L.A. Area Movement Groups on actlocal Website

On-Line Movement Resource Guide and Directory: httpss://www.actlocal.network/directory/results?q=Los+Angeles+CA [Excerpts] #SeeMe Movement https://www.time2seeme.org In the era of #MeToo and #TimesUp, we need to address the Issue of Ageism: Welcome to #SeeMeWomen AF3IRM Los Angeles https://www.af3irm.org LA Chapter of AF3IRM, an anti-imperialist, transnational feminist WOC organization. AIDS Project Los Angeles https://www.apla.org AIDS Project Los Angeles is dedicated to:-improving the lives of people affected by HIV disease Alliance for Community Transit Los Angeles (ACT LA) https://www.allianceforcommunitytransit.org The Alliance for Community Transit - Los Angeles strives to create community transit – just, [...]

3rd Annual Left Coast Forum Postponed

The third annual Left Coast Forum will be held this year on a date and venue to be determined after a conflict on scheduling arose at Occidental College. The keynote speakers are: Melina Abdullah – an outspoken, deeply passionate Black Lives Matter activist as well as the Chair of the Pan African Department at the California State University Los Angeles Mario Solis-Marich – a seasoned political consultant, radio and tv host and producer Dominique DiPrima – host of KJLH Front Page Show with Dominique DiPrima on 102.3 [...]

Cuba – Que Linda Es Cuba!

Cuba, Que Linda Es Cuba by Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action LA I went to Cuba for the first time, as part of the 50th Venceremos Brigade, for two weeks in July and August, along with over 150 others, the largest solidarity delegation in many years. The visit was eye-opening about the on-going revolutionary process and humanitarian values of their socialist society. It inspired us to oppose the US embargo/blockade against Cuba, and to organize to demand that the US recognize and respect Cuban sovereignty and dignity, stop [...]

Vote for Grassroots Community Radio candidates for KPFK LSB (paid ad)

  More information at httpss://www.gcrc-socal.org

Revisiting Two Historic Labor Strikes of the Last Century

Lessons from the Great Steel Strike of 1919,  and Remington-Rand Strike, 1937 by Steve Varalyay <srvaralyay@outlook.com> The late Australian author/political scientist Alex Carey once said the 20th Century was marked by three distinct developments: an increase in democracy, an increase in corporate power and an increase in corporations’ use of propaganda to defend their interests against democracy. The only two institutions capable of confronting corporate power, Carey added, were governments and unions. Consequently, governments and unions have been targets of propaganda assaults. Great Steel Strike of 1919 [...]

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Amazon’s Collaboration with ICE Must Be Stopped

We're Whole Foods aka Amazon Employees: Amazon's Collaboration with ICE Must Be Stopped      We're a group of current and former Whole Foods employees, known as Whole Worker, attempting to organize and unionize under the dystopian rule of Amazon. Now we're here to show solidarity with our undocumented sisters, brothers, and siblings. Recently we leaked Amazon's union-busting training video which was just featured on Last Week Tonight. Clips and variations of the video have been viewed by many, exposing Amazon's disturbingly authoritarian views on our rights [...]

Making Capitalism History

Making Capitalism History by Faramarz Farbod To perish or to radically transform the way we relate to one another and to nature, that is the question humanity has never had to face until now. The evidence backing the above assertion is strong and accumulating. Nevertheless, there remains a stubborn problem of awareness as many who understand the perils facing humanity fail to connect them to its source: the capitalist organization of planetary life. Failure to address this problem will only guarantee that the predictable future characterized by [...]

WAR: Murder Incorporated/America’s Favorite Pastime

MURDER INCORPORATED Book Two: America’s Favorite Pastime (Spoiler alert -- It’s WAR!) "empire\genocide\manifest destiny" by Mumia Abu-Jamal and Stephen Vittoria, foreword by S. Brian Willson, Afterword by David Swanson; Prison Radio, POB 411074 San Francisco CA, 2019, $20 ISBN: 978-0-9989600-6-7 Reviewed by Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action-LA This second volume of a distinctly non-academic 3-book history of US imperialism by political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal and film-maker Stephen Vittoria makes it clear that "endless war" is not just a phenomenon of the 21st Century and the Bush-Obama-Trump trifecta, but [...]

Sexist Stereotyped Robots Reflect Sexism in Tech

Sexist stereotyped robots: "I'd Blush If I Could" httpss://news.un.org/en/story/2019/05/1038691 Why do most voice assistants have female names, and why do they have submissive personalities? The answer, says a new report released on Friday by UNESCO, the UN’s Education, Science and Culture agency, is that there are hardly any women working in the technical teams that develop these services and other cutting-edge digital tools.   The publication, produced in collaboration with the Germany Government and the EQUALS Skills Coalition – an alliance of public and private sector partners [...]

May 8: Solidarity with Uber & Lyft Drivers’ Strike

Solidarity with Uber & Lyft Drivers' Strike   On Wednesday May 8, Uber and Lyft drivers will conduct a one day strike in Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and other cities.   May 8 is also the day that Uber, a multi-billion dollar global company with nearly 25,000 workers around the world, will be selling stocks on the New York Stock Exchange for the first time.   The International Workers Solidarity Network is issuing this urgent call to pledge to take action [...]

The Socialist Case for Open Borders

SOCIALIST CASE FOR OPEN BORDERS By Imani Beckett After his failed government shutdown, Donald Trump declared a national state of emergency in a desperate attempt to build the wall that he’s been rambling about since he announced his candidacy in 2015. The Republicans in Congress have mostly gotten behind his proposal for a wall. And the Democrats, even though they oppose a wall, still mainly want to maintain the status quo of our immigration system. What both parties seem to be missing is the fact the contradictions [...]

Paid Ad: The Fate of KPFK Is In Your Hands

Vote For Grassroots Community Radio Coalition Candidates for KPFK LSB   The fate of KPFK and Pacifica Radio is in your hands. You can choose mission-driven, unfettered free speech and community oriented programming that amplifies the voices of grassroots resistance and struggles for peace, justice and international solidarity, by voting for the Grassroots Community Radio Coalition candidates for the Local Station Board (LSB): Michael Novick, Reza Pour, Tyan Schesser, and Jeff Silberman. Or you can settle for gentrification of the airwaves, voter suppression, violations of the Pacifica [...]