Bin Laden

Sent this to the White House after Obama’s appearance on Sixties Minutes.

Throughout the centuries Kings, Rulers, Tzars and Presidents have felt they had the right to execute those that they deemed to be enemies or just inconscient.
One reason the Constitution makes the President  get Congressional approval.  (though with some Congresses that hasn’t made a big difference.

After WWII we gave trials to the most brutal mass killers in history, while trying to set down some rulings that might stop such actions.

But the US went on the murder over 2,000,000 Southeast Asians.  Presidents have decided that Left folks could be killed in Chile, El Salvador etc. etc.

Bush felt he had the right to kill over 100,000 mostly innocent Iraqi’s and you have help kill hundreds of innocent Afghans.

Texas Governors seem to think they have the right to execute those who just might be innocent but inconscient to their tough guy stance.

You didn’t seem to mind the torture of Bradley Manning,  convicted of nothing.

The Chief Executive of this country should be above the fray, even above his own anger.

I’m not a pacifist and you shouldn’t be calling them names.  (Jesus).  If there is a fire fight shoot the bastards, otherwise capturing Bin Laden and bringing him back would gave been problematic but would have been the right thing to do.

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