Why Prop. 10 Failed in California

Door slams on rent control Why Prop. 10 failed in California by Val Carlson Gloria Cortez spoke out for Prop. 10. Her family was “evicted by rent increase” after she complained about mold. With skyrocketing rents, a disastrous housing shortage, and a blue wave cresting in the political arena, a pro-rent control measure should have been a shoo-in on California’s November 2018 ballot. But Proposition 10, which would have overturned the notoriously pro-landlord Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, went down in flames. Why did nearly 60 percent of [...]

Rent Control Initiative on November Ballot

HEADS UP! HEADS UP! The much-awaited Ballot Initiative is finally here… THE RENT CONTROL INITIATIVE IS COMING TO YOUR LOCAL BALLOT NOV. 6, 2018 -GENERAL ELECTION The Secretary of State announced the news June 15, 2018 County Clerk/Registrar of Voters (CC/ROV) Memorandum #18150 TO: All County Clerks/Registrars of Voters  and Proponents FROM: /s/ Robert Bradshaw Voting Services, Manager RE: Initiative: #1837 Related to Rent  Control – Eligibility for Ballot The Secretary of State was to certify the initiative June/28 as qualified for the November 6, 2018, General [...]

Red-Lining Through “Rent-to-Own” Housing

African-Americans Decimated from their Own Neighborhoods httpss://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2018/04/rent-to-own-redlining/557588/ A House You Can Buy, But Never Own by Alana Semuels / The Atlantic, April 10, 2018 African Americans in the same neighborhoods decimated by subprime lending are now being targeted with new predatory loan offerings, a lawsuit argues. Black tenants are offered  a "contract for deed," a type of transaction that was rampant in the 1950s and 1960s before African Americans had access to avenues of conventional lending. In a contract for deed, the buyer purchases an agreement for [...]

Resist Police Repression of the Crenshaw Black Community

Resist Police Repression of the Crenshaw Black Community by Friends of Michael Boddie and his Supporters: We write to you from a place of concern and commitment for Justice for Michael Boddie and all others harmed by Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) harassment, violence and abuse in the Crenshaw, Baldwin Hills, Leimert Park Community. We share the story of Michael Boddie and ask for your attention, energy, well wishes and all and any form of support you can provide for this brother. Many of us live in [...]

Which Vision for Los Angeles: Updated General Plan or Real Estate Bubble?

Which Vision for Los Angeles: Updated General Plan or Real Estate Bubble? by Dick Platkin https://citywatchla.com/index.php/los-angeles/13622-which-vision-for-los-angeles-an-updated-general-plan-or-another-real-estate-bubble By now most of us know what ails Los Angeles. To cite some of the city’s most imminent emergencies: Expanding housing crisis resulting in evictions, homelessness, overcrowding, and long commutes to distant suburbs with affordable housing. Climate change barreling down on us in the form of droughts, heat waves, floods, wild fires, and sea level rise. Traffic congestion, including gridlocked streets and intersections, leading to accidents, wasted time, and road rage. [...]

Parks, Open Space, and Measure S

Parks, Open Space, and Measure S by Jill Stewart, Coalition to Preserve LA Of America's 65 biggest cities, Los Angeles is the most park-poor. https://parkscore.tpl.org/rankings.php There has never been a excuse for this, but each successive Los Angeles City Council has come up with a shifting series of reasons. In 2008, Controller Laura Chick blasted the City Council for sitting on $129 million in unspent Quimby parks money as each fiefdom-oriented council member quibbled for years over "whose district" got what, and numerous council members shied away [...]

Los Angeles Homeowners Take to the Streets to Protest Foreclosure Abuses

Los Angeles Homeowners Take to the Streets to Protest Foreclosure Abuses By Peter Drier As the economy continues to hurt working families, and Congress takes its orders from corporate America, many people are asking: where's the progressive protest movement that will galvanize public attention, challenge the undue influence of the Tea Party, and focus public anger on big business? Throughout American history, progressive protest movements have started with local actions and spread to other places as the word spreads, momentum builds, media pays attention, and politicians wake [...]

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