Poetry Corner: Rest in Peace & Power, Henry Howard

A Patient Wind of Peace By Henry Howard   For every mighty blaze of freedom, there is a patient wind of peace to keep the spark alive, a gentle but persistent gale of hope to sweep the world clear of its debris of war and fear.   While everyone knows the name of Mother Theresa, you are the quiet Sister Theresa, who teaches the oppressed to liberate themselves, who teaches the liberated to free humanity, who feeds the hungry, and feeds those hungry for the secrets of [...]


Sirens by Michael Novick   I live in the city of L.A. near Culver City's environs And any hour of every day, I am besieged by sirens.   Ambulances, paramedics, fire engines and cops -- each walk or bike ride I take, the wailing never stops.   When I try to cross the street, they go tearing through the light. And when I try to go to sleep, they go screaming through the night.   For weeks in Europe with hardly a claxon, I enjoyed the quiet. [...]

Poetry Corner: The People Cage

THE PEOPLE CAGE by Dee Allen.   C.A.R.E. For the homeless On some street In Saint Pete Looks like   A cage For people   An open-air Holding cell South of Heaven, East side of Hell, A jailhouse with a dusky Ceiling full of stars, Black wrought Iron bars Surrounds the transients’ reality. Across the street From a trailer, S.W.A.T. monitors enclosed activity: Crouching low, Pacing around, Nine-hour Lock-down— It was animals That placed Homeless ones in captivity For no sins, away from palm trees & passers-by. [...]

Poetry Corner: Lines Written in Dejection

LINES WRITTEN IN DEJECTION When have I last looked on The round green eyes and the long wavering bodies Of the dark leopards of the moon? All the witches, those most noble ladies, For all their broom-sticks and their tears, Their angry tears are gone. The holy centaurs of the hills are vanished; I have nothing but the embittered sun; Banished heroic mother moon and vanished, And now that I have come to fifty years I must endure the timid sun. --William Bates

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Citizen Tongo Eisen-Martin: Black Lyrical Poet

Citizen Tongo Eisen-Martin by Adolfo Azuphar In the bio in his books, Tongo Eisen-Martin presents himself as an educator, a poet, and an organizer. As a Black person, his poetry is likely to be stereotyped as the poetry of struggle. However, when reading his poetry there is a lyrical rupture that tells us that he is shaping the English language and US culture instead of working within the existing system of signs. We find ourselves reading citizen Tongo, a knowing poet, first in line to reorganize our [...]

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Poetry Corner: Listen to the Madmen

Listen To The Madmen By Robert Wayne Listen To the Madmen when the roulette wheel of barbarian chance spins to point their way Listen To the Madmen when the terror stalks them and they begin to pray from prisms of haze that we cannot see Nobody knows where their dreams will fly if they ever do and nobody knows where their demons will arise wherever and whenever they do But Listen To the Madmen trapped in some other world and touched by a vision of a different [...]

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Poetry Corner: Mariposa Street, L.A.

MARIPOSA ST., L.A. By Adolf Alzuphar   This time She’s dead   Body found Use of hands lost Use of arms lost Use of legs lost Use of mind lost Use of ears Use of lungs Use of heart Use of feet lost So, what’s to happen to The flowerful dress worn for two centuries That way to cook without cutting down a tree What happens To the hummingbird huitzitzilin   Hawks above Mayan in Mexico Mexican in white-ville Borders Mean each other On one side she’s [...]

Poetry Corner: Sing to Me of a World to Win

Sing to Me of a World to Win (excerpt) © 2018 by Henry Howard   I, the refugee, wander the earth without respite in search of a home, ball and chain securely fixed to my tired feet.   ...From the cholera camps of Yemen and the intifada camps of Gaza, from the ghost city of Aleppo to the great cities of Europe whose streets are filled with ghosts in search of a human home, I, the refugee, must learn a new song in a brave new world. [...]

Poetry Corner: LIFE

Life by William Arthur Ward (English version) The adventure of life is to learn. The purpose of life is to grow. The nature of life is to change. The challenge of life is to overcome. The essence of life is to care. The opportunity of life is to serve. The secret of life is to dare. The beauty of life is to give. The joy of life is to love. Vida (Spanish version) La aventura de la vida es aprender. El proposito de la vida es crecer. [...]

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Poetry Corner: Boy Child

BOY CHILD*   I’d be crawling on all fours to get to you I didn’t realize his loudest cry for help was silence   Boy child quiet Boy did not bother anyone   Boy child slow Boy child withdrawal peaked at fourteen   Boy child scared to talk on phone Boy child wanted to be a neuroscientist   Boy child isolated Boy child attended college   Boy child never hurt anyone Boy child communicated by email   Boy child visits home slowed down Boy child disappeared   [...]

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Poetry Corner: A Letter to Effort

"A LETTER TO EFFORT" by Nia Asante [excerpts]   Dear Effort, Long time no see, old friend! We've really missed you a lot. Effort, haven't you been bored lately? I'm sure you have. That's why I'm writing you this letter. Effort, we really need your help now more than ever! It's just so difficult getting folks to embrace you in order to get things done. Oh, and how are your cousins, Intercept and Intervene? Are they still on vacation? Effort, you know when you three get together... [...]

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