by Ray Jones
Everyone has diverse physical traits like height, weight, hair color and shoe size. Similarly, individuals differ in brain-mind function at different levels at different times and circumstances.  Medical practitioners have used drugs to alter brain-mind function to control behavior to their estimation or purposes. Throughout history the lucrative pharmaceutical business has been selling potions, elixirs (drugs) for behavior alteration.
People should be alerted to the fact that drugs are toxic chemicals (poisons), caustic acids that will cause: dizziness, pain in muscles and joints, yellowing of skin, and eye discoloration, blood contamination, purple spots on skin, liver damage, impaired sensory perception and coordination, slurred speech, paralysis, fainting, inhibition of comprehension and reflexes, dependency, constipation, impotence, nausea, vomiting, weakness, interactions with other drugs, diarrhea, headache, rashes, twitching, swelling, shortness of breath, drowsiness, blurred vision, irregular pregnancies, disruptions in lactation, itching, insomnia, dry mouth, and sudden death. Itís not feeling better. Itís feeling less (sedated).
Labels and advertising warn to avoid driving (D.U.I.), or activities that require alertness, and to keep drugs from children and pets. Behavior altering drugs are the most marketed and sold in the U.S. Practitioners are too eager to use them.
Using induced coma, electric convulsive shock, and surgery, is also injurious, harmful and damaging.
Medical practitioners boast that they can apply their so called disorders to 30-40% of the population. Some of these disorders are really common dispositions, like mood changes, substance use, anxiety, worry, unwanted thoughts, talkative, loneliness, shyness, over-eating, aggressiveness, etc. They also complain that 70% are never rehabilitated. The 18-25 year olds are the most implicated group. A substantial increase in statistics is found in modern times.
Drugging should never be done covertly, forcibly, deceptively, without warning or explanation, or used cruelly, maliciously or for experimentation, torture, intimidation, to cause suffering, to retaliate, or deliberately to inflict harm.
Legally, there is  liability for absence of care, malpractice, constitutional rights violations, penal code violations, civil damages, wrongful death, violations of U.N. charter, codes and practices of institutions, or procedures done incompetently.
Itís rarely made known that increased brain-mind function is found to enhance achievement- aiding abilities in art (detail, shading, perception), literature (vocabulary, word use, comprehension), music (pitch, rhythm, memory), science (invention, cleverness, curiosity), and when heightened expressions, like pleasure, excitement, awareness, refinement , and emotions are experienced.
Many people have testified and proven that they can handle their brain-mind function without drugs. Knowing there is an alternative is enlightening and encouraging. Navigation between the extremes is the best way to go about it.

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