400th Anniversary Anti-Slavery Cinema Commemoration

On August 20, 1619 the first African captives arrived on continental North America via the transatlantic slave “trade;” some became slaves at the Jamestown colony, Virginia. The 400th Anniversary Anti-Slavery Cinema Commemoration remembers enslavement and resistance to slavery through movies and TV shows. Each work is introduced by film historians, activists, filmmakers, celebrities, scholars, etc., who participate in Q&As after each screening. Film historian/critic Ed Rampell is the series’ programmer.

Screenings include: African American actress/screenwriter Tina Andrews introduces part of the 2000 TV mini-series SALLY HEMINGS: AN AMERICAN SCANDAL co-starring Carmen Ejogo (HBO’s True Detective) as Sally, Diahann Carroll (Julia) as Betty Hemings and Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) as Thomas Jefferson. Hemings/Jefferson’s great-granddaughter (many times removed), Evelia Jones, co-presents Scandal, set during the late 18th and early 19th centuries in Monticello and Paris. Additional film/TV productions, speakers, details to be announced.

Slave “trade” is a misnomer. The taking of Africans into slavery in the Americas and Europe was a mass genocide unparalleled in human history, including all those who died during the “Middle Passage”, equaled only by the decimation of indigenous people in the Caribbean, North America and parts of “Latin” America.–Ed.

WHAT: 400th Anniversary Anti-Slavery Cinema Commemoration

WHEN: 1:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., Sunday, August 25

Where: The L.A. Workers Center, 1251 S. St. Andrews Place, L.A., CA 90019. Potluck. Donations requested.

For info contact: 70HollyBL@gmail.com.

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