Various Dates & Archived Media (contact them for more info):


ACLU OC. <>.

Airport Pollution: Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution (CRAAP). Calendar on website: <>, click on Coming Events. <>.

Alternative Radio (web/radio): Weekly series. Guests like Medea Benjamin, Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, Chris Hedges, Howard Zinn. Archived downloads by fee or subscription. <>.

AlterNet (articles &c): Progressive website. <>.

Animal Assistance for Radicals. Project Quinn. From the Folks ar F@@ (Free Association of Anarchists). <>, <>. <>.

Art Walks: List of LA Regional Art Walks. <>.


Beyond Baroque: Long running arts and poetry venue with numerous events. 681 Venice Blvd., Venice. 310.822.3006. <>. <>. BB & other arts/non-profit venues remain at risk due to fiscal austerity. Even if a venue seems safe, this can change rapidly due to economic & political mandates. Continuing updates on <>, search for “lease subsidy” and for “la cultural centers.”

Bikesanas del Valle. Self-sustained community service not-for-profit cyclist collective. Bike mechanics & awareness, social justice , autonomous living. Tours of San Fernando Valley culture. <>. <>.

Black and Pink. An open family of LGBTQ prisoners and “free world” allies who support each other. San Diego chapter. <>. <>, <>.


Common Dreams (articles &c): Progressive website w/articles, videos & news. <>.

CounterSpin (articles, web/broadcast): Media criticism; also on Free Speech TV. <>, click on “counterspin.” (radio/web): Community Progressive Radio. <>.


Democracy Now! (web/broadcast): Weekdays. <>.

Downtown Women: LA CAN Downtown Women’s Action Coalition. Contact LA Community Action Network for new updated schedule. 213.228.0024. <>.

Drinking Liberally local chapters: <>.


Ecovillage Tours: Sun Jun 21 (Father’s Day), Sat Aug1, 15, 29, 1030a-1p. History, context, accomplishments, pitfalls, transitions, plans & visions. See website for other dates and unscheduled tours by appt. $10 sliding scale (ask for lunch info). RSVP required. LA EcoVillage, 117 Bimini Place, LA. 213.738.1254. <>. <>.


Filmmaking Classes: Easy classes for the whole family. Echo Park Film Center, 1200 N. Alvarado St., LA. 213.484.8846. <    >.

Food Not Bombs (FNB) shares free vegan food with homeless & others in need, protesting the effects of capitalism & military spending. All collectives need volunteers. <> (click on “find your local chapter”). Send group updates to: <> and the listserve (subscribe at: <>). Smashing Hunger, Squashing Poverty tour: FNB co-founder Keith McHenry, reasonable speaking fees. 575.776.3880, 800.884.1136. <>.


Go Vegan with Bob Linden (radio/web): Broadcast stations & show times on website (frequent changes). Also archives & podcasts. <>. <>.

Grit TV (web/broadcast): Laura Flanders. Also on Free Speech TV. <>.


l.a. activist (articles): Activism journal. <>.

Labor Studies: Learn/develop union leadership skills, awareness of labor & worker history & rights. Sponsor: Trade Tech Labor Center. 213.763.7129. <>. <>.

LA CAN (LA Community Action Network): <>; for Community Connection (publication), click on publications/community connection.

LA Queer Resistance Collective: <>, click on about for link to LAQR magazine.

Left Wing Radio Stations: nationwide listings, <>.


Making Contact (radio/web): Weekly documentary radio program. Globalization, civil liberties, prison issues, education, environmental justice, &c.<>.

Mother Nature’s Army (music): Eco-freak rock, punk americana spreading truth. Events: <mothernaturesarmy@gmail>, booking: <>. <> or “Mother Natures Army” on Facebook.


Occupy Fights Foreclosures. Get connected with families needing help fighting foreclosure/eviction. <>, click on “volunteer.”

Organic Gardening School: Classes for adults, children. Several local venues. 888.341.9666. <>, look for classes.


Photos – Depression Era: (Mostly) Public Domain US FSA- OWI. <>.

Progressive Talk Radio: Randi Rhodes (<>), archives onlyó no ongoing shows. Mike Malloy (<>). Thom Hartmann (<>), radio & TV. Progressive Voices, an internet streaming audio network “Always on; Always Progressive” (<>.


The Rational Radical (podcast): Archive of progressive program by long time activist & CL subscriber Jerold Block. <>. <>.

Raza Press & Media Association (media): “The only Mexican-Raza journalist organization consistently advancing/building revolutionary anti-imperialist media.” <>.

The Rebel Press: Independent media network: info & stories from under-represented communities, encouragement to occupy the media yourself, growth & collaboration in  press, radio, video, photography, web & other media. <>.


SOA Watch: Speakers, actions, international delegations. 202.234.3440. <>. <>. Delegations may require an early registration and planning for international travel.

Suzy Williams (music): Various locations & accomplices. 310.306.7330. <>. <>.


Theatricum Botanicum: Shakespeare & classics set in a rustic, outdoor setting. Regular season resumed in summer 2015. Some Fall & Winter off-site educational programs listed on their website. Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum, 1419 N. Topanga Cyn Blvd., Topanga. 310.455.3723. <>.

Time Banks: Local Currency in many SoCal Neighborhoods. Worldwide directory: <>.

Trade School: barter for knowledge. Teach & learn. Calendar of classes: <>.


Urban Farming: Farm & Conference Center. Dragonfly Hill Urban Farm, 345-Ω Douglas St., LA. 818.404.5784. <>.


Veterans for Peace (VFP): Meetings usually at Arlington West Memorial, Santa Monica Beach. Contact them for time/location. 323.934.3451. <>. Other chapters (nationwide): <>.

Voice of Palestine Radio: Vancouver Coop Radio since 1987. Ongoing archives on internet: <>.


Witness for Peace Delegations: Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela. 202.547.6112 . <>, click on “travel with us.” Delegations may require an early registration and planning for international travel.

Women Organizing for Justice: Four month intensive leadership development program to increase the participation of formerly incarcerated & other women in the struggle for social justice & criminal justice reform. 323.563.3575. <>, <> . <>.


Young Warriors: “For youth by youth” program to meet the challenge of your own struggle. 818.913.1968, 818.939.3433. <>, <>. <>, <>.


ZSchool: $100/class, $50 low income. Z Magazine. <>.