Open Borders for Capital to Import Labor from Central America

by Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action-LA As David Bacon reported in Truthout recently, the Biden Administration is paying US agribusiness to import temporary workers -- essentially braceros -- to toil for brief periods in the fields in the US before being sent back to their countries of origin, mainly in Central America. This program  drives down wages for all farmworkers, and then subsidizes not only the farm owners but even the middle-men, legalized [...]

Nicaragua Celebrates 43 Years of Revolution

Nicaragua Celebrates 43 Years of Revolution: A Clash between Reality and Media Misrepresentation By John Perry - from Masaya Nicaragua July 19th is a day of celebration in Nicaragua: the anniversary of the overthrow of the Somoza dictatorship. But the international media will have it penciled in their diaries for another reason: it’s yet another opportunity to pour scorn on Nicaragua’s Sandinista government. We’ll hear again about how the government “clamps [...]

Elections in Central, South America Show a New “Pink Tide”

by   Michael Novick As Change-Links was going to press, voters in Honduras appeared to have elected the left candidate for president, ending 12-years of a coup-based conservative government (installed after Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed off on the overthrow of the elected president, Manuel Zelaya). According to Reuters, "Leftist opposition candidate Xiomara Castro raced to an early lead in the Honduran presidential election on Sunday, November 28, partial election [...]


Immigrant youth need jobs and education by Luis Tejada,  Freedom Socialist newspaper, Vol. 40, No. 3, June-July 2019, Why is Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) getting so much attention now? The answer to this question lies in the racist finger-pointing policies of the Trump administration and the corporate class it represents. Trump uses the gang to scapegoat and promote zero-immigration policies against all migrants from Latin America, whom he calls “bad people, criminals, [...]

What I Learned Being Part of the Sanctuary Caravan

What I Learned Being Part of the Sanctuary Caravan: Delivering Support to Asylum Seekers on the U.S. Border by Jodie Evans from December was the month CODEPINK: Growing a Local Peace Economy was dedicating our outreach and organizing to being an ally for the asylum seekers who had just arrived in and around Tijuana below the U.S. San Diego border. CODEPINK’s Local Peace Economy was created to focus on the disasters [...]

Honduran Migrants

Latin América Honduran Migrants Risk Violence and Murder to Reach US By Carlos Quintanilla The bodies of at least 120 Honduran citizens who were killed while trying to reach the United States since January 1st have been sent home. So far, about one hundred Hondurans have left the country every day this year, a quarter of those who did so in 2010, due to stricter US immigration laws. More Honduran migrants are [...]

Repression in Honduras

Latin América Repression Continues in Honduras By Carlos Quintanilla Social organizations condemn the recent wave of repression against demonstrators protesting the privatization of education and the high cost of living in Honduras. La Federación de Organizaciones de la Enseñanza (Federation of Teaching Organization) in Honduras, has stated that police have been firing tear gas shells and rubber bullets at demonstrators in several cities and detaining dozens of educators for demanding that the [...]

Honduras’s Social Problems

Latin América Social Problems in Honduras By Carlos Quintanilla The UN World Food Program (WFP) recently reported that about 800,000 Honduran children suffer from chronic malnutrition. An alarming number of Honduran families live without access to basic foods, where seven of every 10 people live in poverty, according to the WFP. President Porfirio Lobo declared 2011 as a year of food and nutrition security, and announced a strategy to guarantee the right [...]

Change-Links September 2009

War Declared on Americans By the Health and Energy Industries and Right Wing Reactionaries Corporate Health Insurance and Big Pharma along with Big Oil have funded, populated and organized the attacks on Democratic Town Halls, on Health Care Reform and on Climate Change Bill. Threatening people with guns, no health care and poisoned air. We have to FIGHT BACK We Need Your Support To Keep This Progressive Voice Alive. We [...]

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