CALENDAR OF EVENTS Jan 3  TUES 6pm McLuhan-Finnegans Wake Reading Club MDR library 4533 admirality way free Jan 14 SAT 4-6pm MESS – Filmmaker Henry Schipper interview at unurban 3301 pico FREE Jan 15 SUN 7:30pm Subversive Cinema at beyond baroque 681 venice blvd, free (essential = ADAM CURTIS- httpss:// = POLITICAL FILM and discussion) Jan 18 Wed, 6-9pm: MOM- MEDIA DISCUSSION at beyond baroque 681 venice blvd venice ca FREE Jan 22, SUN - 14th Annual VENICE FILM FEST - at beyond baroque 681 venice blvd, free  - Colorful history of films made in Venice California, and celebration of the otherwordly happenings at the legendary Venice West Gallery (birthplace [...]

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March 2014 Calendar

Pussy Riot Being Followed by the Moscow Police Change Links March 2014 Calendar Volunteer: Change-Links Change-Links needs a VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR to assist John in bringing together people to determine the necessary resources for continuing CL with the permanent, reliable status it enjoyed for over 20 years. The VC and all other positions are unpaid due to CL’s low budget and the fact that the newspaper is available free citywide and to subscribers at low cost. Please help us with your volunteer services, your subscriptions and your donations! [...]

Occupy the Occupy

Happy New Year and Occupy the Occupy By John Johnson For over three months the Occupy Movement has taken hold of national and worldwide discussions. Inspired by the revolts during Arab Spring, people started to clamor for a real democracy and took to the streets in the US. Egypt had elections and parliament, but also had a dictator and “emergency laws.” The US is, in name, a democracy, yet its growing corporate class has more money than God, and controls most “democratic” institutions, from out- right bribery [...]

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