No Bombs! No Ban!

Change Links editorial cartoon by David Monkawa of Progressive Asian Network for Action (PANA) This will appear in the next print issue, but it's too good to delay publication until then.  

Are We Headed Toward World War Three?

IS THE PLANET HEADED FOR A THIRD WORLD WAR? By Ron Spriestersbach For this article, I read eleven articles by eleven different authors. Nearly all of them raised the question of the day: Is the planet headed for World III? But there was one article which truly astounded and scared me. This was “The Warnings of a New World War” by Gilbert Doctorow, the European Coordinator of the American Committee for East [...]

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The President’s Leftovers

THE PRESIDENT'S “LEFTOVERS” By Rob Macon As the election approaches, President Obama prepares to walk the Oval Office one final time. Many agree Obama has done an outstanding job concerning the nation’s economy. Then there are what we can identify as “leftovers.” Leftovers are conditions prevailing during the Obama Administration, as well as past presidents, that the administration was unable to finish, leaving the next administration to solve such problems as poverty, [...]

The More Effective Evil

The More Effective Evil by Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action In planning this issue of Change Links, we sought commentary on post-primary, pre-general election directions for the movement from progressive Democrats for Bernie, the Peace & Freedom Party, Freedom Socialist Party and anarchists, with little or no response. Instead we are running the information you see on our front page about proposed protests outside both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions this month [...]

They Are at War with Us – LAPD to Start Using Drones

by Jamie Rae Garcia Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, Drone-Free LAPD/No Drones, LA! Campaign Militarization of police in our collective understanding came to light with full force with the murder of Michael Brown by law enforcement in Ferguson Missouri and the protests by community members demanding justice.  Images of grenade launchers, assault rifles, stun grenades, tasers, rubber bullets, tear gas, rocket launchers along with long range acoustic devices, mine sweepers, tanks, helicopters, and [...]

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US Drone Attack on Religious School Spurs Outrage in Pakistan

'Now no place is safe': Missile strike outside of tribal region likely to cause renewed protest across Pakistan - Common Dreams staff People gather at a seminary destroyed in a US drone strike in Hangu, Pakistan (Basit Gilani/EPA)For the first time in over five years, a U.S. drone attack has occured outside Pakistan's remote tribal regions, hitting one of the more populated provinces and stoking widespread anger over the continued U.S. drone [...]

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