Drone Warfare

Drone Warfare's Deadly Civilian Toll: A Very Personal View I was minutes from ordering a drone strike on a Taliban insurgent – until I realised I was watching an Afghan child at play by James Jeffrey I find myself caught between the need to follow the drone debate and the need to avoid unpleasant memories it stirs. I used drones – unmanned aerial vehicles – during the nadir of my military career [...]

Artful Liars

Artful Liars How Banks Cheat Bankers Smile as the Leave the White House   by CHRISTOPHER BRAUCHLI I think a lie with a purpose is wan iv the’ worst kind an’ the mos’ profitable. – Finley Peter Dunne On Lying There was something refreshing about Bernie Madoff.  He robbed Peters to pay Pauls and it worked well until there were more Pauls than Peters. It was straightforward and simple.  And that is [...]

Obama and Civil Liberties

How Obama became a civil libertarian's nightmare by Steven Rosenfeld When Barack Obama took office, he was the civil liberties communitiesgreat hope. Obama, a former constitutional law professor, pledged to shutter the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and run a transparent and open government. But he has become a civil libertarian’s nightmare: a supposedly liberal president who instead has expanded and fortified many of the Bush administration’s worst policies, lending bipartisan [...]

Obama Sells Out Homeowners

Obama Sells Out Homeowners Again: Mortgage Settlement a Sad Joke by Ted Rall Joe Nocera, the columnist currently challenging Tom Friedman for the title of Hackiest Militant Centrist Hack--it's a tough job that just about everyone on The New York Times op-ed page has to do--loves the robo-signing settlement announced last week between the Obama Administration, 49 states and the five biggest mortgage banks. "Two cheers!" shouts Nocera. As penance for their [...]

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Loom of the Jack Boot

Loom of the Jackboot: Obama Gives Military Extreme Powers by Alexander Cockburn Too bad Kim Jong-il kicked the bucket last weekend. If the divine hand that laid low the North Korean leader had held off for a week or so, Kim would have been sustained by the news that President Obama had signed into law a bill that puts the United States not immeasurably far from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea [...]

Congressional Tyranny

Congressional Tyranny, White House Surrender by Ralph Nader Paraphrasing Shakespeare, something is rotten in the state of Capitol Hill. A majority of Congress is just about to put the finishing touches on an amendment to the military budget authorization legislation that will finish off some critical American rights under our Constitution. Here is how two retired 4 star marine generals, Charles C. Krulak and Joseph P. Hoar, described in the New York [...]

Iraq War Dead

1 Million Dead in Iraq? 6 Reasons the Media Hide the True Human Toll of War -- And Why We Let Them By John Tirman Most Americans turn a blind eye to the violent acts being carried out in their name. July 19, 2011 | As the U.S. war in Iraq winds down, we are entering a familiar phase, the season of forgetting—forgetting the harsh realities of the war. Mostly we forget [...]

Bin Laden

Bin Laden Sent this to the White House after Obama's appearance on Sixties Minutes. Throughout the centuries Kings, Rulers, Tzars and Presidents have felt they had the right to execute those that they deemed to be enemies or just inconscient. One reason the Constitution makes the President  get Congressional approval.  (though with some Congresses that hasn't made a big difference. After WWII we gave trials to the most brutal mass killers in [...]

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Obama’s Budget: Freezing the Poor

Obama’s Budget: Freezing the Poor by Amy Goodman President Barack Obama unleashed his proposed 2012 budget this week, pronouncing, proudly: “I’ve called for a freeze on annual domestic spending over the next five years. This freeze would cut the deficit by more than $400 billion over the next decade, bringing this kind of spending—domestic discretionary spending—to its lowest share of our economy since Dwight Eisenhower was president.” Focus on the word “freeze.” [...]

The Death of Moderates: Extreme Problems Require Extreme Solutions

The Death of Moderates: Extreme Problems Require Extreme Solutions By Ted Rall “Given his druthers, Obama will pursue the most left-leaning course that he can get away with.” So says Jennifer Rubin, a right-wing pundit at the neoconservative-leaning Washington Post. “Obama,” Rubin claims, “would have marched through his entire liberal agenda--if he had the votes.” This, of course, assumes that Obama ever had a liberal agenda. There’s not much evidence of that. [...]

Obama: The Republican’s Reliable Interlocutor

Obama: The Republican’s Reliable Interlocutor by Glen Ford Barack Obama reacted reflexively to Monday's orchestration of angry calls to the White House by lefties outraged at his latest grand accommodation with the GOP, spending much of his Tuesday press conference attempting a limp smack-down of Left Democrats. Oozing condescension and a certain cattiness, Obama dismissed Democratic critics for playing "games" while he did what was necessary to wring an unemployment benefits extension [...]

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The Poor?

The Poor? By John Johnson I don’t like the term “poor,” as used to describe people with little money and few possessions. Most so-called “poor” don’t like the term, either. After all, many are rich in values, families, communities, and beliefs. Despite what they lack, they feel they can live valuable lives. The word poor connotes that they have nothing, and can presume the situation to be hopeless. But on a broader [...]

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