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The Election

John Johnson

What a depressing mess was our recent mid-term election.  I have never had much faith in the electoral process in this country. Since 1964 when the groups I was in helped elected some “liberal” Democrats who ended up supporting the Vietnam War.

Elections have  always been a way for corporations to exercise they interest and authority.  This election was an even more blatant power grab, with the hundred millions dollars and more of secret gifts to the right wing and complicit liberals.

Obama and the Democratic politicians ran a scared, lackluster campaign.  Can anyone site their talking points.  Republicans and tea-party folks had plenty.  It is difficult to understand why so many would vote against their own self interest for the sake a few of these buzz words.

Today Obama is saying he is willing to let the tax breaks for the super rich to continue, thus shifting the tax burdens to the poor and working class.

The Republicans and many Democrats are siding with the corporations to export even more jobs to Asia and elsewhere.  They want to cancel even the very small benefits of the Health Care bill, thus making it more expensive for most of us.

Gas prices will soon rise. They want to dismantle the EPA so we can get poisoned.  Maybe the population control measures.  Forget about climate control,  it was getting hotter and hotter and their will be more massive storms, putting millions in jeopardy.

Banks, Wall Street, the Insurance Industry will get richer while unemployment insurance will decrease.

It’s all murderously sick.

Many of the Blue Dog, conservative Democrats got deselected but at least 3 honest progressives also were booted out.  Including 3 time Senator Russ Feingold, who was the only vote against the fascist Patriot Bill.

The only thing that occur for the next two years is the continuing destruction of the economy and the working class and the poor and investigations of Obama and the Democrats and maybe you and me.

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