Oppose the US Blockade/Embargo and Intervention in Cuba

by Christopher Gunderson https://www.facebook.com/christopher.gunderson.7/posts/10159909775310362 People can have legitimate grievances and nonetheless be acting in a manner that strengthens US imperialism. Indeed, this is exactly the strategy that US imperialism pursues against its adversaries. It uses every tool at its disposal to aggravate the contradictions and antagonisms that exist within those countries that have dared to defy its hegemony. It does this in the hope of politically destabilizing them in ways that can be further exploited to produce regimes more compliant with US imperialist objectives. It is a [...]

King Joe and the Round Table: Biden’s USA in a Multi-Polar World 

King Joe and the Round Table: Biden’s USA in a Multi-Polar World  by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J S Davies In an article in Foreign Affairs in March titled, “Why America Must Lead Again,” Joe Biden claimed that “the world doesn’t organize itself,” and promised to “put the U.S. back at the head of the table” among the nations of the world. But the premise that the world can only organize itself under the direction of the United States and Biden’s ambition to restore the U.S. to [...]

Coronavirus, Militarism and the End of an Illusion

Coronavirus, Militarism and the End of an Illusion Black Alliance For Peace 25 Mar 2020 People are waking people up to the fact that the US state and government does not belong to them but to a capitalist class that is only looking out for itself. “The ‘sheltering in place’ order is starting to look like a convenient tool for the state to manage the growing frustration, fear and anger.” “The nation that considers itself to be the apex of capitalist achievement on planet Earth turns out to [...]

Grand Jury = State Terrorism

Grand Jury System = State Terrorism By Chelsea Manning httpss://www.aaronswartzday.org/chelsea-manning-asd-2019/ (As read on Saturday, November 9 at the Aaron Swartz Day Event, in San Francisco.) I wish I could be there in person, but I appreciate this opportunity to summarize for you my letter to the court that ordered me to be confined, explaining why grand juries are so dangerous. I am not alone in objecting to the grand jury as a dangerous relic that has evolved in ways that increase its power without increasing its protections. [...]

Mumia Abu-Jamal: When the Oppressed Support the Oppressed

When the Oppressed Support the Oppressed [col. Writ. 2/24/19] (c)’19 Mumia Abu-Jamal In recent weeks, prominent Black leaders have been labeled, quite unjustly, with the tag of anti-Semitism. The best know is perhaps the iconic radical figure, Dr. Angela Y. Davis, and the brilliant young scholar and author, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill.   As a direct result of these charges, Davis had an award from a Birmingham, Alabama civil rights group rescinded, and Hill was fired from his post at CNN. At bottom, both were attacked for [...]

Voters: Don’t Reward Bad Behavior

Voters: Don’t reward bad behavior! by Greg Foisie, CSULA graduate student US voters are often compartmentalized into groups: Democrats vs. Republicans; liberals vs. conservatives; alt right vs. progressives; and so on. For attempting to understand how average voters relate to our current presidential race, a better analysis could be seeing voters as either 1)benefiting or 2)not benefiting from our current state of affairs. Those benefiting are doing really well or just managing to get by.  Those not benefiting are totally disenfranchised and marginalized or seeing their capacity [...]

True Leadership is Locked Behind Prison Walls

True Leadership is Locked Behind Prison Walls by Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action L.A. Across the country, thousands of prisoners have been striking and taking other non-violent direct actions to oppose prison slavery and other denials of their human rights that are taking place behind prison walls. They launched this action on the anniversary of the Attica prison uprising that was crushed in 1971 in a massacre ordered by NY Gov. Rockefeller. (For information, see httpss://itsgoingdown.org/prisonstrike-resistance-to-slavery-across-the-world/.) Despite the oppression and repression they face, they're demonstrating the self-sacrificing leadership [...]

The President’s Leftovers

THE PRESIDENT'S “LEFTOVERS” By Rob Macon As the election approaches, President Obama prepares to walk the Oval Office one final time. Many agree Obama has done an outstanding job concerning the nation’s economy. Then there are what we can identify as “leftovers.” Leftovers are conditions prevailing during the Obama Administration, as well as past presidents, that the administration was unable to finish, leaving the next administration to solve such problems as poverty, TPP, money in politics, and racism, to name a few. Below is a list one [...]

US Subverts Eritrea, “Africa’s Cuba”

U.S. Sets Stage for Libya-Like Regime Change in Eritrea, “Africa’s Cuba” by BAR executive editor Glen Ford “Eritrea’s fierce independence has put it in imperialism’s crosshairs.” The US is setting the stage for a so-called “humanitarian” military intervention against the small northeast African nation of Eritrea, under legal pretexts much like those used to justify NATO’s war of regime change against Libya in 2011. As in Libya, the US has hijacked the UN human rights apparatus to claim a “responsibility to protect” (R2P) Eritrea’s citizens from alleged [...]

The More Effective Evil

The More Effective Evil by Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action In planning this issue of Change Links, we sought commentary on post-primary, pre-general election directions for the movement from progressive Democrats for Bernie, the Peace & Freedom Party, Freedom Socialist Party and anarchists, with little or no response. Instead we are running the information you see on our front page about proposed protests outside both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions this month in Cleveland and Philadelphia respectively. The first weekend in August the Green Party and the [...]

Election Over: 5 Hard Realities

Election Over: 5 Hard Realities Progressive Have to Face About Obama By Jeff Faux Democrats must start mobilizing their own agenda now. And the first step is to face the truth about Obama's record. November 18, 2012  | Terrorized by the prospect of a complete takeover of the U.S. government by right-wing reactionaries—progressive Democrats swallowed their unhappiness with Barack Obama throughout the campaign. They gamely defended his policies on the economy, health care, budget priorities and other issues on which they felt betrayed in his first term. We’ve [...]

Drone Warfare

Drone Warfare's Deadly Civilian Toll: A Very Personal View I was minutes from ordering a drone strike on a Taliban insurgent – until I realised I was watching an Afghan child at play by James Jeffrey I find myself caught between the need to follow the drone debate and the need to avoid unpleasant memories it stirs. I used drones – unmanned aerial vehicles – during the nadir of my military career that was an operational tour in Afghanistan. I remember cuing up a US Predator strike [...]

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