Through April 4: From Gandhi to King

Season For Nonviolence (Jan. 30th - April 4th) by Candace Carnicelli Our annual Season for Nonviolence - the 64 day nonviolence campaign initiated by Arun Gandhi in 1998  that takes place during the 64 days between the memorial dates of Mahatma Gandhi and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Jan. 30th - April 4th) is celebrating its 23rd year! It focuses on the Power and Possibility of Nonviolence  (Satyagraha [soul force]/Ahimsa/Peace), the Power of our Words - and just how much Life and the World can [...]

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How to Solve LA’s Housing and Houselessness Crisis

What is needed to solve the housing crisis in L.A. by Pete White of LA CAN (Community Action Network) Three years ago, we released a community-based assessment of HHH spending and the lack of progress in a report entitled ”All Show, No Substance.” There were several action items listed that would ultimately serve as our organizing agenda. We've accomplished many things, but there is still much work to be done. It's important to note that many of the items we lifted in the assessment would become [...]

How to House 7,000 People in Skid Row

How to house 7,000 people in Skid Row? The LA Poverty Dept. is hosting a panel and discussion on Nov. 13. We’re talking about housing everyone now living on the streets of Skid Row –and more. Join us at The Skid Row History Museum on Wednesday, November 13th at 7PM, to learn together and in public how housing works and could work in LA. We’ve invited three housing policy experts to talk with one another and tell us everything we've always wanted to know about how to [...]

Death Rate Soars for Unhoused People in L.A.

Alarming Death Rate Among Unhoused People in LA County Homeless Mortality Prevention Initiative Launched The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health released a mortality study that provides new and alarming data on deaths among people experiencing homelessness in LA County. Not only have the number of homeless deaths doubled, from 536 in 2013 to 1,047 in 2018, but the death rate, which accounts for increases in the total number of homeless people, increased by over a third during that same period. Drug and alcohol overdose was [...]

U.S. Transgender Survey

As Black trans-women in particular are disproportionate targets of violence and murder, we are printing this summary of the most recent survey of the conditions facing transgender people in the US.--Ed. The 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey (USTS) httpss:// The 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey (USTS)  is the largest survey examining the experiences of transgender people in the US, with 27,715 respondents from all 50 states, DC, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and U.S. military bases overseas. Conducted in the summer of 2015 by the National Center for Transgender [...]

7 Ways To Help The Homeless in Los Angeles

We asked experts and local homelessness advocates what Angelenos can do. Their answers and solutions are below. Volunteer Many Angelenos have made serving food at a shelter or kitchen part of their holiday season traditions. But homeless organizations need year-round support, including a wide range of ongoing, lesser-known skills like tutoring, resume-editing, and child care. Many Skid Row shelters, including the Downtown Women’s Center and Los Angeles Mission have new volunteer orientations every month. You can even sign up for “group serve” events where you’ll volunteer [...]

Stop Looking Outside LA to Explain Rising Homelessness

It's Still A 'Homegrown Crisis' by David Wagner  httpss:// On any given night, nearly 59,000 people in Los Angeles County are homeless. The vast majority of those people used to rent or own homes here. But local homeless officials are still having trouble shaking the perception that the problem is mainly due to people who move to Los Angeles after falling into homelessness somewhere else. The numbers show the exact opposite is true. "It is a largely homegrown crisis," said Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) executive [...]

City Council May Allow Housing Tear-Down

by Bella De Soto, End Homelessness Now Coalition The City Council, less than two years after passing an ordinance to set strict limits on tearing down existing low-income housing without replacing it with even more such units, is about to carve out an exemption which it claims will allow only a single existing project, in Hollywood just west of Barnsdall Park, to proceed without fulfilling those rules. Coincidentally, the private developer involved, according to the LA Times, has made campaign contributions to City Council members Mitch O'Farrell [...]

Skid Row 2040 – and Today

Skid Row Today and 2040 [excerpts] by L.A. Community Action Network LA is one of the most  expensive cities in the  US, right  behind NY and  SF. Rents  are rising, forcing 1000s more  into the streets every  year. Housing is a basic  human right, the key  to solving this crisis,  and criminally scarce in  a city with our resources. With simple changes to our land use policies, we can build a city where homelessness isn’t common or lethal. LA is updating all 35 community plans that form [...]

Poetry Corner: The People Cage

THE PEOPLE CAGE by Dee Allen.   C.A.R.E. For the homeless On some street In Saint Pete Looks like   A cage For people   An open-air Holding cell South of Heaven, East side of Hell, A jailhouse with a dusky Ceiling full of stars, Black wrought Iron bars Surrounds the transients’ reality. Across the street From a trailer, S.W.A.T. monitors enclosed activity: Crouching low, Pacing around, Nine-hour Lock-down— It was animals That placed Homeless ones in captivity For no sins, away from palm trees & passers-by. [...]

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Poetry Corner: Unhoused Epiphany

UNHOUSED EPIPHANY by Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action-L.A. (To the tune of "Do You Hear What I Hear?") Said the night wind to the little boy, Do you see what I see (repeat) Coming down the street, little boy? A cop, a cop, pulling out his gun, If you're Black or Brown, you better run (2x) Said Community Watch to the unhoused mom, Do you hear what I hear (repeat) Lying through their teeth, unhoused mom? Garcetti's flacks, spreading his PR, polishing his presidential star. (2x) Said the [...]

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