International Institute on Peace Education Mexico 2022

I went to the International Institute on Peace Education’s Mexico 2022 Conference in Mexico City! by Greg Foisie – Change-Links volunteer   Many people express a desire for peace.  However, few of us think deeply about what true peace actually is, why it is that we are so peaceless as a society and world, and what is required for real peace to flourish amongst ourselves. The International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) [...]

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September 11th Is Here Again!

September 11 is Here Again by Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action-LA Sept. 11, 2001 is now farther in the past than the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were when the U.S. began escalating its aggressive military role in Vietnam. A full generation has come age since "9-11"; about 20% of the US population has been born since the US government responded by launching the War on Terror. US military doctrine has moved [...]

Say It in Numbers, Picture It in Graphs

The Social, Economic and Environmental Costs of the US Addiction to War Graphs curated by Ray Jones Editorial Cartoon by Y. B. Normal The US military budget and war are the real cause of inflation and the rising cost of living

September 2022 Community Events Calendar

See continuing and ongoing events at the end of the calendar.   Change Links cannot publish without your support. Send events, articles or poetry to or via  Please subscribe as well. Subscriptions to the print edition are $12/25/50 a year, low income, regular or sustainer (sliding scale), payable to “AFGJ,” our fiscal sponsor, with “Change Links” in the memo. All events announced are encouraged to donate $5 (per event), payable [...]

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Vijay Prashad on Climate and Colonialism

Will this Fight Ever End?   Vijay Prashad: Well, first, I’ll say thanks to forcing me to come to Glasgow. When I walked the streets of cities like this, you know, Glasgow was the UK’s second most important city, beautiful streets, beautiful buildings, a gorgeous city, you know. It had Red Clydeside in 1919, the uprising to create a Soviet Scotland. But it was crushed, of course. When I see cities like [...]

Hands Off Cuba! Defend Puentes de Amor!

Statement Condemning Senator Rubio’s Attempt to Intimidate and Harass Puentes de Amor   By L.A. U.S. Hands Off Cuba Coalition As Cuban-Americans and others came out on the streets of Miami, Los Angeles  and other cities internationally on July 31 to oppose the over 60-year United States embargo against Cuba, Senator Marco Rubio decided to revive one of the ugliest and most condemned moments of U.S. history when he chose to engage in [...]

Poetry Corner: To Roosevelt by Ruben Dario

To Roosevelt by Rubén Darío [Excerpt]   The United States is powerful and great. When they shake there's a deep tremor That passes through the enormous vertebrae of the Andes. If you cry out, it is heard like the roar of a lion. Hugo already said to Grant: "The stars are yours." (The Argentine sun barely shines And the Chilean star rises...) You are rich; You add to the cult of Hercules [...]

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In Memoriam: Marissa Rubin

MARISSA RUBIN OBITUARY - October 16, 1939 - July 28, 2022 Marissa Rubin has spread her butterfly wings and transitioned peacefully to the 'other side' after struggling with the devastating effects of terminal stage-4 pancreatic cancer. Marissa was truly a wonderful mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, artist, poet and creative activist working on behalf of Mother Nature and Mother Earth. Marissa was born Maxine Goldgraben to her parents Lawrence and Ann Goldgraben [...]

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Iris Edinger, Presente!

Iris Edinger Presente - October 12th, 1929 - August 23rd, 2022 Sent by Linnea Richards: Iris Edinger passed away in her home last Tuesday, August 23rd at 92 years.  Iris would have been 93 on October 12th, former Columbus Day. She was so thrilled that Columbus Day had been renamed Indigenous Peoples Day a few years ago, now celebrated the Second Monday of October. Ever the educator, she would point out [...]

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Involuntary Servitude in Prison is Slavery

They Killed ACA3 But Prison Slavery Continues in CA by SF BayView Editor Nube Brown Last month [SF BayView] ran an article about the killing of ACA3, The End Slavery in California Act. To be clear, just because legislators allowed themselves to be strong-armed against their better nature and fear-mongered by the governor to ensure the bill didn’t make it to the floor for a last and final opportunity to [bring [...]

Manufacturing Dissent to Contain a Compatible “Left”

US National Security State Censoring Anti-imperialists By Stansfield Smith During the first cold war, the CIA poured money into funding and cultivating a pro-imperialist, anti-communist “compatible left.” Today, the US government uses social media to censor anti-war news outlets and activists. The oligarchic rulers of the United States use many tools to disrupt and disorganize the anti-war and anti-imperialist left. This article addresses three tactics: corporate control of the news media, [...]

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