Supreme Court Wields Law as a Weapon in Class War on the Poor

by Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action-L.A. The latest decisions by the dominant far-right majority on the Supreme Court underscore the reality that "lawfare" is a form of class warfare, in which bourgeois illusions that the courts offer any protection for the rights of poor and working people or of nature only serve to disarm people's movements. The courts, particularly the US Supreme Court, are a manifestation of the undemocratic nature of the [...]

July 2024 Change Links Community Calendar

Change Links can’t publish without your support. Send items, articles or poems to or via Please subscribe as well. Subscriptions to the print edition are $12/25/50 a year, low income, regular or sustainer (sliding scale), payable to “AFGJ,” our fiscal sponsor, with “Change Links” in the memo. All events announced are encouraged to donate $5 (per event), payable to AFGJ, mail to: Change Links, PO Box 34236, LA 90034. It [...]

The New Red-Scare Black-List Targets Supporters of Palestine, Critics of Israel

from a blog post by Glenn Greenwald [Excerpt] Here's what Sullivan and Cromwell, which was one of the biggest and most influential law firms on the planet, based in Wall Street, is doing. Listen to this: Here, from The New York Times, yesterday: Sullivan & Cromwell, a 145-year-old firm that has counted Goldman Sachs and Amazon among its clients, says that, for job applicants, participation in a protest — on campus or [...]

Imperial Court for an Imperial President

© July 2024 by Mumia Abu-Jamal   Over half a century ago, U.S. President Richard M. Nixon told TV interviewer David Frost the following on May 19, 1977: “When the president does it, that means it is not illegal.” Of course, Nixon resigned in the face of the Watergate scandal.   Half a century has passed, and in the case Trump vs The United States, the Supreme Court has enshrined that [of [...]

Addicted to War

The US is not just a junkie, a war-addict, but a pusher, a drug-dealer getting others addicted to the fix of war and weaponry. by Ray Jones The US House of Representatives passed a measure last month requiring the automatic registration of men aged 18 to 26 for "selective service" -- that is, for potential military conscription.. It was part of the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which sets out the [...]

Mexico’s Historic First Woman President

Mexico: Claudia Sheinbaum, the First Woman President By Victor Iván Gutiérrez on July 5, 2024 Claudia Sheinbaum’s resounding electoral victory on June 2 signified the majority support of the people of Mexico for the political project of the Fourth Transformation, which has been involved since 2018 in a dispute, in the face of various factors of power, to make the Mexican State the instrument of economic development, the defense of national sovereignty [...]

Grassroots Community Radio Coalition Endorsements (paid ad)

Grassroots Community Radio Coalition Endorsements for KPFK Listener and Staff Delegates on the Local Station Board Listener Candidates Jack Neff Marisol Bielma Gina DeBaca JJack Artz Roberto Diaz Paul Pereira Denis P. Recendez Todd Williams Bella De Soto Diana Parmeter Sasha Karlik Ahjamu Makalani Ian Johnston Staff Candidates Ninel Centeno Brenda Martinez Jeanine Rohn These are candidates in our estimation, who support a community orientation, non-partisan political independence, a commitment to peace [...]

KPFK-Pacifica Delegate Elections underway

During each election process, each of the Pacifica Foundation’s five station signal areas across the country holds an election to select 12 delegates to the annual area meetings where the new and returning delegates jointly elect Station Representative Directors for the new term. All of the elected delegates additionally serve on a Local Station Board (LSB). The 12 constitute half of the local board, with the other half elected in alternate years. [...]

Cuba Neutralizes New Terrorist Plan from the U.S.

By Alejandra Garcia, on July 9, 2024 in Havana This week it was reported that Cuba had thwarted the attempts of a network of Cubans living in the United States who were trying to enter the island illegally with weapons, and with the purpose of starting a social outbreak. The Ministry of the Interior (Minint) disclosed details of a recruitment plan, neutralized in December 2023, directed, from U.S. territory, to promote and [...]

In Memoriam: Rev. James M. Lawson

Rev. Lawson, an apostle of non-violent struggle for human rights, labor dignity and justice, and the Black freedom movement, passed away last month at age 95. A third-generation Methodist minister, Lawson was born in 1928 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, and earned his pastor’s license in 1947, during his senior year of high school. Not long after graduating, he was drafted into the U.S. military at the time of the Korean War but refused [...]

Natural allies in struggle — Palestinians and First Nations

In Australia, since the bombing of Gaza began in October 2023, there has been an outpouring of solidarity between First Nations people and Palestinians. Tens of thousands took to the streets on Invasion Day, where First Nations and Palestinian speakers shared the stage to demand the end to land theft and genocide in Australia, Palestine and across the globe. Each year on 26 January, Invasion Day rallies are held in protest of [...]

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