Victories for Defend Boyle Heights and the Escalating L.A. Anti-Gentrification Movement

On Defend Boyle Heights and the Escalating Los Angeles Anti-Gentrification Movement httpss:// “En este logro que tuvimos no nada mas los residentes de aqui [...] Somos ganadores todos. Estabamos peleando con un elefante. Y nosotros eramos unas hormiguitas. Pero nos damos cuentas que hace mas una hormiga caminando, que un elefante hechado.” --Ana Hernandez, Boyle Heights resident, at the Celebration of 356 S. Mission Rd., Ooga Booga, and Gavin Brown Enterprises being kicked out of Boyle Heights.      Although the politics, tactics, and people committed to the [...]

Manufacturing Dissent: Reactionary Resistance in Nicaragua

This is a very good assessment of the orchestrated coup in Nicaragua. The author is a Gringa who lives in Managua working at the Ben Linder house who happens to be stuck in Granada because we are under siege by many thugs, armed I am sure with help of the US. We hope that the OAS soon will agree to come to Nicaragua to facilitate a true (non-church) dialogue and peace process. Granada will need some kind of physical intervention to corral the many armed thugs. The [...]

Rent Control Initiative on November Ballot

HEADS UP! HEADS UP! The much-awaited Ballot Initiative is finally here… THE RENT CONTROL INITIATIVE IS COMING TO YOUR LOCAL BALLOT NOV. 6, 2018 -GENERAL ELECTION The Secretary of State announced the news June 15, 2018 County Clerk/Registrar of Voters (CC/ROV) Memorandum #18150 TO: All County Clerks/Registrars of Voters  and Proponents FROM: /s/ Robert Bradshaw Voting Services, Manager RE: Initiative: #1837 Related to Rent  Control – Eligibility for Ballot The Secretary of State was to certify the initiative June/28 as qualified for the November 6, 2018, General [...]

US May Impose a Form of Sanctions Against Nicaragua

US Considering a Form of Sanctions Against Nicaragua as Protests Continue by Craig Toennies I support my Nicaraguan friends, many of whom are in the streets bleeding for their cause, in protests over austerity measures by the government of Daniel Ortega of the FSLN, increasing mandatory contributions to, and decreasing benefits from, the country's social security and retirement system. There are very real grievances and the streets are historically where these things are best resolved. Government repression and violence is only making the protests spread, as even [...]

Red-Lining Through “Rent-to-Own” Housing

African-Americans Decimated from their Own Neighborhoods httpss:// A House You Can Buy, But Never Own by Alana Semuels / The Atlantic, April 10, 2018 African Americans in the same neighborhoods decimated by subprime lending are now being targeted with new predatory loan offerings, a lawsuit argues. Black tenants are offered  a "contract for deed," a type of transaction that was rampant in the 1950s and 1960s before African Americans had access to avenues of conventional lending. In a contract for deed, the buyer purchases an agreement for [...]

Trump Tax Plan Robs from the Poor to Give to the Rich

Reverse Robin Hood: Trump Tax Plan Robs from the Poor to Give to the Rich Data and text from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) [Editor's notes in brackets] httpss:// The combined distributional effect of the provisions estimated by ...CBO, thus representing the total distributional effect of the bill, was calculated by subtracting the estimated change in federal spending from the change in federal revenues allocated to each income group. The resulting changes ...allocated to each income group are reflected in the following table. A decrease in [...]

Do the Homeless Deserve Dignity?

By Nia Asante There are 10 million residents in Los Angeles County. At least 45,000 people are homeless. I was one such person. Can you remember your first encounter with a homeless person?  I can. It was 1974,  I was 4 years old.  Our family vacation that summer was spent in Philadelphia and while strolling downtown I noticed a man lying on the sidewalk. I tugged on my mother's sleeve and asked and asked, “Why is the man sleeping on the street?” Her response was to pull me [...]

Which Vision for Los Angeles: Updated General Plan or Real Estate Bubble?

Which Vision for Los Angeles: Updated General Plan or Real Estate Bubble? by Dick Platkin By now most of us know what ails Los Angeles. To cite some of the city’s most imminent emergencies: Expanding housing crisis resulting in evictions, homelessness, overcrowding, and long commutes to distant suburbs with affordable housing. Climate change barreling down on us in the form of droughts, heat waves, floods, wild fires, and sea level rise. Traffic congestion, including gridlocked streets and intersections, leading to accidents, wasted time, and road rage. [...]

Tenants Protest Against Corporate Landlord’s Displacement by means of Massive Rent Increases

Tenants Led by Family facing 63% Rent Increase Protest at Offices of LA-Based Corporate Landlord As new statewide coalition mounts campaign to repeal statewide restriction of rent control, Carolina Rodriguez and her children appeal to Winstar Properties to rescind $750 per month increase. The group then walked to Mayor Garcetti’s official residence to request that he support legislation to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Act. As California stands in the height of the worst housing crisis the state has ever seen, hundreds of tenants across multiple cities are taking [...]

NOlympics LA Coalition Forming

We don't support the LA 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games bid because an Olympics in LA—regardless of how “successfully” it's executed—will be disastrous for Angelenos across the city. Despite any good intentions, the International Olympics Committee (IOC) is one of the least transparent and most corrupt institutions in the world. Their goal is to turn a profit at all cost. If LA hosts the Olympics, it will be a wide-reaching, destructive party for millionaires and billionaires. The Olympics puts the interests of the mega-rich and corporate brands [...]

Trump Is the Symptom, Not the Disease

Trump Is the Symptom, Not the Disease by Chris Hedges httpss:// Forget the firing of Comey, the paralysis in Congress, or the press that covers our descent into tyranny as if it were a sports contest between corporate Republicans and corporate Democrats. The crisis we face is the result of a decades-long corporate coup that has rendered the citizen impotent, left us without authentic democratic institutions and allowed corporate and military power to become omnipotent. This has spawned a system of legalized bribery and empowered public figures [...]

Standing Rock: Its Meaning

Standing Rock:  Its Meaning by Courage the Activist What you’re witnessing in North Dakota right now are all seven bands of the Lakota together again after 150 years. You’re witnessing 12,000 people roughing -20° F nights to gather in prayer and exhaust more forms of non-violent direct action than I’ve ever seen a movement employ. What you’re witnessing are 300 tribes that have found a common fight to wage: a gathering of the nations who have prepared one another, as relations, for a spiritual battle. Of course, [...]

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