Spotlight on an Exemplary Activist: Woodrow Coleman

Spotlight on An Exemplary Activist Woodrow Coleman He was born Jan. 14, 1934 in Texarkana TX, the oldest son of Aubrey and Olilah Coleman. He had four younger brothers, two of whom have sadly passed away. Woodrow was born during the Great Depression in segregated Jim Crow territory. His father worked on the railroad; his mother did housework and childcare for white families. He grew up in a neighborhood with lots of extended family. His later childhood was marred by his mother's poor health, hospitalized over a [...]

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Amazing Success Story: 20th Anniversary for a Social Cauldron of Creativity, The UnUrban Coffee House

by Greg Foisie The unlikely continuity of the UnUrban Coffee House on Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica may be due to a combination of illogical persistence, fierce determination, and the hopeful dedication to idealism of its owner.  In the face of hard times, this people-centered, down-to-earth and charming gathering place has become a jewel amid unbridled West-side development that threatens to rip the soul out of neighborhoods.  Its bohemian atmosphere champions freedom, acceptance, awareness, artistic expression and creativity. A Community Effort Pamela Stollings began this business in [...]

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May Day is The People’s Day!

Excerpts from a speech © 2005 by Mumia Abu-Jamal As the Iraq War continues to lurch from disaster to disaster, from scandal to scandal, and from puppet to puppet, people are beginning to see the futility of this mad scheme to remake other nations in our image. As more and more people, from more and more social strata see the futility of this imperial grab for lands and oil, it becomes clearer and clearer that people must join together and resist. Mayday presents a perfect opportunity for [...]

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Cold War Two

Do you think any American official is going to tell you the truth? by William Blum During Cold War One those of us in the left were often placed in the position where we had to defend the Soviet Union because the US government was using that country as a battering ram against us. Now we sometimes have to defend Russia because it may be the last best hope of stopping TETATW (The Empire That Ate The World). Yes, during Cold War One we knew about Stalin, [...]

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One Struggle, Many Fronts: Boycott HP!

by Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action-L.A. As this issue of Change-Links was going to press, daily demonstrations were taking place in LA against police murders and against the massacres in Gaza. Increasingly, people are linking the two causes, recognizing that we live in a seamless empire where the same tear gas projectiles are used in Ferguson by militarized local police and state troopers, in Gaza by the occupying Israeli military, and in Egypt by the US-backed military junta. People recognize, too, that children -- and our collective future [...]

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Two Views on UTLA

Let's Turn The Tide at LAUSD and UTLA! By Neil Chertcoff Education Activist - The education of hundreds of thousands of students and the livelihoods of tens of thousands of educators and support personnel are on the line in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Years of budget cuts and corrupt sell-offs of 'public' property, along with LAUSD and UTLA cave-ins to charter-private school owners, have seen the number of 'LA schools for profit' zoom to over 200. Over 9,200 classroom teachers lost jobs due [...]

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