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News and Opinions By John Johnson   We are highlighting Sociopaths this issue. They aren’t getting enough attention lately. First a short definition: Sociopaths do not consider other people's wishes, welfare or rights. They think nothing of lying for pleasure or profit. They may default on loans, fail to provide child support, or adequate care for other dependents. People with antisocial personality disorder perceive the world differently than most people do, and [...]

Obama and Civil Liberties

How Obama became a civil libertarian's nightmare by Steven Rosenfeld When Barack Obama took office, he was the civil liberties communitiesgreat hope. Obama, a former constitutional law professor, pledged to shutter the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and run a transparent and open government. But he has become a civil libertarian’s nightmare: a supposedly liberal president who instead has expanded and fortified many of the Bush administration’s worst policies, lending bipartisan [...]


CISPA, aka SOPA 2.0, Pushed Forward By For-Profit Spying Lobby By Lee Fang A cyber security bill moving swiftly through Congress would give government intelligence agencies broad powers to work with private companies to share information about Internet users. While some critics are beginning to organize online against the legislation, defense contractors, many already working with the National Security Agency on related data-mining projects, are lobbying to press forward. Like many bad [...]

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