Greens Endorse Four Statewide Peace and Freedom Candidates

IMPORTANT NOTE: Change Links is non-partisan, non-sectarian, and non-profit. We do not endorse candidates for public elected office. We are publishing these press releases for informational purposes only about the upcoming primary and general elections. The publication of this information is not to be construed as an endorsement for any of the political parties or candidates named. Election 2018: by the P&FP Communications committee The California Green Party has endorsed four Peace [...]

Asian American Perspective on January 20 Women’s March L.A.

Women’s March 2018: An Asian American Commentary on Building Unity by David Monkawa, Progressive Asian Network for Action The LA Woman’s March Inc. turned out an impressive 750,000 people! It was inspirational and I was proud of being in a contingent of about 110 people initiated by the “Nikkei Progressives.” (Nikkei means the Japanese diaspora, such as immigrants in the US and their descendants.) The ethnic composition of the group was about [...]

The Missing Message in the Women’s March

The Missing Message in the Women’s March By Cindy Sheehan & Rick Sterling Editors of Resumen LatinoAmericano: The large women’s marches that took place in the US to mark a year of the Trump Administration were primarily organized by elements of the Democratic Party. The energy in the streets was strong and positive but the political message was to channel that into Dems winning back congress in the 2018 mid term [...]

Letter to the Editor: Enough! with “Ultra-Leftism”

Dear Editor: I’ve been tempted to write more than once before, but your “Editorial Commentary” graphic in the January issue moves me finally to say Enough! with what I would call ultra-leftism in the current epoch. If at this late date, a year into President Trump, the editors of Change-Links do not see that there is indeed some “difference between Democrats and Republicans,” then you and I are truly inhabiting different planets. [...]

The Cold War Truth Commission

The Cold War Truth Commission by Rachel Bruhnke, Witness for Peace Southwest board member The first “Cold War Truth Commission” will take place on Saturday, December 9 at the Pico Union Project, 1153 Valencia St. 90015 (off Pico near DTLA) where organizers will put the Cold War on trial. We say “First” because we hope this event will be recreated in other venues throughout the US. The Latin America solidarity organization Witness [...]

Stolen Election – FRAUD!

Election Stolen Again by David Troy Stolen before, yes. Skull and bones Papa B. Brazen George, backed by his father's CIA and the US military, strongmanned over anyone with oil under them. Enter from stage rear trap door – Another stolen election. With another strong man. But this strong man wants more than oil. He may tread on many in the US-the wrong color, religion, or who knows, because he changes his [...]

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THE PROBLEM WITH THE PARTY — THE BIG NEO-LIBERAL LIE By Charles Fredricks “The floggings will continue until morale improves,” has always been the Democratic Party leadership’s response whenever a challenge from the Left is met with defeat by the Right. Today, using Bernie as a prop, new Senate minority leader Schumer admits the Party needs to change its message (but not its actions, if electing Schumer over Bernie is any indication). [...]

The Election Was Stolen – Here’s How

The Election was Stolen - Here's How by Greg Palast Before a single vote was cast, the election was fixed by GOP and Trump operatives. Starting in 2013 - just as the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act - a coterie of Trump operatives, under the direction of Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, created a system to purge 1.1 million Americans of color from the voter rolls of GOP-controlled [...]

Voters: Don’t Reward Bad Behavior

Voters: Don’t reward bad behavior! by Greg Foisie, CSULA graduate student US voters are often compartmentalized into groups: Democrats vs. Republicans; liberals vs. conservatives; alt right vs. progressives; and so on. For attempting to understand how average voters relate to our current presidential race, a better analysis could be seeing voters as either 1)benefiting or 2)not benefiting from our current state of affairs. Those benefiting are doing really well or just managing [...]

Politics as Reality Television

by Charles Fredricks Reality TV may not have prepared Trump to be president, but it has prepared him to win those who prefer entertainment to hard realities Failing Tao, man resorts to Virtue. Failing Virtue, man resorts to humanity. Failing humanity, man resorts to morality. Failing morality, man resorts to ceremony. Now, ceremony is the merest husk of faith and loyalty; It is the beginning of all confusion and disorder. —Tao Te [...]

Black Lives Matter #DecolonizeLAcityHall demands: Fire Charlie Beck

Black Lives Matter LA and allies from Asian-Pacific Islanders for Black Lives, White People for Black Lives, various Chicano/Mexicano/Raza/indigenous organizations and others are well into the second month of  #DecolonizeLAcityHall to #FireBeck, the LAPD chief who presides over the most murderous police agency in the country for what is the third year in a row. On Aug. 23, their attempt to get the LA Police Commission to address its responsibilities to oversee [...]

E-Z Law

EZ LAW by Ray Jones Law is not as tough as you thought. Poets, radio personalities, journalists, educators, script writers, song writers, advertising copywriters, professors, librarians, secretaries, or homemakers may find it easier to read and use law to challenge or solve problems than they think. You can find these books in some libraries. A good local resource is the LA County Law Library on W. 1st Street in downtown LA. Here [...]

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