www.socialism.com) Since the beginning of 2018, the security forces of the Mexican state have launched a general offensive against the country’s social movements. Shortly before the end of 2017, the federal legislature approved the passage of the Internal Security Law (ISL) which beefed up the powers of the armed forces. This law, for example, will now allow the Mexican military to occupy “zones of conflict,” [...]

Oscar Lopez Rivera Tour a Resounding Success

Lays the basis for on-going solidarity with Puerto Rico, political prisoners by Michael Novick Oscar Lopez Rivera, Puerto Rican former political prisoner and lifelong activist for sovereignty for his homeland, toured southern California last month to thank supporters and to raise funds for urgent grassroots community recovery and rebuilding work in Puerto Rico. He was greeted enthusiastically by turn-away crowds, including many from the Puerto Rican diaspora, at events on college campuses in Santa Barbara, Ventura County, the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Claremont, Santa Ana and [...]

A New Way of Life Launches Jail Voter Registration Efforts

A New Way of Life Launches Jail Voter Registration Efforts By Christin Runkle Photos by Louisa St. Aubyn Last month, A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project (ANWOL) held its 6th annual training for volunteers wanting to undertake voter registration efforts in LA County jails. More than 50 volunteers came out to Watts Labor Community Action Center to learn from representatives of the County Registrar-Recorder’s office, who said the turnout was one of the highest they had ever seen for a voter registration training. “We are committed [...]

Decolonization, Hurricanes & Solidarity with Puerto Rico

Oscar Lopez Rivera Tours Southern California Feb 5-9 by Lawrence Reyes, Puerto Rican Alliance As Puerto Rico faces its most severe, existential crisis after 120 years as a militarily-occupied colony of the United States, Oscar Lopez Rivera, a recently-released Puerto Rican political prisoner held by the US, is coming to southern California to discuss Puerto Rican resistance and recovery efforts from the devastating impact of a triple whammy: Hurricane Maria, debt to Wall Street hedge funds, and the US response of seeking to de-populate the island. López [...]

Poetry Corner: The War in America

The War In America by Bill Crossman I didn’t see the war in America when I was four dressed in my soldier suit posing for photos on my Dad’s shoulder at the Carolina Base my eyes drawn past the barracks at Black men in stripes and shackles stumbling off the flatbed truck at the edge of the woods, their clanking chains in the turpentine pines around us laying a silence as Black women boiling lye and fat for soap set aside paddles, Black pitch-gatherers rested machetes to [...]

Do the Homeless Deserve Dignity?

By Nia Asante There are 10 million residents in Los Angeles County. At least 45,000 people are homeless. I was one such person. Can you remember your first encounter with a homeless person?  I can. It was 1974,  I was 4 years old.  Our family vacation that summer was spent in Philadelphia and while strolling downtown I noticed a man lying on the sidewalk. I tugged on my mother's sleeve and asked and asked, “Why is the man sleeping on the street?” Her response was to pull me [...]

In Memoriam: KevinMichael Key

by John Malpede, Los Angeles Poverty Department Our dear friend and collaborator and Key LAPD staff member KevinMichael Key has passed on.  He died on Wednesday, July 19, 2017, surrounded by his loving children, brother, grandchildren and friends. Kevin is a big and loving presence in the Skid Row community, working as an advocate with UCEPP (United Coalition East Prevention Project), as a community liaison for the diabetes program at JWCH Community Clinic and an important member of Critical Resistance, the prison abolitionist organization.  He’d also worked [...]

Poetry Corner: Nearly

Nearly by Robert Sucher   Youth with its snap shots Of fugitive intimacy Its pornography of longing And misapprehension   Didn’t we sleep under bridges   Didn’t we betray one another Like starving mercenaries   The bowl was often empty Or nearly so   We each practiced posing As the most deserving of The remaining scraps   We had that luxury then.   The bowl is still nearly empty.   Robert Sucher is a retired public school teacher, and former teachers' union activist, living in Los Angeles. [...]

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Black August

Black August by blackgirlspeaks https://www.blackgirlspeaks.me/2016/08/black-august/ [Calendar of events follows article] Imagine if Black America set aside a period of time to reflect on and learn of its history, honor and mourn those we’ve lost violently and unjustly, like Mike Brown, and work to end mass incarceration and liberate those unjustly imprisoned.  If observed with reverence rather than celebration, that could be a time of healing and transformation for Africans in America. It could be a time of community building and unifying. Considering the traumatic events the descendants of enslaved [...]

Women’s “Equality”: The Criminalization of Women’s Trauma

August 26 is Women's Equality Day. US imperialism seems bent on "equalizing" the death rates and incarceration rates of women and men. According to Jenni Katzman, former Senior Policy Advisor at the U.S. Department of Education, the rate of incarceration for women has been growing nearly twice as fast as that of men since 1985. White women without a college education dropped over six years in life expectancy since the "Great Recession" of 2008. Yet much of the left seems to ignore these grim realities.--Change Links Criminalization [...]

Justice for Richard Risher! #MothersDayVsPoliceMurders

Interview with Lisa Simpson, mother of Richard Risher, a teenager who was killed by the LAPD, by Change Links community news Q: Can you tell us about your son, Richard Risher? What were his interests and plans; what were your hopes and dreams for him? Lisa Simpson:  My son Richard Risher was killed on July 25, 2016 in the Nickerson Gardens. I don't know the full details, because I still don't have a police report or an autopsy report. My son was planning on attending college and [...]

Stop LAPD Spying Coalition Events this month

Stop LAPD Spying Coalition Be a thought, strategic, and action partner! Increasingly counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency tactics and programs are getting incorporated into domestic policing.  The Los Angeles Police Department is one the most militarized police department’s in the country with a massive Architecture of Surveillance that targets Black and Brown communities through programs like Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Program, Predictive Policing, Automatic License Plate Readers, Trapwire, Stingrays, Digital Receiver Technology, Body Cameras, and much more including the acquisition of Draganflyer X6 Drones. Since the summer of 2011the [...]

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